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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

But Her Eyes Saved His Life

"You know Bren, while we were on the Strip the other night… We could have gotten married and no one could have done anything about it." Katelyn was pulling her hair up in a bun while Brendon messed around with his guitar in her room. The girl had recently turned eighteen, making them both of legal age.
"That would have been impulsive and stupid, don't you think?"
"Sometimes you have to do impulsive things." The girl shrugged, saying that she didn't want to get married yet, but she wanted to do something out of the blue.
"Let's go on a road trip." Brendon's sudden suggestion made Katelyn laugh until she saw how serious he was.
"Where would we go?" It was apparent that Brendon really wanted to do this.
"California. We'll drive until we hit the ocean…" He set his guitar down and took her hand, pulling her into him with a smile.
"Bren… My mom's not gonna be too happy." Helen Tieger was one of those women who always had everything meticulously planned and hated spontaneity. Her daughter, on the other hand, loved doing things spur of the moment without rhyme or reason. She must have gotten that from her father.
"We can always just text her on the way…" He sent Katelyn a wink and she was sold.

Katelyn and Brendon had each packed an overnight bag, raided the fridge for snacks, and Google Mapped their route before hitting the road. They were planning to drive the four and a half hours to Long Beach, taking turns sleeping if they needed to, and to get to the beach well in time to see sunrise. As Brendon drove, Katelyn was too eager to sleep so she chatted with her boyfriend happily, glad that they were doing something out of the ordinary.
"I never got the chance to thank you for keeping me from failing out of school…" Brendon glanced over at Katelyn through his red framed glasses, watching her face being lit up by every passing lamp post.
"You don't have to thank me, Bren. I was just doing what I thought was right." She looked back at him before looking down at her phone and sending a quick text to her mother.
'Gone to Cali with Bren. Be back tomorrow night.'
That would have to suffice, but Katelyn had a feeling that she was going to be in a whole lot of trouble when she got home.
"Yeah, well I still appreciate it. You've done so much for me and I feel like I haven't done anything in return." Brendon's long fingers tapped against the steering wheel of her car and surprisingly it wasn't bothering Katelyn at all. She had grown used to his ticks.
"Trust me, Bren, You've done a lot for me. I would still be friends with those bitches if it weren't for you and the guys… Speaking of the guys, Ryan is calling you." She picked up Brendon's phone and he told her to answer it.
"Hey Ry."
"Kate? Where's Brendon?"
"Driving. We're heading to Long Beach on a whim."
"Oh well never mind then! I guess he forgot that we were gonna hang out and write some stuff."
"I'm sorry Ry… It was a last minute thing. We weren't even thinking." Katelyn felt bad now, she didn't know that they were ruining plans.
"It's cool, now I'm off the hook! Have fun in Cali." Katelyn told him thanks and to have a good night before hanging up the phone and turning up the radio.

Four and a half hours seemed to fly by as the pair sang along to the stereo and joked around, but time seemed to slow down as they neared the beach. Katelyn parked the car in a sandy lot just off the shore and smiled, saying that they made it.
"Just in time, too, cause I'm starving!" Brendon clasped his hands over his stomach, letting out a slight groan.
"I don't think anything is open at three in the morning, Bren…" Katelyn couldn't help but giggle at the boy; he was always hungry.
"Don't lie! I saw a diner on the way over here… And you thought I was sleeping."
The girl rolled her eyes as Brendon pouted and huffed, then they were off to get something to eat. There was no way she could say no to those expressive eyes or his adorable face.

Sunrise was at 4:45 am and Brendon and Katelyn were sitting on the hood of her car, leaning against the windshield and watching in complete silence as the sun broke over the horizon. Even though the sun rose in the East, it still reflected beautifully against the dark blue waves of the ocean. It was probably one of the most serene moments in either of their lives. Then Brendon's stomach had to go and ruin it.
"Bren, you ate literally an hour ago." Katelyn looked at him incredulously, her jaw slack with disbelief.
"I'm a growing boy! What can I say?" He shrugged, pulling her closer to his body and rubbing her arms absent-mindedly.
"You're an idiot, that's what you can say…" She laughed lightly, tangling her fingers in his hair and pulling him in for a kiss.
"Come on, let's go walk down the beach!" Brendon suddenly pulled away, lacing their fingers together and tugging her along toward the water after slipping off his shoes and making sure Katelyn did the same.
"You know, as much as I love the idea of the beach, I'm not a huge fan of it…" Katelyn scrunched her face up at the feeling of sand between her toes and Brendon laughed, asking why not.
"The sand gets everywhere!" Katelyn threw up her hands in frustration, making the boy call her crazy.
"The point of being at the beach is to have fun and get a little dirty, Kate." Brendon wiggled his eyebrows, grabbing her around the waist and tickling her to the point where she had fallen to her knees in the sand and was near tears.
"You're terrible, I hope you know that." Katelyn sent him a glare after he helped her up and she brushed herself off. Luckily she was wearing shorts, so only her knees and shins were sandy.
"Oh please! You're such a drama queen. Not to mention the fact that you love me like crazy, so you don't think I'm terrible at all." Brendon smiled brightly like he always did when he thought about being in love.
"Yeah we'll it's not exactly a one way street, is it Bren?" Katelyn flashed him a cheeky grin before grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the water.

It wasn't until a few hours later when they returned to Katelyn's car and the girl noticed several calls and a few voicemails on her phone. They were all from her mother.
"Uh oh…" Brendon looked at her sadly as they sat on the hood of the car again and she listened to the messages.
"Katelyn Harper Tieger. What the hell do you mean, 'you're going to California with Brendon'? Call me back when you get this."
"Kate? It's been a few hours and you haven't called back… It's starting to worry me. Call me back. I love you."
"If you don't call me back within the next hour, I swear to God, Katelyn…"
Sighing, the girl deleted her messages and hung her head, dialing her mother's phone number from memory, and holding the phone to her ear. Brendon watched her carefully, giving her a reassuring smile. He pulled absent-mindedly at the strings of her denim shorts, another habit of his that Katelyn, oddly enough, didn't have a problem with.
"What happened? Why didn't you pick up? Are you okay?" Helen's frantic voice immediately took over the other end of the line.
"I'm fine, mom. I've been at the beach with Brendon… We left our phones in the car. I'm sorry."
"Are you sure you two are alright? Let me talk to Brendon."
Katelyn rolled her eyes before handing the phone to the boy sitting beside her, saying that she wanted to talk to him.
"Hello, Mrs. Tieger…" Brendon put on his sweetest voice possible and gave Katelyn a wink.
"Oh, no! It was all my idea. I really wanted to get away after what happened with my parents and I just sort of dragged Katelyn along. We'll be safe, I promise.. I wouldn't let anything happen to her. Yep, will do. Bye…" He hung up the phone with a triumphant grin, saying that it was all good. Something told Katelyn that although Brendon had sweet talked her mother for now, she was going to be in for some sort of talking to when she got home.
"Let's go see if that surf shack is open that we walked by earlier… I'm starving." Brendon wrangled in Katelyn's wandering mind, making her roll her eyes and laugh at him.
"Seriously, Bren. All you think about is food, food, food."
He tugged her along the beach by her hand as groups of guys made their way out to the water with their surfboards.
"That's not true! I think about other things too!" The boy flashed her a bright smile before taking the girl's sunglasses off of her head and putting them on.
"Oh yeah, like what?" She stopped in the warm sand, looking at him with an expectant gleam in her eyes, waiting for a response with a smile tugging at the corners of her lips.
"Well… I think about food, music, and the band… Oh, and I think about you of course! I think about you all the time." Brendon let out a chuckle before he scooped the girl up and continued on his way to the surf shack to get something to eat.