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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

In the Middle of Summer,

Shortly after Brendon and Katelyn returned from California, the four band mates decided that they needed to get an apartment. Katelyn didn't exactly understand why they needed an apartment if they were going to be in Maryland for four months, but Brendon explained that they wanted somewhere to come home to when they had finished. Once Katelyn had helped them all move in to the crummy place they had picked out, she spent most of her time there with the guys. Katelyn found that her attachment to Brendon was a little less than healthy… She hated being away from him and he hated being apart from her just as much, if not more. Katelyn probably should have been spending time with her mother, who had given her a stern talking to after her little road trip with Brendon, but they had until the end of September. Brendon and Katelyn only had a few days left with each other and it wasn't enough in either of their eyes. She had no idea how she was going to say goodbye to him when the time came, but she knew it wasn't going to be easy, or pretty, for that matter.

"Bren! Come here!" Katelyn called to him from the bedroom he and Spencer shared.
"Why?" The boy was most likely in the kitchen, stuffing his face with food.
"I have a present for you!"
Katelyn heard the patter of his feet and suddenly he was in the room, jumping on to the bed and attacking the girl with kisses.
"Okay, okay! Calm down dude!" She pushed him back a little, waiting for him to calm down before kissing him once.
"You said you have a present for me?"
The girl pretended to have no idea what he was talking about, making him pout until she gave in. She nodded to the bedside table, picking up the wrapped box and handing it to him.
"So what is it?" Was he serious?
"You're kidding, right? Open it up and see!" She expectantly watched him unwrap the pristine paper and set it to his side, then he opened the box and peeked through the tissue paper, his gorgeous brown eyes lighting up at what he saw. It was an intricate frame with a four by six photo of the pair on their trip to California. Brendon had his arms around Katelyn and she had her hands around his neck, their foreheads were pressed together and they were simply staring at each other with bright smiles. They had asked a woman at the beach to take a few pictures of them after eating at the surf shack they had found, and she happily obliged, willing to do anything for what she called 'young love'.
"Kate, this is awesome…" He ran his fingers over the vintage looking frame, then set it back in the box and pulled her into a hug before kissing her forehead.
"It's for you to take wherever you go. It'll fit in any luggage, no matter how full you pack it." The girl smiled as Brendon said that it would be one of the first things he would pack, despite the destination.

Katelyn and Brendon sat across from one another in their favorite booth at their favorite diner, eating lunch and talking about their plans for the night.
"I don't want you to leave yet. I know it's for the best, but I feel like being selfish." The girl played with her straw as she sipped her pink lemonade, waiting for her chicken tenders.
"As much as I want to go record an album, I don't want to leave either."
"I really want to take this to the next level, Brendon…" Katelyn glanced at him longingly. Time and time again they had come close to being intimate, but something always got in the way. Whether it was Katelyn's mother coming home from work early, the phone ringing until someone answered (they tried ignoring calls, but it didn't work), or one of them getting uncomfortable and stopping it all together, it wasn't happening.
"Kate…" Brendon had been having problems controlling himself lately. Usually he could keep his raging teenage hormones in check, but now he found himself going crazy at just the girl's touch. He felt like he wanted to be completely sure that they were both ready for something like that… Maybe a little bit of his Mormon beliefs were still in the back of his mind, but he highly doubted that.
"Whatever, Brendon. If you're not ready I'm fine with it." Katelyn seemed to brush it off like it was nothing, but she wasn't too happy about it and he could tell.
"It's not that I'm not ready. I want to be with you in every way, Kate, but I don't want it to be like this. It's gotta be perfect." Brendon sounded just like a lovesick girl in a movie and Katelyn snickered at him.
"What?! Is it so wrong to want to do something right?" He took a hold of her hand, leaning closer to the table so he could kiss her knuckles and make her blush.
"I guess not…" She pulled their hands towards herself, kissing the top of Brendon's hand so she could see his bright smile.
"We should go out to dinner tonight… A nice dinner or something like that."
"Bren, you know I don't need to go to a fancy restaurant. We should just get takeout and stay in."
He pulled his hand away, heaving a sigh and starting down at his placemat, muttering about how he wanted to give her something more than cheap Chinese food.
"It doesn't matter where we are or what we're doing, as long as it's with you, you know that, right?"
Brendon shot her an exasperated look, but he already had a plan formulating in his head.
"Fine. We'll go to the movies or something, okay? Only if you wear something super pretty though!"
Katelyn stared at him curiously, unable to believe that she had convinced him so easily. She let it go though, wanting to enjoy the afternoon.

Katelyn, in a bright, floral print sun dress with inch-thick straps that was snug at the bust and waist, with pockets in the flowing skirt, was ready for her date with Brendon at 6:30 like he requested. She was wearing a pair of dark, tan sandals and her normally darker reddish brown hair was a lighter, copper color and in light waves due to the time she's spent with Brendon in the sun. She didn't exactly know why, but she was nervous to go out tonight. Brendon and Katelyn had gone out on dates, but this seemed different tonight. She knew that he was up to something, and she didn't like not knowing what he was thinking. Katelyn thought that after a year of knowing Brendon she would have him figured out, but he was still somewhat of a mystery to her.
He came and picked her up on time, wearing a pair of dark jeans, a red button up shirt, and a black vest. He looked rather good in Katelyn's opinion with his black Converse, and she made a point to let him know.
"Aren't you hot though? It's like a zillion degrees out…"
"I'm always hot!" He winked at her before grabbing her hand and leading her to his car.

Brendon took the girl to a restaurant that was more upscale than she had been expecting and she let him have a piece of her mind.
"Kate, just shut up and enjoy it, okay?" He set his hand at the small of her back, guiding her into the building where they were seated immediately.
"This is too much, Bren." Katelyn shook her head, looking from her menu to the interior of the restaurant. They were teenagers; they should be at an Island's or a TGI Friday's, not some posh place.
"Look, we're here so you need to shut up and deal with it." Brendon finally snapped at her and she straightened up her posture, quickly glancing down at her menu and avoiding his eyes.
Katelyn didn't speak until the waiter came and took their order, and then she merely sat in silence, playing with the hem of her dress.
"I didn't mean to snap at you…" Brendon's voice was soft now and when Katelyn finally looked up, she saw the apologetic look in his eyes.
"No, I'm sorry. I should be excited to be going out somewhere this nice with you. Thanks for taking me." Katelyn flashed him a smile, letting him know that things were okay between them.
When they finished dinner, they began the drive to Katelyn's house and it started to rain.
"Summer showers are the best." The girl thought out loud, staring out the windshield with a smile on her face as Brendon agreed.
"It's nice to open a window and just listen to the rain, huh?" He parked outside of her house, getting out of the car and rushing over to the passenger side. Brendon took the girl's hand as soon as she got out, pulling her into the middle of the street.
"Bren! What are we doing?" Katelyn let out a giggle as Brendon pulled her close to his chest, setting his hands on her hips and swaying as he hummed.
"Dance with me, will you?" She merely nodded, not caring that she was slowly becoming soaked by the rain. They danced together for nearly five minutes before a car came down the street and they ran back to the sidewalk.
"Let's head inside… The rain is getting heavier."
Brendon nodded, stealing a quick kiss from the girl before taking her hand and following her inside.
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