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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

All Was Golden

Katelyn led Brendon up the stairs to her room after she checked in the garage to make sure her mother was gone.
"Thank god she's closing tonight. She won't be home till after midnight." The girl smiled to herself as she slipped off her soaked sandals. She and Brendon had taken their shoes off to dance in the rain.
"And what are you insinuating?" Brendon raised his eyebrows from Katelyn's bed, where he sat and watched her as she walked over to him.
"Nothing! It's just nice without her hovering around all the time." As much as Katelyn loved her mother, Helen needed a hobby besides work. Whenever Brendon was over, she was constantly asking if the two needed anything or if they were alright. Katelyn figured her mother was just keeping an eye on them.
"Yeah, that's true… She's just too nice." Brendon let out a laugh, taking Katelyn's hands as soon as she was in reach and pulling her towards him.
"So what do you suggest that we do now that we have an entire house to ourselves?" The girl tangled her fingers in his dark hair as he wrapped his arms around her waist, lacing his fingers at her back.
Brendon said that he had a few ideas and Katelyn asked if he would be willing to share them with her.
"Not really…" He laughed loudly before closing his eyes and enjoying the feeling of Katelyn running her fingers through his hair. She tugged on the boy's chestnut hair roughly, making him let out a gasp and open his eyes immediately, shooting her a playful glare.
"I think you want to tell me what you have in mind or else I'll keep doing this." She gave his hair another good pull.
"How do you know I don't like it rough?" Brendon sent the girl a smirk, making her grin.
"So that's what you've got in mind?" Katelyn was now sitting on his lap, one of her hands moving to rest at the back of his neck while the other still played in his soft hair.
"I'm a guy. It's almost always on my mind…" Brendon trailed off before giving her a heated kiss, only to receive one from her that was just as fiery. As he pulled off his vest, Katelyn began to unbutton his dress shirt, backing out of their kiss and frowning at his white undershirt.
"You wear too many layers. What the hell." Katelyn threw up her hands in frustration, making Brendon laugh.
"Let's fix that then!" Once Brendon's shirt was off, he shot her a playfully annoyed look.
"Now who has too much clothing on, huh?"
"Shut up and unzip me!" The girl giggled, turning around and trying to reach for her zipper, ultimately failing and making Brendon let out a chuckle.
"Please don't laugh! I can't do this by myself…" Brendon asked how she even zipped it up herself and Katelyn had to think about it for a few seconds before remembering that her mother had helped her.
"Hey Kate… I-uh… Think I should be getting out of these pants soon." Brendon mumbled as the girl fiddled around with putting her dress on her chair. She looked over to Brendon with a curious face, then turned bright red at the sight of him.
"Oh.. I'm sorry! Yeah, okay. Let's get those off." This wasn't as romantic as either had thought. It was more fun than the awkwardness they had expected though.
"God, I thought it was gonna be all quiet and weird." Brendon's words were broken up by the heated kisses they were sharing, now that they were both finally in their underwear.
Katelyn muttered something along the lines of 'same here' and 'shut up', trying to get him as close to her as possible and then some.
"Hold on a second…" Brendon pulled away and leaned over, reaching for his pants. He grabbed his wallet out of his back pocket and got what he was looking for before throwing the jeans carelessly.
Brendon hovered above Katelyn, wiping her bangs out of her eyes carefully and sending her a smile.
"Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?" He had probably asked this about six other times and Katelyn had said yes each time. She was ready to hit him if he asked again.
"For the thousandth time, Bren. Yes!"
His brown eyes searched her hazel ones for any sign of hesitation and when he didn't find any, he attacked her lips with his.

The pair sat down stairs in the living room, watching South Park and eating popcorn while the sound of rain flooded the house from the slightly opened windows nearby.
"I don't want to be weird or anything… But that was way better than I imagined it being." Brendon leaned into the girl, making sure she could feel his warm breath on her neck.
"Bren!" Katelyn's cheeks turned bright red and she shoved him slightly, trying to watch the show.
"Oh c'mon, Kate! You had fun too." He nudged the girl, who was now playing with the hem of her white v-neck shirt and staring at her plaid pajama shorts.
"I just… I dunno. I don't really want to talk about it." She shrugged and Brendon set his hand on her cheek, turning her head so she was looking at him.
"Are you regretting it?" Brendon watched her carefully, a look of concern written all over his face. He never wanted to push the girl into anything she wasn't comfortable with.
"No! Bren, I love you. I just don't want to talk about the sex we just had a few hours ago, okay?" She couldn't help but snap at him. Katelyn had no idea why Brendon was being overly concerned about this.
"Alright, alright. I just wanted to make sure you weren't having second thoughts or anything." He eased up a bit, letting go of her face and setting his hand in his lap.
"I don't get why you think I don't know what I want. I told you I was ready, why wasn't that enough for you?"
"Well I'm sorry that I care too much! Jesus, Kate. I love you too and I didn't want there to be doubt in either of our minds!" Brendon's voice was at a steady crescendo and Katelyn got off of the couch, running her hands through her hair.
"I don't want to fight right now. Maybe you should just go or something."
Brendon stared at her from his spot on the couch and said that he wasn't trying to start a fight.
"Yeah, well I just think I need some time to myself right now."
"But… I'm leaving in three days." Brendon looked down sadly and Katelyn immediately felt bad for being rude. Before she had the chance to apologize, Brendon got up and began heading upstairs to get his clothes. He was currently in a pair of basketball shorts he had left over at the house and his undershirt.
"I'm too tired to deal with this tonight."
Katelyn watched him walk up the stairs and disappear before she went and sat back on the couch.
When he came back down, he walked into the living room and looked at Katelyn with a pout. She glanced at him and sighed a bit, but he just stared at her with that sad look in his eyes.
"If you're going then go!" Katelyn blurted, making the boy jump a little.
"I'll see you later, right?" When Katelyn didn't reply immediately, Brendon turned around and went for the door and her voice called after him, saying that she would call when she got up. With that knowledge, Brendon left and headed to the cheap apartment he shared with his best friends and band mates.

The girl stayed up, waiting for her laundry to dry as she mindlessly watched whatever was on TV. It was nearly one am and Katelyn wasn't ready for her mother to come home. Her bedsheets had reeked of sex, which is why they had been through the washer and dryer, and the girl didn't exactly feel like explaining that to her mom tonight. Katelyn had thought about texting Brendon, but she figured it was a bad idea so she left her phone on the charger up in her room.
When Helen got back from work, Katelyn quickly retreated to her room to make her bed and tried to fall asleep before her mother could get to her.
"Katelyn, how come you didn't come down stairs to say hey to me?" Helen stood in the frame of her daughter's bedroom door, her arms crossed over her chest as she looked expectantly at the girl.
"I uh.. I'm really tired, mom." Katelyn sat up, suddenly feeling wide awake.
"That's not all, is it?" Helen knew as soon as she walked up stairs what had gone on in her house earlier this evening.
"No. But I don't really want to talk about it." The girl shrugged. She usually discussed everything with her mom, they were extremely close.
"Was it that bad? Brendon seems pretty limber from what I can tell..." Helen raised her eyebrows in surprise and Katelyn gaped, her cheeks flushing bright red.
"Mom! Woah there. It's not that… That was fine. Brendon and I just had a stupid argument after."
Helen told her daughter that she should call him, despite the time, before giving her a hug and going to her room.
Katelyn picked up her phone and dialed Brendon before taking in a deep breath.
"Hey you've reached Brendon. I'm busy or sleeping or something so leave a message!" Brendon's enthusiastic voice filled her ear, making her smile immediately before she realized it wasn't the real thing. She sighed and thought about just hanging up, but she decided to leave him a voice mail.
"Hi Bren, it's Kate. I just wanted to see if you were up… I'm really sorry about snapping at you tonight. I don't know what got into me. Uh. Call me back when you feel like it I guess… I love you." She hung up the phone and settled into bed.
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