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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

In the Sky

The guys were all home when Brendon got back and they were all laughing about something or another. They noticed Brendon's annoyed state and asked what was going on, but he merely ignored them and went into the room he shared with Spencer. He sat on his bed, running his hands through his hair and sighing. This was not what he wanted to be doing when he was a few days from leaving Summerlin. He wanted to spend every single moment with Katelyn, but with the way things were going he would be surprised if he saw her before he left.
He was brushing his teeth when Ryan called out that his phone was ringing. As quickly as Brendon ran to the phone, he wasn't in time. But he did have a voice mail. After listening to Katelyn's voice, he knew what he had to do. Brendon pulled his shoes back on after having just taken them off and went to tell whoever was up that he was going out. Spencer and Ryan looked at him, then shrugged.
Brendon drove over to Katelyn's house and got out of his car, sitting on her front steps as he zipped up his sweatshirt. He skimmed through his phone and pressed send when he came across the girl's name. A smile fell across his lips when he saw a picture of the two of them flash over the screen as her caller ID.
"Brendon? It's like three in the morning…" Katelyn tried her best to sound tired and Brendon didn't buy it.
"Come let me in… If you're not too exhausted."
"You're outside? I'll be down in a minute." Brendon laughed, saying okay and hanging up the phone.
He heard the door unlock and when he saw Katelyn he couldn't help but grin before pulling her into a hug.
"Why are you here?" Her voice came out as a mumble due to the fact that she was pressed into the boy's chest, but she wasn't about to complain.
"I didn't like the way we left things earlier. I don't want us to be fighting when I'm about to go to Maryland." Brendon rested his chin on top of her head, sighing contently.
"Do you want to come inside?" Katelyn pulled back a little, watching him with a glint of guilt in her eyes. She still felt bad for starting a fight over something like Brendon being over cautious.
"Yeah, I don't really think I came here to stand outside." His chuckle resonated through his chest, making Katelyn feel at ease. She laced her fingers with his, bringing him inside and closing the front door, locking it behind them. Holding one of her free fingers to her lips, she mimed for Brendon to be quiet as they walked up the stairs to her bedroom.
Katelyn got into the bed, waiting for Brendon to step out of his jeans and join her underneath the covers before she finally felt content.

Brendon's flight to Maryland was at eleven am, so he was over at Katelyn's around eight so he could say goodbye. She had been over to the apartment the night before to say bye to the guys, who were all going to miss her as much as she would miss them. Over the last few days she had helped him pack for his trip by doing his laundry and slipping little notes into all of his pants and jacket pockets saying things like, 'Miss you already', 'Have a great day', and 'I love you more than you know!'.
She hoped that by him finding these tiny reminders, he wouldn't forget that someone in Summerlin loved him dearly.
The pair sat on the steps outside of her house, much like they had the other night when Brendon came to see her.
"I'm gonna miss you so much…" Katelyn sighed, playing with the strings of Brendon's sweatshirt she was wearing. He wanted her to keep it until the next time they saw each other.
"Me too, Kate, me too." He wrapped his arms around her carefully, pulling her in close so he could try and commit the feeling to memory.
They had promised to call each other as often as possible and text even more. Although Brendon was going to be busier than he had ever been, he was still going to make time for the girl he loved no matter what.
"Let me know when your plane lands and stuff, okay? I want to know you got there safely." She laced her fingers with his and stared down at their hands; she was going to miss this way more than she had expected.
Brendon said that he promised he would let her know as soon as the flight attendant declared cell phone usage was allowed, then he kissed her cheek, making her smile as her eyes flickered up to meet his. Katelyn was trying her hardest to keep from crying, and so far she had done pretty well. But when she saw the bittersweet look on Brendon's face, she had to fight to keep the tears back. He wanted to go and record this album so badly, but at the same time he wanted to be with Katelyn all summer.
"I told the guys I'd be back at 9:30…" Brendon checked his phone, seeing that it was 9:15.
"You should go then."
They both stood up from the steps and looked at each other sadly before embracing one more time. The two shared a long, heated kiss followed by a series of short, quick ones as Brendon pried himself away slowly.
"This isn't goodbye, you know… I'll see you soon, okay?" Both of Brendon's hands rested on Katelyn's neck, his thumbs were sitting on her cheeks, barely grazing her soft skin and she nodded.
"Please don't forget me." Her voice was just above a whisper and a shocked look crossed Brendon's face.
"I could never forget you, Kate. I love you way too much." His smile was infectious, like a virus, it made her smile softly as well.
"Good, because I love you too."
Heaving a heavy sigh, Brendon hugged the girl one more time, breathing in the familiar scent of vanilla and something he couldn't place yet managed to drive him crazy.
Katelyn felt him pull away, and he kissed her again before hesitantly heading to his car. Waving meekly, Brendon waved back and got in. She swore she saw him wiping tears out of his eyes before he drove off, but then again, she could have been seeing things.

Summer crept by for Katelyn as she began making her plans for when she had to head to Irvine in September. She and her mother would spend their afternoons college shopping to get the items necessary to live in a dorm for nine months. Katelyn was lonely without Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, and Brent to keep her company, but she spent some of her time hanging out with Adam and some of the various other people she had kept in contact with from high school. She found herself looking forward to Brendon's calls and texts, no matter when they came to her phone.
It was the beginning of August now and from what Katelyn had heard, recording was going well. The label wanted to use professional musicians to play the violin, cello, and piano for the album, so Katelyn wasn't able to go and help out like Brendon had wanted, but she didn't mind. She usually stressed herself out way too much before a performance, let alone a recording session.
As the weeks had gone by, Katelyn noticed Brendon was more and more tired and annoyed when he would call her after recording. The four boys were sharing a one-bedroom apartment and they were all invading each other's personal space. They were getting on each other's nerves and it was making it difficult to finish recording. She would always ask what was going on, but he would shrug it off and talk about something else.
Katelyn and her mother were currently spending a week with their family in Cape Cod, so it was nice to finally be in the same time zone as Brendon. She always felt bad keeping him up into all hours of the night with their phone calls, but he always insisted that he wasn't tired.

After a sun and fun-filled day on the Cape, Katelyn settled into the guest bedroom of her aunt's summer home to text Brendon and see if he was up for a call. It wasn't five minutes after she had sent the text when her phone started to ring.
"Hey Bren." Katelyn could hardly contain her smile as she shooed her mother out of the room. Helen gladly obliged, having no need to hear the two teenagers gush about how much they missed each other.
"Kate, I'm going to stab somebody. Seriously." Brendon's annoyed voice filled the girl's ear and she frowned.
"Tell me about what's going on…" She didn't expect him to tell her because lately he just bottled everything up.
"Brent is just being a major pain. He hasn't recorded a single second on this album. I've been playing all the bass." He let out a sigh and she could tell that he was stressed beyond belief.
"You shouldn't have to deal with that. He's just a douche. Tell me more about the record." Katelyn knew that the best way to take Brendon's mind off of something was to get him talking about something else. She remembered that he had told her about being diagnosed with ADHD when he was twelve, and that seemed to come in handy at times. He rambled on and on about how great he thought the record was coming along and how it was going to be released by the end of September.
"It's supposed to drop September 27th! You have to come to the release party."
"I'll have just started school, otherwise I would. I'm really sorry, Brendon…"
"Oh. It's okay I guess…" She could just hear the disappointment in his voice and her heart ached a bit. Katelyn asked where it was going to be, and Brendon said it would most likely happen in Los Angeles.
"Well… LA isn't too far away from Irvine. I could go if you'd like."
"Are you kidding? I'd love for you to be my date!"
"Who said anything about it being a date?" Katelyn messed with him a little bit, but he thought she was serious.
"Well… Since we're together and stuff, I just figured. If you don't want it to be a date…"
Katelyn cut him off with a slight laugh, saying that she was kidding and that it was definitely a date.
The two talked until they were nearly asleep on the phone, and Brendon told the girl to go to bed.
"I don't want to. I miss your voice too much." She always got like this when it was time to hang up.
"I'll call tomorrow and you can hear my beautiful voice again, okay?" Brendon let out a little chuckle, saying that he loved her.
"Alright, alright. I love you too, Bren." They both said goodbye before ending their call, and Katelyn went to bed.
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