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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

Met the Night

Katelyn couldn't believe that Brendon had just walked away and avoided her for the rest of the party. She practically glued herself to Spencer after she couldn't get Brendon to talk to her and gave up trying. The girl told Spencer, in French, about what had happened and he was surprised at how Brendon had acted. Katelyn had no idea what to do; she was supposed to stay the night with Brendon at the hotel. If he was mad at her, he wouldn't want her staying, so she was trying to figure out how she could get back to Irvine without making a huge deal out of it. The party was winding down and Katelyn had to either find Brendon or a ride, whichever she came across first.
"Look, I'm in a room by myself tonight since Ryan, Brent, and I couldn't decide on who was going to be spooning who in the second bed, so you can come stay with me if you want. If you're having trouble getting back to school, I'll just get the rental from Pete and take you tomorrow or whenever you want to go." Spencer approached Katelyn carefully as she sat alone at one of the many tables spread throughout the room. Most of the guests had left, so the room was almost empty.
"That's really, really great of you, Spence. I would appreciate that. I just don't know why Brendon is acting the way he is." Spencer shrugged, saying that he didn't know either.
"Well, Brent and I are gonna grab a cab to the hotel. You can join us if you want…"
"Cool. I just have to use the restroom first." He nodded and Katelyn made her way back to the familiar spot.
When she walked out of the restroom, Katelyn was too busy fumbling with her phone to even notice that someone had left the men's room at the same time, so she bumped into him.
"Oh, I'm sorry!" She looked up and saw Brendon, who merely stared at her, his normally enthusiastic, bright brown eyes were full of disdain.
"Don't look at me like that, please, Bren."
"Are you leaving?" He didn't even acknowledge her previous statement as she nodded. She could tell that he was holding back something, maybe the urge to actually be himself.
"Well I'll see you the next time I come to LA, I guess."
"What?" Katelyn was appalled. What the hell was going on.
"Who are you and what have you done with my Brendon Boyd Urie?"
"What were you doing with Spencer earlier tonight?"
That's what that look was. Jealousy was written all over his face and body language.
Katelyn set her hands on her hips, staring up at him wordlessly, unable to believe that he had just asked her that question.
"We weren't doing anything, Brendon. I needed to talk to him about something in private, okay?"
"About what?" He still didn't believe her for some reason. He saw the way she followed Spencer around the party after their fight, speaking their French and being the best of friends.
"I really don't want to say…" Katelyn's cheeks flushed a light pink as she remembered the subject of their conversation.
"Spit it out!" Brendon's voice crescendoed and the girl subconsciously flinched.
"I wanted to find out room arrangements because you wanted to be with me tonight… He said something about 'bro-code'? I don't know… But I guess that isn't going to happen anymore since you're freaking out."
Suddenly, Brendon's entire presence changed. He went from being defensive and brooding to warm and smiling.
"That's what you were talking about? You could have just asked me!" She said that he had been talking to Ryan and thought it would be rude to interrupt with a question like that, so she just asked Spencer instead because he was right there. The girl also told him that she was upset that Brendon acted like he thought she was doing something with Spencer behind his back.
"I would never do that to you… Never in a million years, Bren."
"Trust me, I know that. I don't know why my brain even tried to make that connection. It was really stupid. Are you ready to go to the hotel?" Brendon quickly embraced the girl in his warm arms, kissing the top of her head and mumbling that he would never just assume anything again.

Everything was sorted out and Katelyn was in Brendon's room of the nice hotel, trying to get ready for bed. Brendon, on the other hand, had other ideas.
"Kate… You know I love you right?" He stood behind her at the bathroom counter, setting delicate kisses along her neck as she tried to braid her hair. His hands were set firmly on her hips, keeping her in place. One of his hands reached up and untangled the braid, saying that he liked her hair no matter how she wore it. The girl smiled, turning around to face Brendon and giving him a peck on the cheek. She ruffled his already messy hair, letting her fingers dance lightly down the sides of his face, neck, and shoulders until she reached the front of his button down shirt, where she loosened his tie and began to play with the buttons of the white shirt, noting how he wasn't wearing an undershirt.
"I've been waiting months for this…" Brendon muttered, running his hands along the girl's sides, pulling her into him closely, loving the feeling of her warm body against his.
"I better be careful or you're gonna turn into a sex maniac."
"Who says I'm not already?" Katelyn let out a giggle as he tickled her before lifting the girl off of the ground, taking her into the bedroom and throwing her on the king size bed.
"Bren this is ridiculous." She stared up at him as he stood at the foot of the bed, trying to take off his tie. He asked how it was ridiculous, curious to hear her answer.
"You're still wearing pants!" They both laughed, lightening the extremely sexual air about the room.
"You are beyond perfect, I hope you know that." He sent her a smile before joining the girl on the bed and continuing what they had started in the bathroom.

The two spent the morning on Hollywood Boulevard, stopping into record stores and checking out the tourist spots before Brendon had to take Katelyn back to school.
"Are you sure you have to leave so soon?" They stood together outside of the rental car in the parking lot of her building with their fingers laced together, and Brendon nodded.
"We have a lot of stuff to do to promote the album. I promise that I'll visit soon though!"
"That would be great." She smiled, telling him to work hard and promote the hell out of the CD.
"Oh you know I will! You're coming back for your winter break, right?" Brendon let out a relieved sigh when she nodded and said that there was no way she wouldn't come home.
"I'll be home for Thanksgiving, too." This made the boy grin; he had no idea that they got breaks for Thanksgiving.
"Time will fly and soon enough I'll be back to visit you, okay?" Katelyn nodded, and they shared a few more kisses and a long hug before going their separate ways.

The further Katelyn got into the semester, the busier she became. Midterms weren't as terrible as she had expected, but studying for the tests in the classes that were giving midterms was brutal. She always made sure that she had time for Brendon, who was busy as well with interviews and record promoting. They texted back and forth, but hadn't talked for more than a half an hour at a time in a few weeks. Katelyn and Spencer had been talking a lot though, sometimes when she was texting Brendon too. He helped her practice for French exams and she was extremely grateful.
"Katelyn, what's got you so down? It's Friday funday!" One of the girl's new friends, Elaine, asked as they sat around in her room with two other friends, Jess and Christina.
"I just haven't heard from Bren all day. It's weird." The girl shrugged from her spot on her bed. Carla was rarely ever in the room and today was no different. It was almost like Katelyn lived alone.
"He's probably busy! He is in a band that's trying to make it big, you know." Jess was on Carla's neatly made bed across the room with the other two girls. Katelyn hadn't told many people that her boyfriend was in a band signed to Pete Wentz's label. Despite a lack of huge record sale numbers, Panic! had been gaining online popularity and loyal fans like crazy, which was great.
"I know, but we always make time to talk, no matter what."
"Call his ass up and see what's keeping him so busy!" Christina was definitely the most outgoing of the group.
Brendon had met all of Katelyn's friends on one of his little visits and they all liked each other enough to get along.
The girl looked through her phone and found Brendon's number in her recent calls and hit the 'dial' button.
Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring. Voice mail.
"Hey Bren, its me. Just wanted to call and say I miss you. Call me back when you can, I'm just chilling with the girls tonight. Love you, bye." She hung up and sighed, earning apologetic looks from her friends. He seemed to be letting a lot of her calls go to voice mail lately, but he always called back later.
"Let's go do something! We should get dressed up and go to dinner." Jess wanted to get Katelyn's mind off of her boyfriend and have some fun.
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