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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun


With her first semester of college under her belt, Katelyn happily returned to Las Vegas in hopes of immediately seeing Brendon and the guys, but they were off filming their first music video. Helen was more than glad to have some time alone with her baby and barely let the girl out of her sight when she wasn't at work.
"Mom, I'm gonna go see Brendon! He's back from the shoot now and I've really missed him."
"I don't see why you can't just have him over here..."
"The other guys are there too, mom. Plus he and Ryan are sick so they can't really leave. I'll be back later."
Katelyn left the house and soon enough she was at the apartment. When Spencer answered the door she gave him the biggest hug ever, thanking him for teaching her a trick to ace her French 401 final.
"You're welcome, Katie! Anything for my little shortcake." He always called her some sort of nickname that referred to her reddish hair. When she asked where everyone was, Spencer said that Ryan was sleeping, Brendon was still in bed, and Brent was doing whatever the hell Brent does.
"They're still not better?" Spencer shook his head; Ryan and Brendon had gotten the flu during the shoot and had been sick ever since. Katelyn noticed Spencer's haircut, having to reach extra high to mess with his 'bed head' look and asking if they all got their hair done.
"Yeah, it was for the shoot and stuff. I guess we have this new image or something."
"I like it. You look sassy."
"Gee, thanks Katie. Just wait till you see Brendon's. You're gonna flip out." Katelyn immediately went into the room he and Brendon shared, only to throw her hands over her mouth to keep from laughing. Brendon sat in his bed looking completely miserable, tissues were everywhere and there was a trash can on the floor for easy access. He looked up at the girl, smiling weakly and waving a little.
"Kate? What are you doing here? What's wrong?"
"Your hair…" Katelyn blurted finally, staring at his dark brown locks with a slight frown as she made her way over to his bed and sat on the edge. It was shorter on the top and longer on the sides, which just looked off to the girl. Running her fingers through his short hair, she noticed how it made him look like one of the typical people signed to Pete Wentz's label. He didn't look like himself.
"You don't like it, do you?" Brendon frowned too, tugging at it as well. Katelyn didn't want to hurt his feelings, but she didn't like it at all.
"It's just different, is all. I'll get used to it. How are you feeling?" She pressed the back of her hand to his forehead to see if he had a fever, but she could never really tell. He was always warm.
"I feel better now that you're here." Bren smiled sweetly and Katelyn kissed his cheek. She had missed just being able to sit in a room with him and do nothing, which is exactly what they were doing now.
"Do you want some soup or something? I don't really know what you can have with the flu…" Katelyn wanted to help him feel better, but he just shook his head, saying that he was fine. She looked at the alarm clock sitting on the night stand and sighed, knowing that she should be getting home soon.
"Please don't go… Just stay the night!" Brendon gave her his signature pout and puppy-eyes, trying to get her to give in.
"I guess, as long as you promise I won't get sick!" There was no way Katelyn wanted to get the flu during her winter break. Brendon gave the scout's honor, so the girl called her mom and told her that she wasn't coming home tonight.

Brendon got over his flu soon enough and he was over at Katelyn's house 24/7, to the point where Helen would have to kick him out so she could spend time with her daughter alone.
"Bren, my mom says if she sees you one more time today she's gonna 'beat you like a red-headed step child'. That's a direct quote." Helen had made him leave around noon after he slept over the night before. Today was the woman's day off and she really didn't want to spend it with her daughter's boyfriend.
"Your mom doesn't scare me! Okay, she kinda does... When do I get to see you again?"
Katelyn sighed, running a hand through her hair as she looked out the window of her mom's car. Brendon had been really clingy over the past few days, but Katelyn got where he was coming from. They hadn't seen each other in a while and they wanted to make up for lost time.
"I'm going shopping with my mom after we get lunch. I don't really know what we're doing after that, but I'll let you know."
"If you don't want to see me today just tell me, Kate. I'm a big boy." His annoyed voice rang in the girl's ear, making her frown.
"That's not what I meant. Of course I want to see you, I just might not be able to until later tonight." Katelyn felt her mother watching her at every stop light and she was suddenly uncomfortable.
"Whatever, Katelyn. I'll talk to you later." Brendon hung up before she could even say goodbye, leaving her feeling a little hurt. She set her phone in her lap, staring at her hands.
"He's mad at you, isn't he?" Katelyn didn't say anything until they sat down for lunch and had gotten her thoughts together.
"I don't get it, mom. He's being ridiculous... So what if I'm busy today? It isn't like its my last day here and I'm spending it with other friends. I'm spending a day with my mom."
"Boys are clueless, honey. Brendon is extremely attached to you, and you're attached to him, so he doesn't know what to do when you're not around." The girl asked how she knew so much about this kind of stuff and Helen said that she had a lot of experience and she was simply observant.
"Should I text him or something?" Helen thought for a second, pulling her silvery red hair out of its bun and nodding. She said to invite him over to watch movies and have home made pizza for dinner, so Katelyn did just that.
An hour and a half later when they were shopping, Katelyn got a text back.
I'll see if I can stop by.
"Now he's just being a jerk." Helen was disappointed in the boy and told Katelyn to tell him not to come unless he wants to be an ex-boyfriend. The girl hated being in little scuffles with Brendon, she always felt like she did something wrong. This time it was his fault though.
Fine. Don't come if you don't want to. It won't be the same without you there though. Katelyn decided to play the guilt card. She had a feeling he wouldn't come to dinner to prove a point, but he would probably show up around 2 am feeling bad and try to make it up to her. It always went this way.

Just like she had figured, Brendon didn't come for dinner. Helen promised the girl that she would talk to him, but Katelyn didn't want that. She merely decided to see if Spencer wanted to do something instead, and he did.
"Cool, I'll come pick you up and we can go see a movie!" Katelyn knew he didn't have a car and would have to bum a ride, so she just avoided that all together.
Knocking on the door, Katelyn didn't even think about Brendon being there until he answered her knock. They just stared at each other for a minute before Katelyn broke their silence.
"Is Spence ready?"
"I don't know… What are you doing here?" He seemed surprised that she had suddenly shown up, but he was glad to see her regardless.
"Spencer and I are going to the movies or something. My mom was suffocating me and I needed to get out." She wasn't trying to make Brendon jealous whatsoever, but that's exactly how he felt.
"Why didn't you just call me?"
"You weren't exactly being the greatest today. I figured you didn't want to do anything, and Spence did. Oh, there you are!" Spencer came out of his room in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a hoody, smiling at the sight of his friend.
"Yep! I'm all ready to go. Shall we?" He barely even glanced at Brendon, knowing it would rub him the wrong way. It was too late for that though.
"No. What the fuck is going on here, seriously you guys. Are you trying to mess with me or something?" Brendon looked frustrated beyond belief, standing there at the door between Katelyn and Spencer, running his hands through his hair nervously.
"Nobody is messing with you, Brendon. You've been a real jerk to me today, so maybe I didn't feel like hanging out with you. Spencer and I are gonna go see a movie because we're friends. I don't know what else to say." Katelyn was getting annoyed with the boy's inadvertent accusations.
"How about you don't go out and just stay in with me… You're my girlfriend…" Brendon was trying not to snap, he wanted to spend time with the girl. He reached out to take her hand but she swatted him away.
"I'm not just a plaything, okay? We'll see just how much you like being pushed away since you seem to have no problem doing it to me. Come on Spencer." Katelyn nodded to the boy behind Brendon and he quickly said bye to his friend before following her to the elevator.
"Katie, he's not having the greatest day… He went and saw his parents earlier and has been in a funk since. Maybe you should just go talk to him." Spencer didn't want to come between his two friends, especially since nothing was going on with him and Katelyn.
"He should have said something to me about it. But I guess you're right. Thanks, Spence." The boy nodded as the elevator doors opened on the ground floor, saying that he needed to go get some stuff from Walgreens and that he would be back later. Katelyn pressed the button to take her back up to the floor she came from and walked to the apartment. She knocked again and like last time, Brendon answered.
"Back so soon?" His snark was not appreciated whatsoever by Katelyn, who rolled her eyes and brushed it off.
"Spencer told me that you saw your parents today… Can I come in so we can talk?"
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