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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

All Was Golden

Brendon and Katelyn stayed up until 4 in the morning talking and came to the conclusion that both of them were too in love to let stupid little things ruin something great. Katelyn reassured Brendon that she and Spencer were only friends and that he would never have anything to worry about. Brendon told the girl about his meeting with his parents and how it didn't go well at all. They still didn't approve of anything he was doing and basically said they were going to disown him. She didn't understand why his parents couldn't see that Brendon was happy doing what he loved. College obviously wasn't for him and he was too musically talented to keep working at the smoothie shop, singing for his tips.
It was good that the pair were back on track and going strong when Katelyn had to return to UC Irvine because Brendon and the guys embarked on a tour, opening up for The Academy Is. They were on this tour from January to May, but Brendon made sure to pay the girl a visit for their one-year anniversary to take her to Disneyland for a day, which surprised her more than anything, just like he had planned.

It was the end of April, and Katelyn was up to her neck in homework and assignments for her classes. Finals were in the middle of June, and Katelyn couldn't wait for the school year to be over. Brendon was still on tour, getting ready to go to Europe with the guys, and as excited as she was for them, she missed her boys. Even though he was extremely busy just like Katelyn, they set aside a few nights a week to talk. Brendon always had exciting stories about crazy tour shenanigans, where all Katelyn had to discuss were how her classes were going and how she spent all of her free time either at the beach or outside in the beautiful weather. She noticed their phone calls becoming shorter and shorter as time went on, but she was happy to hear his voice no matter how long it was for.

"Katelyn? Can we come in?" Jess and Christina knocked on the door to her room and she got up, letting them into the room.
"What's up? I'm waiting for Brendon to call. It's our Saturday night ritual." The girl was in a UC Irvine shirt and a pair of shorts, her phone on the charger getting ready. Christina looked to Jess, who looked back at the dark haired girl that was staring at her.
"Guys, just spit it out!" Katelyn crossed her arms over her chest, laughing slightly at her friends. Jess was petite and blond, and Christina was athletic and brunette. They were great friends and really helped Katelyn adjust to being away from home.
"Stines, you should tell her." Christina said that Jess should, and the two girls bickered back and forth until Katelyn told them to shut up and just get to the point.
"Maybe we should just show you… Where's your computer?" Christina went onto Katelyn's laptop and pulled up some site called Buzznet.
"We're really sorry…" Jess said before Katelyn even saw the pictures they had pulled up, but when she did, she swore she felt her heart break right there.
On the computer screen, there were pictures of Brendon and some girl, the site said her name was Audrey. There were pictures of them at Disneyland, where she and Brendon had just been, and there were pictures of them kissing. Katelyn had no idea what to say, she was so hurt and confused. Out of nowhere her phone began to play that familiar Green Day song, signaling that Brendon was calling.
"Katelyn, don't answer it." Christina shut the laptop and put it back on the desk, pulling Katelyn into a hug as her phone continued to ring. The girl just stood there in her friend's arms, trying to process exactly what was happening. Brendon was seeing someone else. He was seeing her too. He was calling right now.
"He's an idiot… That girl looks like a wannabe scene queen or something, she's got nothing on you." Jess and Christina continued to tell the girl that this bleach blonde chick had nothing on her, that Katelyn didn't need pounds of makeup to be gorgeous like this Audrey did. While they were attempting to console the shocked girl, her phone kept ringing until Katelyn got out of Christina's grip long enough to pick it up.
"What, Brendon?"
"It's our night to talk… Are you busy?"
Katelyn didn't even think about what she had just seen when she had answered the phone.
"She can't talk to you right now, asshole, she's busy!" Christina had taken the phone from her hands and told Brendon they had Katelyn occupied before hanging up.
"You guys… He's cheating on me!" It finally hit Katelyn and she turned into a mess on the spot. The two girls spent the entire rest of the night comforting the heart broken girl, drying her tears and holding back her hair when she threw up from crying so much. Katelyn kept muttering about how much she loved Brendon and how she felt like she was dying, but the friends didn't know how to make that feeling disappear.
When they got back to her room after another trip to the bathroom down the hall, Katelyn saw that she had a text from Brendon.
Hey, are you ok? You sounded weird on the phone. Call me when you can. Love you.
"Yeah right." Katelyn rolled her eyes at the screen, looking to Jess and Christina as if asking what she should do.
"Tell him you're through. You know what he's doing and it's not right, Katelyn. He's playing you."
"Maybe I should call Spencer first… That's what I'll do." Katelyn asked the girls if they would go down to the vending machines and get some sodas so she could be alone.

"Katie? What's up? Brendon's freaking out because you won't call him or answer his texts." Spencer's worried voice filled Katelyn's ear and she sighed.
"I know he's dating someone else, Spence. I saw a bunch pictures of him and some Audrey Kitching girl online today. How could he do this to me?!" The girl let out a hiccup, a signal of how much she had been crying.
"He's what?! Oh, wow… I didn't know, but if it's online and there's pictures and stuff, I guess it's true. Do you want me to talk to him or something?" Spencer sounded surprised now and Katelyn could hear Brendon's unique voice in the background.
"Is that Kate? Let me talk to her! Give me the phone!"
"Don't give him the phone, Spencer Smith! Don't you dare!" Katelyn's voice came out as a low hiss, she was furious now. How could Brendon think he was going to get away with this? Before she knew it, she heard the two bickering and apparently Brendon won.
"Kate, how come your friends were calling me an asshole earlier? What's going on, are you okay?"
"No, Brendon, I'm not okay at all. I know about Audrey. I know all about you and her. I can't believe you would do something like that… We're over."
"Kate, I can explain.. Please, no. Don't." Brendon began to frantically plead, saying that he loved her and that Audrey didn't mean anything, that she was just a big mistake.
"As much as I want to believe you, I won't. Go be in your emo band with your fucking scene queen girlfriend and forget that I even existed. You've changed so much." She could hear that Brendon was near tears as she told him to leave her alone. Katelyn felt like the bully she used to be when she said these things to Brendon; she didn't mean them at all, but she knew he deserved it.
"Please don't say that. Give me another chance, please, Kate… You mean too much to me." As much as Katelyn wanted to give in and let Brendon have his way, she couldn't get the images of him and this girl out of her head.
"No. Even though I love you more than anything or anyone, we're through. You were so paranoid that I was messing around with Spencer when I'm the one that should have been paranoid! Goodbye, Brendon Urie." With those last words, Katelyn hung up her phone and turned it off so she wouldn't have to deal with him calling her a thousand times like she knew he would. She stared at the photos of Brendon and herself on the wall, their bright, happy smiles making her insides knot up in disgust. How could he do this to her? How could he lie for so long? Katelyn had no idea how she had managed be so oblivious to it, but she was, and she couldn't help but blame herself for this too. Was she a bad girlfriend?
"You guys, did I not give Brendon enough attention or love or something?" Katelyn immediately bombarded her friends with questions when they came back to the room and they were shocked.
"You talked to him?" Jess had to hit Christina's arm lightly to stop her from sounding so horrified.
"Yeah… He took the phone from Spencer and begged for me to let him explain. I broke up with him."
"Good for you, girl. You don't need a guy to worry about right now." Christina was all for girl power, but Jess believed that Katelyn and Brendon really had something special and worth fighting for, and she told her friend that.
"I thought we did too, but apparently I was wrong."

After a week of watching Katelyn mope around and ignore her constantly ringing phone, Carla decided to introduce her roommate to one of her friends, just to take her mind off of Brendon.
"Kate, this is Seth. Seth, meet my roomie, Katelyn." Carla watched the two smile at each other as they all stood outside of the girl's building. Seth, a tall, shaggy blonde haired, blue-eyed boy, lived in the dorm for sophomores. Katelyn noticed that he was the complete opposite of Brendon, he looked like a skateboarder, wearing loose hanging, yet tight jeans, an ironic t-shirt and a pair of lace up vans.
They both said their hellos and Carla decided to make her escape, leaving them to get to know one another.
Katelyn asked Seth what his major was, trying to break the ice.
"Bio-chemistry..." His So-Cal surfer drawl hit her ears, making her smile before she remembered that was what Brendon said his major was when he snuck around at orientation.
"Cool. I'm a French major."
During their conversation, Katelyn realized that Seth probably wasn't someone she should be hanging out with. He smoked, drank, and did drugs from time to time, but she was desperate to keep her thoughts off of Brendon and this guy actually seemed interested in her. Seth taught her how to skateboard, something Brendon never had the patience to do, and when June rolled around, Katelyn and Seth had spent a lot of time together.

"Spencer, I gotta go. Seth and I are hanging out after I grab dinner with the girls."
"I don't like this Seth guy, Katie. He sounds like bad news." She and Spencer had stayed in touch after the whole ordeal. Even though Spencer had to hide from Brendon whenever they talked, it was worth it. He hated hearing the sadness in Katelyn's voice whenever Brendon came up in the conversation, but he understood where it was coming from. Spencer also had to deal with Brendon's constant whining and crying about how stupid he was and how much he missed Katelyn. She ignored his numerous calls and, in Spencer's opinion, he deserved it.
"Oh, whatever Spence! He's fine." Katelyn sat on her bed, looking at the photos that she never had the heart to take down. As nice as Seth was, he would never be anything compared to Brendon.
"Did I tell you that I'm spending the whole summer in Cape Cod?"
"That you did! We're touring soon, you know. The middle of June to the middle of August. We got invited to the MTV VMA's! Then we're on the road again in November on a huge stadium tour that we're headlining!"
"I know, you've told me! I'm so proud!" They had been touring non-stop, and since they fired Brent for apparently not being an active member of the band, they had been a lot better off.
"You should come to one of our shows... its gonna be theatrical and amazing. Nothing rhymes with circus, seriously!"
"Spence, that's not a very good idea. I don't think I can be in the same building as Brendon."
The boy laughed, telling Katelyn that this wasn't something she could miss.
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