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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

In the Sky, All Was Golden

It didn't take long after Spencer had told Katelyn to watch out for Seth before she realized that he was right. He and Carla convinced the girl to go to a party with them, at which the two got extremely drunk while Katelyn merely sipped on Sprite until two in the morning, when their ride decided it was time to go. Seth and Katelyn sat in the back of the car, and he was trying to get his hands on the girl any way he could. Drunken Carla sat in the passenger seat and the driver was just oblivious to everything around him. The blond boy took a hold of Katelyn, trying to press his lips to hers and she shrieked, pushing him away.
"What the fuck, Seth. Stop it." Crossing her arms over her chest, she glared at him angrily. Who the hell did he think he was, trying to take advantage of her like that.
"Quit being such a damn prude, we've been hanging out for like a month and a half. It's time for you to put out." Katelyn gaped at him a little bit, but kept her mouth shut until they were dropped off in the UC Irvine parking lot. Carla was going to stay with her friends, so Katelyn was forced to walk back to her building and Seth followed her the whole time.
"Come on, Katieee, just a little smooch and some sex is all I want from you!"
"Seth, shut up. Just go away." She tried to swipe into her building, but Seth wouldn't leave her alone. He grabbed her arm and the girl shoved him away harshly, knowing that she didn't want to be in this situation whatsoever.
"You know what, Kate-lyn, you're still not over your stupid ex-boyfriend. I hope you're lonely and miserable for a long ass time." Seth slurred drunkenly, attempting to corner her against the wall and Katelyn finally swiped into her building and retreated to her room.

Once in her dorm room, Katelyn slipped off her shoes and changed into her pajamas. She grabbed her phone, quickly scrolling through her contacts and hitting send when she found Spencer. Katelyn didn't even realize that it was nearly three in the morning, and she didn't care. He was usually up anyways.
"Hello?" A tired, raspy voice finally answered after the fourth ring, making Katelyn's breath get caught in her throat.
"Who is this?" Did Spencer get a new number today or something? She had been texting him earlier in the morning.
"My name is Jon. Who is this?" Jon was the new bassist that replaced Brent.
"I'm Katelyn. Is Spencer there?"
"You're the Katelyn? Oh wow… Uh, yeah. Let me go get him. Can you hold on a sec?" The girl said that she could, and she heard him rustling around on the other end of the line. Jon was talking quietly to what sounded like Spencer, asking if he wanted to talk to Katelyn, and when a third voice came into play, Katelyn's heart stopped momentarily.
"Um, Jon? Could you just tell him I'll call later or something."
"Huh? Katie, it's me. This isn't the best time." It sounded like he was trying to fight Brendon off, and she could hear Ryan's voice now too.
"Guys what the fuck is going on. I was sleeping." This was a complete mess.
"I'm sorry. I just needed to talk about something that happened tonight. Uh, you were right about Seth." Suddenly everything went quiet and Spencer asked if she was okay and if he had tried anything. She said that she was, and asked if she was on speakerphone.

"Wait, Katelyn was out with a guy?" She could just hear the hurt in Brendon's voice and Spencer said that she had been dragged to a party with her roommate and Seth. Within seconds, Brendon was clearly the one holding the phone to his ear.
"Did he try to touch you, Kate? I swear to God if he did..."
"It's none of your concern. Give the phone back to Spencer." Brendon tried to get the girl to talk to him, saying that all he wanted was to have a conversation with her. He told her that he missed everything about her and that he was an idiot for doing what he did.
"You are an idiot dude. Give me the phone, she doesn't want to talk to you."
Brendon sighed in defeat, quietly telling Katelyn that he still loved her.
As soon as Spencer said he was alone, the girl told him about everything that happened.
"That asshole! I really hate saying I told you so..." She could tell he was doing everything he could to not rub it in her face and she appreciated it.
"I know. But what the hell was that whole debacle earlier?"
Spencer said that Brendon had caught him off guard and taken the phone from his hand before he could react.
"Katie, he's miserable without you. All he talks about is how stupid he is and how much he misses you."
"Yeah, well... Honestly? I miss him too. As much as I hate what he did, I can't get myself to hate him. He can't find out though, okay?" Little did Katelyn know, she was on speaker phone and Brendon was listening to the entire conversation in complete silence.

When Spencer ended the call with Katelyn, he looked to Brendon and sighed.
"Dude, I'm working on getting her to come to a show. If I can manage that, it's up to you to do the rest."
Brendon scratched the back of his head, nodding in understanding.
"Please don't mess it up." Spencer practically made Brendon pinky promise. He hated when Katelyn called him in tears at 2 in the morning because she missed Brendon and needed to hear a familiar voice.
"She really does that?" Brendon had figured that Katelyn had moved on... Everyone around him knew that he hadn't.
"Yeah, man, it's brutal. Half the time I don't even know what to say."
"At least she confides in you rather than keeping it bottled up or something. Thanks for being there for her."
Spencer nodded, saying that Katelyn was his friend and he would be doing the same thing even if Brendon wasn't the one she was so broken up about.

Brendon had immediately called things off with Audrey after Katelyn broke up with him. He felt like the biggest asshole for starting something up with a girl he didn't even like. The only reason he was seeing Audrey was because he missed Katelyn and needed some sort of female companionship. He hated trying to make excuses for himself, but nothing could make up for what he did. Brendon was surprised that Katelyn didn't hate his guts, to be honest.
He was pretty sure that Spencer was going to be able to get her to come to one of their shows, but after that, Brendon had no idea what he was going to do or say when he saw her. There was no use in apologizing any more than he already had.

Whenever he tried to call her, it usually rang then went to voice mail. She was screening his calls, that was for sure, and every time he had to hear her voice mail, his heart ached.
'Hey, you've reached Katelyn. Leave a message and I'll get back to yo- Brendon! Stop that, I'm setting my voice mail!' He always heard his own laughter in the background and it made him sick knowing what he did even though they were so happy together. It wasn't like he slept with Audrey, but dating her was just as bad, if not worse.
"We're gonna be near Irvine in December, so you better get your act together and start planning your massive plea." Spencer shook his head, sighing at his best friend's predicament.
"You got yourself into this mess by being stupid. Use your noodle and make things right with Katie."
"I have no idea what to do though." Spencer told him that he would think of something, but Brendon didn't believe him.

Over a year had passed and Katelyn was now a junior at UC Irvine and living just off campus with Jess, Christina, and Elaine. Things hadn't worked out with Carla and her friends because, as interesting as they are, they were too much for the girl. Spencer had come to visit the girl whenever the guys had time off, and to his surprise, she still had pictures of herself, and the guys around her side of the room in the 2 bedroom apartment. Katelyn tried to leave the majority of them in a box in her desk, but something made her put just a few of them up. She only had one photo of just herself and Brendon though, which made Spencer feel a little better about her well-being. Spencer usually kept quiet when it came to Brendon unless she asked, and he always told the truth. After Katelyn hadn't come back stage during the Nothing Rhymes with Circus tour, Brendon flipped. It was like he was going through the breakup all over again. The girl had gone to the concert and stood at the front of the general admission section like she was instructed. Brendon saw her standing right in front of him, and was so upset that she was so close, yet so far away. She was blown away by the performance, but she didn't have the courage to face him. Even now she still kicks herself for not going back stage to see Brendon and he always regrets not jumping off the stage and taking her with him.
She spent her summer, breaks, and a lot of the last year working at Disneyland as a translator in the park's Guest Relations on Main Street. She loved working at the park almost as much as she loved visiting it when she wasn't working there..
To keep herself occupied, Katelyn had a string of little relationships, but none lasted long enough to be remotely serious. She always had thoughts of Brendon plaguing her mind; it was like he was haunting her or something. The two hadn't talked since the night she went to the party with Carla, but that didn't mean that Katelyn hadn't thought about calling him a million times. The only time she acted upon that thought, his phone was turned off and she didn't leave a message.

"Kate, you got something in the mail..." Elaine called from the kitchen as Katelyn sat at her desk in the room she shared with Jess, working on translating something for a class. She set her book down and went to the kitchen, picking up the padded envelope.
Her name was on it in a typed font, the return address from somewhere in Santa Monica. Opening it up, a few items scattered onto the counter, making the girl's eyes widen.
A copy of Panic at the Disco's new album, Pretty. Odd., was now in view, as well as two tickets, backstage passes, and a note.
"Holy shit, Kate. That isn't supposed to be out for another week!" It was due out on March 21st and it was the 15th.
"I know Elaine." She picked up the tickets for the Honda Civic Tour. One was for early April in San Diego and the other was for June in Anaheim and each had a pass to go see the guys with it. Looking at the note, she unfolded it expecting to see a long letter from Spencer.
This time will you please
stick around to hear me out
or I'll go crazy

The girl gasped a little, unable to take her eyes off the familiar handwriting and the haiku. Brendon had tried to contact her only once since after the last show, when she yet again ignored his call. Although she loved seeing them perform, being so close to Brendon had reduced her to tears after. There was no way she could have faced him as a sobbing mess. She knew he saw her that night from up on the stage, Spencer and Ryan did, and Spencer sent her a text after the set to make sure she was alright. If she couldn't see him then, what made this time any different?
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