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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

When the Day Met the Night

"Spencer, how did he get my address? Why is he sending me tickets to your shows and your new CD?"
"He asked me for it, so I gave it to him. Brendon really wants to see you, he needs to see you, actually."
"I don't know if I can. Things are have changed, you know?"
"Trust me when I say that I know. But one thing has stayed the same. He still feels terrible and wants to make things right with you."
Before Katelyn could try and make up excuses to get out of it, Spencer said that she was single, Brendon was single, and neither of them had anything to lose, but rather everything to gain.
"Fine. I'll go. Don't tell him though. I want to send him a note or something."
"Like you guys used to do in high school?"
"Yeah, you could say that..."
Spencer mentioned that as she probably knew, Brendon's 21st birthday was coming up on April 12th and that was the day they were playing in San Diego. They were going to be in Arizona the day after, which was only a six hour drive away so if she decided that she was actually going to see the guys after their set, their departure could be delayed a few hours.
"I'll go, okay? I'll try my best to get to the front, but I'm not making any promises."
"If you get there early enough, I can have them let you in before everyone else so you can be front and center… I think it would be a good birthday surprise for him." As hesitant as Katelyn was, she agreed to Spencer's idea. He told her that he would text her details as the show got closer and then he had to go. They said their goodbyes, and Katelyn hung up so she could write a note to mail back to Brendon.
She pulled out a piece of paper from her desk drawer, folding it into thirds so it would fit in an envelope. With her purple, felt tip pen, she wrote a few carefully thought out words.
I got your package.
Your haikus are still cheesy.
Guess I'll see you soon.

She put the folded paper into the envelope, writing his new address neatly, adding her return address, and a stamp so it could go out in the mail tomorrow.

April 12th was Katelyn's day of reckoning. She was nowhere near ready to see Brendon in person, but she knew she had to do it. Armed with her phone and digital camera, wearing a pair of cutoff denim shorts along with a white 'I heart LA' v-neck, she went to the venue at the time Spencer told her to show up. Upon showing her driver's license, security allowed her entrance despite all of the glaring girls waiting patiently in line. They had apparently been camped out for quite a while when Katelyn arrived, and they weren't too happy that she was granted access before the doors opened.
When she was finally in the spot she was supposed to be in, all she could do was wait.
I'm in position. Now it's up to you guys. Have a great show.
The girl stood impatiently, leaning against the railing of the barricade between herself and the stage as the opening bands, The Hush Sound and Phantom Planet, performed. When it came time for Panic at the Disco, she felt her heart begin to race. There were younger, teenage girls at both of her sides, screaming for Panic to come on stage, even while the roadies were setting up. Their loudness annoyed the girl, but it was understandable. The guys were a great band. Their sound had completely changed from rushed, theatrical craziness to a calm, mellow vibe. Their entire stage gave off an earthy air, with microphone stands covered in lights and flowers and a huge Persian looking carpet covering the ground.

The lights dimmed and Katelyn straightened up, feeling her heart pounding against her chest as the guys took the stage. She glanced at Spencer, followed by Jon, Ryan, who wasn't wearing shoes, and Brendon, who seemed just as nervous as she was. Katelyn had noticed the roadies left an opened beer for Brendon by his microphone, which made her laugh a little because it was his 21st birthday after all.
Spencer sat down at his drum set and made eye contact with Katelyn, sending her a smile before kicking his bass pedal and counting in to the first song.
Immediately, Brendon's voice came from right in front of her and it was just like she remembered. He looked completely different than the last time she had seen him though. Along with their new sound came a new look as well. He had a shaggy hair cut now and they were all wearing floral patterned shirts with vests. Ryan wasn't even wearing shoes, and he loved shoes with a strange, obsessive passion. It was a huge change from their old look, that was for sure.
Katelyn stared at him in complete awe, unsure as to whether or not he had seen her yet. That was quickly changed, because Brendon quickly glanced down and his voice skipped up, missing a few words to the song he had been singing so flawlessly. During a vocal break in the music, he looked back to her and mouthed, "Kate?" She nodded, flashing him a smile and mouthing back, "Happy birthday."

As soon as he hit the stage, Brendon began searching for Katelyn in the audience. He had gotten her haiku in the mail and it actually shocked him that she had written back. He knew that she and Spencer still talked and saw each other, so he had bribed Spence for her address so he could mail her the tickets and passes. Brendon had tried everything he could to get over Katelyn after she dumped him over the phone, but nothing had worked. He was just too far removed to open himself up to any girl that wasn't her, no matter how much he had tried.
Before the set that night, Brendon had worked himself up so much that his nerves had actually forced him to throw up, which was something he hadn't done in a very long time. Tonight he planned to sing one of the few songs he had written for the new album, just because he believed that Katelyn would be in the audience. He needed her to know that she still meant the world to him, despite the fact that they hadn't actually seen one another in almost two years.
Brendon looked around as he sang, trying to pick out any copper-haired girls toward the back of the general admission and working his way up toward the front.
Then he saw her, right in front of him, smiling as his own surprise made him skip a beat and mess up the words he sang. In that moment, she looked absolutely stunning. Her wavy, copper colored hair was a dead giveaway and Brendon had no idea how he hadn't noticed her sooner. He mouthed her name as soon as he got a break, just to make sure that it was her and he wasn't dreaming her up, and she replied by telling him happy birthday. She was really there.
Throughout the set, Brendon kept the crowd entertained and constantly glanced down at Katelyn, just to make sure that she really wasn't a figment of his imagination. He had even asked Spencer when he was taking a drink of water and he reassured him that she was there.

"Okay everyone. This is our first night on the Honda Civic Tour, and we're still messing around with the set list. Here's a song off our new CD and it's called Folkin' Around." Brendon spoke into his microphone with an enthusiastic voice, trying to calm his nerves as he looked at Katelyn. Taking a deep breath, he waited for the music to begin before he started to sing like she was the only one in the room.

"Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two
Where summers lasted longer than, longer than we do
And nothing really mattered except for me to be with you
But in time we all forgot and we all grew

Your melody sounds as sweet as the first time it was sung
With a little bit more character for show
And by the time your father's heard of all the wrong you've done
Then I'm putting out the lantern find your own way back home.

If I'd forgotten how to sing before I'd sung this song
I'll write it all across the wall before my job is done
And I'll even have the courtesy of admitting I was wrong
As the final words before I'm dead and gone

You've never been so divine in accepting your defeat
And I've never been more scared to be alone.
If love is not enough to put my enemies to sleep
Then I'm putting out the lantern find your own way back home."

Katelyn stared at Brendon the entire time he sang, and he stared right back at her. It was amazing how much of an effect he still had on her, because by the time he had finished, she could feel a few stray tears falling over her cheeks. She quickly wiped them away when she knew Brendon wasn't watching, and the girls beside her were staring at the girl curiously.
"What?!" Katelyn snapped at them, making sure they minded their own business.
"He keeps staring at you… Why does Brendon Urie keep staring at you?!" The blond to Katelyn's right asked in an annoying voice, making the girl cringe.
"Jesus Christ, what are you, twelve or something? Maybe he looks at me because he knows me?!" Katelyn was not in the mood to deal with annoying teeny-boppers. The girl shut up immediately, muttering something about how she didn't think Brendon would be friends with someone so rude.
Before the boys walked off stage after their encore, Brendon gave the girl a weak smile and waved slightly, pointing to his wrist where a watch would be and holding up five fingers, indicating that she should wait five minutes before going back. Katelyn nodded and took her back stage pass out of her cross-body bag and slid it around her neck. The girl beside Katelyn gasped a little and she smirked.
"You really do know them?"
"Uh, yeah. I don't lie about stuff like that."
"Take me with you, please?" Katelyn stared at the fifteen year old blond, her hair so over processed with bleach that she was surprised it was still on her head.
"Sorry, I can't. Hope you enjoyed the concert though… Have a nice night."
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