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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

So He Said

On June 14th, Katelyn went to the Honda Center where Panic was playing a little earlier in the day because Brendon had invited her to sound check and lunch. Dressed in denim cutoff shorts, a tribal patterned racer back tank top, and black, lace-up Vans, Katelyn set her tortoise shell Ray Bans on top of her head as she dialed Brendon's number.
"Hey, where are you?"
"Um, I'm at the venue in the parking lot. I just got here."
"Cool! One of the bodyguards and I will come get you. Head over to the doors!" Katelyn said she would see him soon, then they both hung up.
She waited nervously by the door, shoving her car keys into her purse and humming a Vivaldi piece she had played recently.
"Kate!" Brendon's voice rang out and she looked up at him with a smile.
"Hey Bren."
"Your.. Your hair! You chopped it all off!" He reached out and touched the ends, making the girl's cheeks turn red when he said that he liked it. He quickly introduced the girl to the bodyguard, Zack, and then they were off.
The guys liked the change too, having immediately said so when she walked into the dressing room where they sat, waiting to start their sound check.
"Thanks, boys. I needed a big change!"
"Well that's a pretty big one, alright." Spencer laughed before muttering in French that Brendon had been talking non-stop about today for the last two months.
"Quit with your fancy French! I need to steal Kate for a second." Jon looked at the girl, earning the attention of Ryan and Brendon, who were busy chatting on the other side of the room with their guitars in hand.
Katelyn followed Jon into the hall and away from the dressing room door, so no one could eavesdrop.
"What's up, Jon?" Katelyn looked at him nervously.
"How could you just forgive Brendon for what he did to you? He never told me what it was, but Ryan did. I can't believe him..." Jon had no idea how Brendon could have had a whole other relationship on the side without feeling bad about it until he got caught.
"I really don't want to talk about this right now, Jon. Even though it hurt when I found out that he was dating Audrey, I just wasn't myself the whole time we weren't together. I don't think he'll ever fuck up like that again."
Katelyn sighed as Jon asked if she still loved him, telling her new friend that she did indeed. Jon decided to let it go and they both went back to the dressing room so they could start sound check.

Jess, Elaine, and Christina ended up being busy that night, so Katelyn was on her own at the show. Not that it mattered though, she liked not having to worry about getting separated from other people when she was at concerts.
The guys made sure to go out with a bang, extending their set by over half an hour and even when they were done, the four friends were still bursting with energy.
"Guys, I want to go get my arm filled in." Brendon told Katelyn and his band mates, who merely laughed as the girl stared at him.
"You've been saying that for weeks, man." Ryan shook his head.
"Well I'm serious! Let's go!"
They Googled a tattoo parlor that was open and found one of the camera guys for the tour, then went to the place.
Katelyn stood close to Spencer as Brendon sat patiently, telling the artist that he wanted a few hibiscus to represent his Hawaiian heritage. Brendon shot Katelyn a smile as the man began his work on his arm and she went pale.
"I can't watch this..." Katelyn pressed her face into Spencer's arm, trying not to get sick.
"Kate, please relax... It's not that bad!" Brendon's calm voice made the girl feel at ease, so she decided to watch. After a while, it didn't seem as horrible as the girl thought it was. Brendon was barely showing any signs of pain, which was good.
"You ready for one, Katie?" Spencer rubbed her back, keeping her from running out of the building.
"Uh, hell no!"
Ryan let out a chuckle and so did Jon, but Brendon told her she shouldn't be so quick to shoot the idea down.
"It's cool to be able to get something that means a lot to you."
The girl nodded at him, trying to make it seem like she was thinking about it.
"I'm okay for now... I like what you got though, Bren." Katelyn bit her tongue to keep herself from telling him he was an idiot, but he was an adult and she had no say in what he did.

The guys then dragged Katelyn to a 24 hour Denny's near Disneyland, where Brendon and his band mates celebrated a tour well done with some Grand Slams.
"So now what are you boys up to?" Katelyn munched on some bacon, waiting for their responses.
"We're gonna take a vacation. Just relax at home and chill." Ryan smiled at his own words, ready to go home.
"I'm going back to Chicago for some r and r." Jon nodded, adding his two cents.
Katelyn already knew what Spencer was doing, and Brendon said he wasn't sure yet.
When it was time for everyone to go their separate ways, Ryan left first, taking Jon to the airport.
"You be good, okay Katie? I'll see you soon!" Spencer gave Katelyn a typical bear hug before saying bye to Brendon, getting in a cab and heading to his new home in Southern California. This left Katelyn and Brendon, looking at one another awkwardly.
"So what are you gonna do, go back to Santa Monica?"
Brendon shook his head, saying that he was too tired to ride the hour North and that he would probably just get a hotel room. It was well after 2 in the morning and he looked exhausted. It was obvious that he hadn't thought ahead; Brendon was impulsive and rarely planned everything beforehand.
"Don't do that, Bren. Just come spend the night at my place." Katelyn had no idea what she was getting herself into, but she didn't care anymore.
After loading up Brendon's stuff in the girl's car, Katelyn drove back to her apartment. Brendon brought in one of his bags along with his backpack, and Katelyn told him to be quiet when they walked in. She didn't know if her roommates were back yet, but when she looked around it was obvious that they weren't.
"So this is your place?" Brendon smiled as Katelyn finished up the tour in the room she shared with Jess.
"Yep. It's not the greatest, but it serves its purpose." She shrugged, setting her purse on her desk and Brendon caught a glimpse of the frame.
"You still have pictures of us?" He seemed surprised to say the least.
"I couldn't get rid of anything that reminded me of you. A few of my roommates think I'm pathetic."
Brendon said something about how he didn't think she was pathetic, making her smile.
"Well, my bed is only a full, so you can have it tonight. I'll sleep on the couch."
"We're sharing the bed. No arguing about who sleeps where. I'm sick of that, it's all we did on tour when we got to be in hotels."
Katelyn shrugged and grabbed some pajamas, telling Brendon he could change in her room while she went into the bathroom.

When the girl returned to her room, she found Brendon in boxers and a white shirt, wearing a pair of thick framed black glasses as he stood near her desk, looking around.
"I'm surprised you're not snooping..." Katelyn laughed, getting into her bed and motioning for Brendon to join her.
"I didn't want you to kick me out!" He slid under the covers beside her, saying that he had to be careful of his new ink.
The girl smiled slightly as she told him that he better stay still then or else she might elbow him.
"You didn't used to move around in your sleep too much, so I doubt you do now." He sent her a smile, kissing her cheek as she was busy texting her roommates to let them know that Brendon was spending the night so that they wouldn't flip out when they came home and found some guy in her bed. She also noticed a text from Spencer.
Don't let Bren put the moves on you tonight! Make him wait!
The girl let out a little laugh, peaking Brendon's interest.
"Who's texting you? Is it someone I know?"
Katelyn quickly deleted the text so he couldn't see it, shrugging and saying that it was no big deal.
"It made you laugh though!" His whining voice and his arms wrapped around her body made her feel like it was old times, but she couldn't be sucked back into that just yet.
"It was stupid, that's why I laughed. Calm yourself, mister." Katelyn removed his arms and put her phone on her bedside table before snuggling into bed and making herself comfortable while Brendon did the same.
"Thanks for letting me stay over, Kate." Brendon's warm breath fell across her neck and she mentally told herself to keep calm.
"You're very welcome. Goodnight, Bren."
She felt him heave a sigh before actually hearing it and he told her goodnight as well.
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