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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

"Would it be all right

Katelyn woke up to Brendon gently tracing patterns over her back around 10 am. She was surprised she had slept so late, but it was summer after all.
"Did you sleep okay?" She sat up and yawned, noticing Brendon's crazy bed head.
"Better than I have in months."
There were voices coming from the living room, so Katelyn knew at least two of her roommates were up. The two got ready for the day, then Katelyn led Brendon out to become reacquainted with her friends.
Elaine and Christina were watching Spongebob Squarepants like typical college kids, and Jess was in the kitchen getting cereal when Brendon and the girl sat down on the couch. There was an awkward silence before Brendon said hello to the girls, who barely acknowledged his existence. They weren't too happy that he had stayed the night. Katelyn's friends were worried that she was going to get hurt again, but she didn't see it that way.
"What are you two up to today?" Jess fully supported whatever Katelyn did regarding Brendon. She knew how much the girl still loved him and saw no reason for them to not be together.
"I don't know... I have to go to the park to put in for some hours and ask about my schedule."
"Wait, the park, as in Disneyland?" Brendon's eyes were wide now and he stared at Katelyn excitedly.
"Yeah, where else does she work, idiot." Christina sent the boy a glare, trying to make him feel unwelcome and she seemed to be succeeding. Brendon looked at the athletic girl hesitantly, unsure of whether or not she was going to punch him in the gut.
"Stines, stop it. Do you want to come, Bren?" Katelyn shot her friend a dangerous look, making Christina back off.
Brendon nodded and she told him they would go after eating something.

"Do your friends hate me?" Brendon followed Katelyn through the backside of Disneyland to the office where she was supposed to pick up her schedule.
"They're hesitant. I don't know how else to put it."
"Oh. I get what you mean." He nodded, taking in his surroundings.
Katelyn found out that she wasn't on the schedule for another week and a half, so she decided to take Brendon into the park to have some fun. They were waiting in line for the Indiana Jones ride and so far, a few people had recognized Brendon.
"I keep forgetting that you're a celebrity..." Katelyn teased the boy, making his cheeks turn pink.
"Shut up, I'm no celeb! I don't have paparazzi following me everywhere… Today." Brendon playfully pushed the girl as she rolled her eyes at him.
"So how are you getting back to Santa Monica? I didn't think you drove here before the tour started..." They were halfway into a 45 minute wait, which was unusually short for June.
"I don't really know. I was gonna rent a car or something. I didn't think ahead I guess."
Katelyn told him that she could give him a ride, since she wasn't busy.
"I don't want to be an inconvenience, Kate! I'll make Ryan come get me."
The girl ran a hand through her short hair, telling him that she had nothing planned and no work for a week and a half.
"I'm taking you home and that's final."
"Well someone never lost their inner control freak!" Brendon chuckled as they got on the ride, Katelyn waving at her fellow employees as she departed into the Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

The pair had a fun day at Disneyland, then with Brendon's directions, Katelyn drove the hour to Santa Monica to his apartment. Once she parked in a guest spot, Brendon invited the girl inside and she gladly accepted.
"It's probably really messy. I can't remember if I cleaned or not before I left." Brendon let out a nervous laugh, unlocking the door so he could bring in all of his luggage from tour. Katelyn followed Brendon in and looked around with a smile. This place was exactly how she imagined it for some reason. The walls were white and all of the furniture was made of dark wood, but it was surprisingly well kept and clean.
"Looks like you did clean before you left…" Katelyn smiled, letting Brendon get his things settled before he gave her a tour of the place. Brendon treated it like he was on MTV's Cribs, especially when he got to his refrigerator and bedroom.
"As you can see, I live off of Capri Suns, beer, and… Girl Scout Cookies? When did these get in the freezer…" Brendon stared at the contents of the fridge, saying that he needed to go to the grocery store as soon as possible.
"And this is where the magic should be happening, but definitely isn't." By now, Katelyn was completely in the role of the MTV crew, so she asked why a gorgeous, studly celebrity like himself wasn't getting any action. Brendon's cheeks turned bright red as he rubbed his left hand over the back of his neck, saying that he just didn't have the time. Katelyn quickly changed the subject, noticing the guitars that he had lining one of the walls in his spacious room. Brendon said that he could never have too many instruments and that he was learning to play more and more whenever he could.

"Hey, I want to take you somewhere!" Brendon pulled Katelyn up off of his couch. They had been watching something or another on TV. He told her to put on her flip flops while he changed into a pair of board shorts and a plain t-shirt, grabbing his sunglasses, wallet, and keys as he returned to the living room.
"Where are we going?" Katelyn slid her sunglasses on top of her head, following him out the door and he said it was a surprise.
They walked down Santa Monica Boulevard and took a left onto Ocean Avenue, and Katelyn smiled at the feeling of the breeze coming from the nearby Pacific ocean. It was a gorgeous day to be outside, so the two were definitely taking advantage of the nice weather.
"There's a place off Ocean Avenue where I used to sit and talk with you. We were both 16 and it felt so right. Sleeping all day, staying up all night…" Katelyn softly sang the Yellowcard song, making Brendon laugh and take the next verse.
"There's a place on the corner of Cherry Street, we would walk on the beach in our bare feet. We were both 18 and it felt so right sleeping all day, staying up all night." He belted the lyrics, catching the attention of the people around them, who merely shook their heads and stared at the two as they kept singing together.
Brendon led the girl across the Pacific Coast Highway, and her eyes widened when she saw the Santa Monica Pier.
"I've always wanted to come here!" She smiled, wrapping an arm around Brendon in a half hug.
"I remember you saying that when we were in Long Beach." Brendon took her hand, leading her through the crowd so they could explore the pier.

Long after sunset had come and gone, Brendon and Katelyn were making their way back to his apartment when they passed a small, hole in the wall, bar.
"Let me buy you a drink. We're both 21, so we're responsible adults…" Brendon had halted the girl outside of the bar and he looked down into her hazel eyes with a smile. They had such a fun time at the pier and he wanted to keep it going. Katelyn shrugged, telling him that she didn't mind, and they both walked in and took seats at the long bar.
The two started off with a beer, then worked their way into the harder liquor, keeping up with each other as they downed shots and drank whiskey like it was water.
"I haven't drank this much ever." Katelyn had only been 21 for a little over a month, but that didn't mean she hadn't been binge drinking before, especially in the months immediately after her breakup with Brendon.
It was almost 2 am when Brendon and Katelyn stumbled into his apartment, laughing about the shot contest they had partaken in. Both of them ended up deciding that it was a tie.
"You know, Kate. This has been the best day I've had in over a year." Brendon hadn't let go of the girl's hand since they left the bar, and he wasn't planning to anytime soon.
"Really? Me too!" She was past the point of being intoxicated, but the girl was trying to use her better judgement as Brendon led her into his bedroom and kicked off his shoes.
"Bren I think I need to lay down..." Katelyn released his hand and flopped onto his queen size bed, running her fingers through her hair, mumbling about how she loved it being so short and airy.
The next thing she knew, Brendon was right beside her, laying on his side, using his hand to keep his head up so he could look at the girl.
"You're so handsome…" She ran her fingers across his forehead, brushing his dark hair out of his eyes as she smiled at him adoringly. The girl let her hand rest at the nape of his neck and so Brendon covered her hand with his, ceasing her tapping fingers because they gave him the chills.
"You know I love you, right?"
Katelyn nodded, saying that she did, and that she loved him too. She had no idea why she was telling him this… Katelyn didn't want to have him know what she was thinking all the time, but it wasn't like she hadn't told him on the tour bus before.
"Really?" Brendon had a hopeful look in his eyes as the girl nodded again and he smiled before leaning in and giving her a kiss.
Being as drunk as she was, Katelyn didn't tell him to stop. Instead, she tangled her fingers in his shaggy hair that she loved so much and pulled him closer. When Brendon began to take things further by pulling off her shirt, she made no effort to protest. In fact, she helped him out and removed his shirt from his lean body, followed by his shorts.
In the back of her mind, Katelyn knew she shouldn't be doing this with Brendon, but her judgement was clouded and she wanted Brendon just as badly as he wanted her, and there was no way that either of them were going to stop.
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