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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

If We Just Sat and Talked

Katelyn woke up tangled in Brendon's arms, as well as his bed sheets, with a slight headache as the sun poured in through the blinds. She immediately knew what they had done and although she wanted to regret it, she didn't. Katelyn felt completely happy for the first time in a while and it was all because of Brendon. The boy was still asleep, but he seemed content with his face nestled against Katelyn's shoulder and his mouth slightly ajar as quiet breaths escaped his big lips.
Unable to just lay there, Katelyn somehow managed to maneuver out of Brendon's grasp and silently get dressed in her shorts from the day before and one of his clean shirts. She went into the kitchen and found a pen and paper, leaving a note with one word on it. Beach. Katelyn put it on Brendon's night stand, then slipped on her flip flops, grabbing her sunglasses and purse before leaving his apartment and heading for the beach.

When Brendon woke up alone, he thought the previous night had been a dream. The only reason he knew that last night had happened was because he wasn't clothed; rather, everything he had worn earlier was thrown across the room and on the hardwood floor. He couldn't believe what they had done. Granted, he wanted it to happen, but not when they were both drunk. Brendon looked at his alarm clock, noticing that it was 11 am and hopping out of bed to get dressed. He checked around the apartment for Katelyn, then he found her note on his bedside table. He grabbed what he needed, then quickly left to go find Katelyn.

Once Brendon was at the beach, he looked around for that familiar copper hair and finally saw the girl sitting in the sand near the water, just far enough away from the incoming tide to stay dry.
"Hey." Brendon sat beside her, shaking his head to move his hair out of his face.
"Hey." Katelyn echoed, not looking at him.
They were silently watching the waves until Katelyn finally decided to speak.
"We had sex last night." She had no idea how else to put it.
"I know. It was amazing." Brendon felt himself smiling as he remembered as much as he could, which was a pretty good amount.
"What?! We were drunk, Brendon. It shouldn't have happened."
"Wait, are you serious?" Brendon stared at the girl as she avoided his gaze, writing her name out in the sand.
"Yeah, I'm serious. It was a big mistake."
"Then why won't you look at me?" He took her hand with his and Katelyn quickly glanced up at him. Brendon immediately knew that she was lying by the look in her glittering hazel eyes.
"I can't deal with this right now." Katelyn went to get up, but Brendon made her stay put, saying that he wasn't letting her just walk away that easily. She told him to stop, but he wasn't going to.
"Now that I have you back in my life, you think I'm just gonna sit on my hands and let you leave?"
Katelyn didn't know what to say. Before Brendon had arrived, she was on the phone talking to Spencer about what had happened. He was surprised to say the very least, but he told Katelyn that he kind of saw it coming. Spencer said that Katelyn should take responsibility for her actions, because it was obvious that she wanted to be with Brendon, just didn't want to admit it.
"No, I know you wouldn't do that." The girl let out a little sigh, pulling her knees up to her chest and leaning her body against them. Brendon moved so he was in front of the girl, staring her straight on so that she couldn't avoid him even if she tried.
Brendon leaned in and kissed Katelyn gently, unsure of how she would react to his forwardness. She didn't know what to do though, so she just let him continue to kiss her. Taking this as a sign to keep going, Brendon began to push the girl backwards until she was laying in the sand and he was hovering above her, their lips connected the entire time.
"Bren..." Katelyn took a quick breath as she felt him lightly brushing his soft lips against her neck while running his fingers up and down her sides. Soon after he started, her phone began to ring.
"Hm?" He mumbled into her neck, making the girl shiver and tell him to cut it out because she had to answer her phone. Brendon unwillingly backed off, letting her take the call.
"Hey, Christina..."
"Kate, where are you!? You didn't come home last night. Don't tell me you slept over at Brendon's."
"Yeah, I did. We went out for drinks and I couldn't drive home. Sorry I didn't text you."
Christina huffed, telling the girl that they all needed to have a talk when she got back to Irvine, then asked when she was coming back.
"I'm not sure. I have to work some things out with Brendon." The boy immediately looked up at the sound of his name, trying to figure out what she was talking about.
"Well let us know your eta whenever you work your shit out." Christina hung up and Katelyn sighed, putting her phone back in her purse.
"Trouble with the roommate? She really hates me..."
"I know, and I don't care what she thinks to be honest." Katelyn saw a flash of excitement in Brendon's dark brown eyes, the gears of his brain working at full speed.
"So you wanna work things out?" His voice was filled with hope and Katelyn nodded, saying that she wanted to try and talk.

"Brendon, I think I need to go. My roommates want to have a meeting like yesterday." The two had been talking for the last hour and a half during lunch at the pier up until they had gotten back to Brendon's apartment. He didn't want her to go, but understood that this was important.
"Will you come back to see me soon though? You're not working for a while, and I'm not doing anything..." Brendon didn't want to sound desperate, but after deciding that they weren't going to rush anything he wanted to spend as much time with Katelyn as possible.
"I can come over tomorrow, if that's cool." Katelyn had nothing better to do, so why not spend another day at the beach.
Brendon said that it was okay, then they hugged briefly before the girl left.

"Jesus, Katelyn, it's about time! We need to talk." Christina didn't even let Katelyn get all the way into the apartment before rushing her into the living room, where Elaine and Jess were sitting as well. Katelyn sat in one of the chairs, fiddling with her hair nervously, asking what was going on.
"You had Brendon spend the night here, then you go up to Santa Monica with him and don't come back? You didn't even let us know." Christina tried her best to sound reprimanding and Katelyn looked to her other friends with a pleading expression. Christina and Katelyn always clashed and it was only a matter of time before it was World War III.
"He needed a place to crash, so I let him stay in my bed! It isn't like you don't have guys over! Last night we went for drinks and ended up, uh, sleeping together..." Katelyn mumbled the last sentence, watching her three friends look at each other.
"Well, I knew that was coming." Jess didn't want to get in the middle of this argument, but Christina was being overbearing.
"I definitely didn't, that's for sure." The girl let out a sigh and Christina shook her head.
"What the hell is wrong with you?! That dick hurt you so much and you're just gonna get back with him? You're an idiot."
Elaine and Jess told their outspoken, brunette roommate to watch herself, but Katelyn said that she deserved it.
"I see what you're saying, but I can't picture my life without Brendon in it.. I was like a drone when we weren't together and I don't ever want to be like that again."
"I can't watch you get your heart broken again. He's a musician, he tours for a living! I won't sit around and help you pick up the pieces when he hurts you again, because it's bound to happen."
"I never asked you to! I know that Brendon learned his lesson last time and won't mess things up again." Katelyn was now glaring daggers at Christina, who told the girl that she needed to pack a bag and leave.
"You're kicking me out? I live here! I pay fucking rent."
"Stines, you're being really irrational..." Elaine spoke up, but Christina's glare silenced her.
"Whatever. I needed a break from Irvine anyways. Good thing I'm not working for a little while."
Katelyn packed a duffel bag and a back pack, bidding Elaine and Jess goodbye before heading out to her car and pulling out her phone.
"Mom? Stines is pissed that I'm spending time with Bren and she told me to take a vacation. What do I do?" The girl sat in her car, leaning her head against the steering wheel.
"Take a vacation! You two haven't been getting along lately, so a little time apart will help."
Helen told Katelyn she could always come home for a week, but the girl had other plans.

It was almost midnight when Katelyn knocked on the door, and a few seconds after when she started to regret coming.
She could hear Brendon grumbling about how this better be good, and would have made a dash for the elevator if he hadn't opened the door.
"Kate? What are you doing here?" Despite the inquisitive tone to his voice, he was smiling softly at her.
"Christina told me to get the fuck out. I didn't know where else to go..." Katelyn sighed as Brendon let her inside, taking her duffel bag and putting it in his spare room.
"I'm glad you came here. You can stay for as long as you want to."
"Thanks, Bren. Sorry I didn't call. I talked to my mom the entire way here." Brendon shrugged, saying it was alright and that he was glad she decided to come to him rather than a hotel or something.
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