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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

For a Little While

Katelyn spent the next two days in Santa Monica with Brendon, soaking up the sun and having fun with the nightlife. Neither of them were trying to sway the other romantically, but their constant bonding was doing that on its own. Brendon had craved being near the girl for so long; Katelyn was like a drug and he couldn't get enough. She had similar feelings about Brendon, and knew that it was going to be tough when she had to go to work.
"What do you feel like doing today?" Brendon asked the girl as they sat in the kitchen eating cereal for breakfast around 10 am.
"Maybe we could stay in. We spent the last two days living at the beach." Katelyn let out a quiet laugh, saying that she probably still had sand in her hair.
"That sounds like a good idea. How about we go pick out some DVDs in the living room and have a 'lay in bed and watch movies' day?" Brendon watched her nod before she finished her Frosted Flakes and put the bowl and spoon in the sink, saying that she would do dishes later.

The two laid in Brendon's bed in their pajamas, watching the Back to the Future trilogy, as per Katelyn's request. They were halfway through the second movie when they ordered out some Chinese food and now they were waiting for its arrival.
"I wish I had a hover board..." Katelyn laughed, saying that skating wasn't as fun as hover boarding sounded.
"Wait, you learned to skateboard?" Brendon was shocked. He had tried so hard to teach her when they were together, but it always ended with bruises, cuts, and scrapes.
"Yeah! This kid I was friends with during freshman year taught me. I'm pretty good, too!"
"We'll see about that. I have a longboard in my closet. We can board to the beach later!" Brendon's brown eyes were as expressive as ever and Katelyn smiled, telling him that sounded like a plan.
"Bren, I think the food is here!" Brendon was in the bathroom when someone knocked on the door, so Katelyn grabbed her purse and headed to get the food.
"How much do I own you?" The girl dug through her bag as she opened the door, waiting for a response while she looked for cash.
"Gosh, Katie! I haven't even done anything! No need to pay me, yet." Spencer's laugh-filled voice made her look up with a smile, and she quickly pulled him into a tight hug.
"Spenny!" Brendon called out as he left his bedroom, smiling at his friend.
"What's Katie doing here? Why are you guys in pjs at two in the afternoon?"
"We're having a movie day." Brendon said, looking to Katelyn so she could explain the rest.
"Christina kicked me out because I've been spending too much time with Brendon." She watched Spencer's smile falter.
"What the hell is wrong with that bitch?" The 6 foot tall man walked into the apartment, closing the door behind him.
"I don't know, Spence..."
When the food came, Brendon went to the door and Katelyn quickly told Spencer about how Christina resented Brendon and seemed to think that she was making a huge mistake by sleeping with him. Spencer stared at the girl and shook his head, saying that he knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. Christina hated the fact that Katelyn wasn't over him because she was all for 'girl power'. The girl told him to shut up, shoving him playfully as Brendon finished the transaction and declared that they had Chinese food. Katelyn invited Spencer to eat with them, saying that they had ordered a mountain of food, judging my the multiple bags Brendon had set on the kitchen counter.
"Cool, because I definitely forgot why I came over in the first place…" Spencer let out a laugh, sitting at the island and drumming on the counter.
"Oh, we were supposed to go look at surf boards, weren't we?"
Katelyn looked back and forth between the two as she snapped apart her wooden chop sticks, saying that she didn't know they surfed.
"Yeah, we picked it up a while ago once we moved out to California!" Brendon smiled, rambled on about how they had taken lessons all while Katelyn shot Spencer a look asking why he never told her about his new hobby.

"I can't believe you surf, Spence!" Katelyn watched him looking at a lime green surf board in one of the many local shops while Brendon was on the other side of the store.
"Yeah well I have to have something to do when I'm home! You should come to a lesson with us." He nudged the girl, sending her a wink and saying he'd love to see her in a super tight rash guard and bikini bottoms.
"Spencer James Smith!" She smacked his arm, her cheeks flushed bright red.
"What? You know you're fine, don't even deny it. I'm glad I have a hot best friend." He leaned down so he was closer to her height and kissed her cheek before letting out a laugh.
"Just be glad Brendon didn't hear you say that..."
"Glad I didn't hear Spencer say what?" Brendon appeared out of nowhere, making the girl jump.
"Nothing, Bren. Spence is just being his ridiculous self." Katelyn tried to play it off but Brendon wasn't having it. As soon as Spencer had wandered off to look at another surfboard, he turned in to the Spanish Inquisition.
"Come on, what was he saying?" Brendon had cornered the girl against a rack of boards and she had no way out of it unless she told him.
"It's no big deal. You'll just blow it out of proportion if I tell you."
"He was telling you that you're hot, wasn't he? He's been doing that lately." Katelyn noticed Brendon's neck starting to turn red and his eyes had a glint of danger in them.
"He was teasing me about going to a surf session with you guys and wearing a rash guard. Please, calm down." She put a hand on his shoulder, reaching up and playing with his hair.
"Spencer shouldn't-"
"He's my best friend, he can joke about that stuff if he wants."
"What does that make me then? We used to be best friends!"
Katelyn could tell that this conversation was going downhill and fast, so she grabbed Brendon's hand and led him outside of the store and in to the bright, sunny afternoon. He was going to throw a tantrum soon and she didn't want to deal with it.
"You need to stop this right now. You and I were together. We were best friends and lovers, but I'm not really sure what we are now."
Brendon looked at the girl, trying to calm his jealousy down as best he could. He couldn't help it though, Spencer was now Katelyn's go-to friend when anything important happened in her life. He wanted to be that person again, but it was proving to be difficult when Spencer wasn't laying off like he had asked while they were on tour. Spencer had said, "No way, man. I'm not just gonna quit being there for Katie because you ask me", which annoyed Brendon greatly.
"Jealousy is not an attractive look for you, Brendon. I'm not interested in Spencer like that and he's not interested in me."
"Does that mean you're still interested in me then?" He looked at her nervously through his thick, black framed glasses, shoving his hands in his pockets.
"What do you think? I'm here, aren't I?" She quickly pressed her lips against his before Spencer came out of the store and picked the girl up, throwing her over his shoulder.
"What do you think you're doing?" Katelyn laughed, trying to make Spencer stop walking, but he only continued down the street as Brendon followed close behind.
"We're going to another surf store!" Spencer tickled her side, and Katelyn told him in French that Brendon was being jealous and that he needed to put her down. Spencer replied that his band mate needed to quit being such a sourpuss and lighten up.
Katelyn reached down and pulled on Spencer's boxers, giving him a massive wedgie so he would put her down.
"What the hell?! Katie, that hurt like a bitch!" Spencer tried to adjust his shorts without being too obvious, making the girl giggle as she wrapped an arm around Brendon's waist.
"You deserved that one, dude." Brendon faked a smile, thinking Katelyn wouldn't notice, but she definitely saw it and decided not to bring it up until they were alone.
"So Katie, when are you going back to Irvine? I know your dictator of a roommate kicked you to the curb, but you've gotta work don'tcha?"
She laughed, wondering where half of Spencer's vernacular came from.
"I have no idea, dude. I work in like twelve days and if Christina Stalin changes the locks on me, I'm outta luck, brah." Katelyn used a SoCal accent, trying to sound like a surfer as much as she could.
"You could just stay with me and commute!" The girl felt Brendon stiffen beside her at Spencer's offer and she instinctively grabbed his hand, squeezing it gently and flashing him a smile.
"That's super cool of you, Spence. I'm gonna have to pass though." She used her French to tell him that the boy beside her was being a green eyed monster and Spencer turned around, walking backwards as he faced them.
"You could always stay with me, if you wanted to…" Brendon quietly told the girl once Spencer had turned back around and led the way to another store.
"I'll have to see what happens back in Irvine. Thanks for the offer… I'll keep it in mind."
Before they went into the next store, Katelyn pulled Brendon to a stop, making sure he was paying attention to what she was going to say.
"This needs to stop. You can't keep acting like this. If you're gonna continue acting all jealous every time Spencer is in the same vicinity as I am, we're not going to work out."
"I can't help it. You seem different when you're with Spencer than when you're around me."
"That's because I've been in touch with him constantly over the last two years, Bren. I haven't seen you in so long. I'm sorry, but I think I'm more comfortable with him in some situations than I am with you. Just because we had sex, when we were drunk mind you, doesn't mean that things are all fine and dandy."
"What do you mean?" Brendon's eyes seemed to hold that dangerous glint as he watched the nervous Katelyn.
"We need more time to work on things. Trust me when I say this, Brendon, I want to try and get back together. You can't keep being all jealous whenever Spencer and I hang out or talk. It's only going to slow us down."
"So there's definitely going to be an us again, right?"
Katelyn merely stared at Brendon, not sure how she had dealt with him at all in high school. She knew that he had to have everything physics related explained plainly to him, but she figured he had grown up at least a bit since then. The girl shook her head, not saying another word as she walked into the surfboard store with Brendon hot on her trail.
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I am so excited and nervous for the show tomorrow. Brendon tweeted and they've been in Tempe for a few hours now. I'm so stoked.

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