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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

If in Exchange for Your Time

"Kate, she seriously doesn't want you coming back right now. Christina is on the warpath. She's trying to get us to vote you off the island."
Katelyn was on the phone with Jess two days later, trying to figure out if she could come back yet. She and Brendon had been spending a lot of time together and she knew he was trying to ask her out on a date. Brendon was currently hanging out with Ryan, giving the girl some time to herself and talk to her roommate.
"I don't get it. She's got it out for me or something." Katelyn let out a sigh, walking out onto Brendon's balcony and watching the cars go by.
"Maybe she's mad that you're not taking her advice. We both know how hard headed she is."
"Yeah, well I don't care what she has to say. I love Brendon, whether she thinks he's good for me or not. He's one of the few people in my life that I can't see myself living without."
Katelyn continued her conversation with Jess, only to find out that Christina didn't want Katelyn back until she was 'ready to have a civilized conversation'. She couldn't believe that Christina was being this vindictive, but then again, that girl was a brat if she didn't get her way. Katelyn had seen this first hand on many occasions and it was never pretty.
"Well, thanks for the info I guess. Let me know when the overlord wants to speak to me and I'll come down to the Irv."

Brendon and Ryan sat in Ryan's living room, catching up on the past few days' events.
"Spencer says you're being a total bitch about him and Kate being friends. What the hell is wrong with you?" As eloquent as Ryan usually was with his words, it was time for him to be blunt.
"I just think they're close. It kinda gets to me seeing them acting like how Kate and I used to be around each other."
"You're gonna push her away before you guys are even back together..." Ryan told Brendon about how stupid he was being with the whole Kate and Spencer thing. Ryan had called Brendon jealous and immature, while Brendon just huffed and puffed like a child.
"Have you seen them together though?! It's ridiculous. All they do is giggle and speak fucking French."
"They've always done that, man. You're seeing things that aren't there."
Brendon let out an annoyed groan, taking a swig of the beer he had been nursing over the past half hour.
"Are you sneaking around on her now? Is this Audrey all over again? Last time you were uber paranoid about Spencer and Katelyn, it was you being the skeeze."
Brendon gaped at his friend, amazed that he would bring that up after all this time had passed. They were never going to let him forget what he had done, no matter what.
"No, no, no, Ryan. I learned my lesson the first time."
"Well, then I don't get why you're being so weird. It's Spencer for Christ's sake! He's with Haley!" Ryan tried to put Brendon's mind at ease, which was proving to be a lot harder than he thought it would have been.
"That's true... I guess I think it's too good to be true that it's going so well with Kate. I'm looking for reasons to back out." Brendon ran his hands through his shaggy hair, tugging at the roots and sighing.
"You'd be an idiot to not pursue something with her. It's obvious that you're still just as crazy about each other now than when you were before. Just take her to dinner tonight and spill your guts." Ryan was giving the best advice he could, but he didn't have many problems when it came to his own relationship with his girlfriend, Keltie.
"Yeah... I think I can do that."

Brendon returned home a few hours after hanging out with Ryan to find Katelyn standing out on the balcony, on the phone, waving her hands angrily as she spoke. He couldn't hear what she was saying because the sliding door was closed, but he figured that it wasn't good. While he waited for her to finish her call, Brendon made a reservation with a restaurant nearby for that evening.
"Hey Bren, when did you get back?" Katelyn's voice floated into the kitchen while he was digging through the fridge for a Capri Sun.
"Oh, not too long ago. Who were you on the phone with?" He tried to be nonchalant as he leaned against his kitchen counter.
"Christina. She's trying to get Elaine and Jess to vote me out as a roommate. It's only a matter of time before Elaine caves, but Jess won't, or at least I hope she won't." Katelyn shrugged, catching the drink pouch that the boy tossed to her.
"She's seriously crazy. You should just move out on your own terms."
"Yeah? Where would I live? I can't afford a place by myself."
"Jon's been looking to move out here... You two could get a place or something!" Brendon knew better than to offer up his apartment so eagerly; he didn't want to seem clingy.
"I'd have to commute an hour every day I have classes..."
Brendon argued that she was going to be a senior, so her schedule must have been pretty lax. Katelyn nodded, then said she would have to commute to work, too, if she moved soon.
"Practically everyone in California commutes, Kate. I'll see if Jon would be up for it next time I talk to him."
Katelyn thanked him with a smile, throwing her pouch away after she finished it and going to leave the kitchen, but Brendon caught her fingers with his and pulled her to a halt.
"Hey, let's go out to dinner tonight." Brendon tried to use a confident voice despite his unusual jitters and smiled when she nodded.
"Okay. I can do that. No shots at the bar though!"

Brendon had told the girl to wear a dress, so she happily obliged, glad she packed a flowy summer dress and sandals. Brendon was wearing a floral patterned dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of khaki pants, and he was siting in the living room when Katelyn finished getting ready.
"I like your hair... The braid is cool." Brendon nodded towards her braided bangs that she had pinned back as he got up so they could leave for dinner.
The restaurant was a little more upscale than she had expected, but it wasn't completely over the top. The pair ordered and talked, and Brendon was waiting to bring up what he and Ryan had talked about earlier.

"Hey Kate, I just want to apologize for being weird about you and Spencer. I don't even know why I was doing it." Brendon looked at the girl nervously as they sat, waiting for their entrees.
"It's okay. You were being over dramatic, but you don't have to be."
"And I know that. I promise it isn't going to happen again."
Katelyn shot him a smile, glad that he was done being a jealous maniac.
"Is that all you wanted to talk about? Usually guys don't take girls to dinner just to apologize..."
She had caught him, knowing that he had an ulterior motive.
"You got me, there is something else I want to discuss with you." Brendon took a swig of his beer as he watched Katelyn eyeing her glass of wine, unsure of whether or not she was going to need more for this conversation.

"I just wanted to know where we stand, relationship wise."
"Ohh." She knew this talk was coming, but she didn't think it would be so soon.
"We've been talking since April and it's almost July. I want to know if we're going to start dating."
"Well, do you want to?"
"Obviously. What about you?" Brendon stared at her, wondering if she had been listening to him at all. He watched the girl play with the ends of her hair nervously, because she couldn't touch her braided bangs without messing them up. Katelyn glanced up to meet his dark brown eyes and she saw that he was patiently awaiting her answer.
"I-uh. Yeah, I do. I don't care how stupid everyone says I am for it, but I want to."
"Good. So, wanna be my girlfriend?"
"Brendon, did you not just hear me?!" Katelyn sent him an annoyed look that made him smile.
"I just want to make it official! Don't give me such a hard time."
"I'm not trying to! Are you going to try and bicker with me?" She looked bothered as Brendon's grin widened.
"Nope, I'm just trying to get a rise out of you!" He let out a laugh when she rolled her eyes, then he asked if he wanted to go on a little trip with him.

"Where would said trip be to, Mister Urie?" They had finished dinner and were walking back to Brendon's apartment, continuing their conversation from the restaurant.
"Vegas. I've been wanting to see my parents for a while and I thought you'd like to come and see your mom. Lord knows how Helen Tieger loves her daughter more than anything!" Brendon sent the girl a smile, taking her hand with his and lacing their fingers together.
"Yeah. She's getting antsy because she hasn't seen me in a few months. I bet she would love to see you, too!"
Brendon looked hesitant and panic stricken for a moment, saying that Helen would probably strangle him for what he had done to her daughter. Katelyn didn't know about how Brendon had shown up on Helen's door step as soon as he returned to Summerlin after their breakup, begging for the woman to hear him out and help him get in contact with Katelyn so he could get her to listen to him. It would have been easier to talk to her if she would answer his calls.
"How do you know unless you try? I'll go if you promise to come see her with me."

The next morning Brendon and Katelyn were in a cab on their way to LAX when the girl got a call.
"Hello?" Katelyn sounded irate to Brendon, so he merely assumed that it was Christina. The girl had texted her roommates saying she was going on a short, last minute trip, so Christina must have just gotten it.
"If you get on that plane with Brendon, you better come get your shit when you get back. Please, Katelyn, don't be an idiot." Katelyn looked at Brendon as he was staring out the window and smiled to herself. This is where she was supposed to be.
"I'll come by on Wednesday to get my things." Before Christina could object, Katelyn said goodbye and hung up the phone before setting her hand on Brendon's forearm to grab his attention.
"What was that about?" His voice was quiet, but the concern was all in his eyes.
"I'm going to be homeless in three days." As soon as she said that, Brendon became infuriated, not at her, but at Christina. Biting his tongue, he took the girl's hand and squeezed it gently, letting her know that he was there for her.
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All I can say is that the Panic! show was quite possibly one of the best concerts I've ever been to.
I briefly talked with Dallon, then met Brendon and we had a great discussion about a bunch of things. I took a picture with his adorably scruffy self, but I don't know if I want to post it on here?
Spencer kinda dicked us out though. We were standing and waiting for him, but he got in a car and drove off without so much as a word. That's okay though, because I saw Brendon shirtless as Spencer was leaving.
Sorry. I'm just still really excited about what happened, and this isn't even all of it or in good detail. haha.

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