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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

I give you this smile?"

Pulling up to Katelyn's childhood home, Brendon was extremely nervous. They had already seen his parents as well as a few of his siblings that had been there and things had gone surprisingly well. Katelyn was stoked to see her mother, but Brendon was hesitant. When they got out of the car, Katelyn laced her fingers with his as they walked to the door.
"Do we have to do this?" Brendon pushed his thick framed glasses up the bridge of his nose with his free hand. Like an idiot, he had forgotten to bring his contact solution and he couldn't bear the thought of merely rinsing them off in the sink.
"Yes, Bren, we do." She quickly pressed her lips to his, making him smile as she rang the doorbell.
When the door opened, Helen had a bright smile on her face until she saw Brendon.
"Katelyn what is he doing here?" She glanced between her daughter and the boy-turned-man beside her.
"Um, mom, Brendon and I are back together."
Helen sighed, telling them to come inside and once they were in the living room, she told them both to sit down.
"I understand that you two are adults and can make your own decisions, but are you sure this is for the best? Brendon hurt you, did he not?" Helen recalled when Katelyn had called her crying the day after the breakup, then when he came to the house trying to get her to convince Katelyn to talk to him.
"Mom, please stop. I'm sick of people telling me that I'm wrong about this. I love Brendon and he loves me, so what else matters? The past is over and done with." Katelyn looked up at her mother defiantly, seeing if she would challenge her or back down.
"Fine. If you pull any more shit like that, Brendon Urie, your body will be out in the middle of the desert and nobody will miss you." Helen's treat seemed menacing until Katelyn mentioned that he was famous.
"Well, they won't find you then. You hear me young man?"
"Yes, ma'am. Loud and clear." Brendon gazed at the ground, avoiding Helen's glare at all cost.
"Good. Would you two like to join me for lunch then?"

"See, that wasn't so bad was it?" Katelyn asked as they walked up the stairs to her room while Helen got ready for work after their lunch.
"She wants to murder me, Kay." Brendon sat on her bed and all of his memories of their time there came flooding back.
"Yeah, but she won't. I won't let her." The girl smiled, laying on the bed and yawning, saying that she needed to take a nap.
"You can't sleep now! Your mom's gonna be gone soon!" Brendon smirked deviously, reminding the girl of when they were in high school and would fool around whenever Helen went to work.
"So?" Katelyn watched Brendon gape, then smile as he crawled over to straddle her on the bed and stare her straight on, a longing look in his eyes. He leaned in and kissed her heatedly, letting his hands wander just like hers were doing.
"There will be no tomfoolery from either of you in this house!" Helen's annoyed voice interrupted the couple, making them turn bright red as Brendon moved away from the girl and apologized to her mother.
"You're just sorry because you got caught. You guys are free to go whenever, just make sure to lock the door beforehand." Helen eyed the pair suspiciously before telling them goodbye and to behave themselves.

"Your mom is on crack. She had no problem with us messing around in high school." Brendon laughed, adjusting his position so he was propped up against the headboard.
"Yeah, she's been weird since I moved out to California year-round. Speaking of that. I can't freaking wait to be homeless!" Katelyn's cheerful grin startled Brendon slightly due to her sarcastic tone, but he didn't really expect anything less from the girl. That's just how she was.
"Let me call Jon and see if he would want to get a place with you in Irvine. I mean, I would offer my place up, but the commute might get a little annoying for you." Brendon was starting to make his move towards his ultimate goal; getting the girl to move in with him. He knew he would have to be smart about it if he wanted to achieve his goal.
"Bren, I don't know if Jon would want to live with me. We barely even know each other!" Katelyn was laying on her side, glancing up at Brendon before looking at the nail polish chipping off on her fingernails.
"Well you know I don't live with anyone and I would love to have a roomie with benefits." Brendon winked at her, watching her cheeks flush as she asked if that's what they were.
"Of course not, silly. We're dating, but I'd love to be able to say that I have to go home and ravish my roommate." Brendon's over-sexualized comments were making Katelyn blush furiously, which only made the boy smile brightly.
"I dunno how I feel about being ravished by my roommate, to be honest."
"What if your roommate was me?"
Katelyn shot him a playful smile, saying that she could deal with that.
"So you're gonna move in with me when we get back?"
She thought about it for a second, trying to sort through the pros and cons, only to find more pros than cons. Brendon could see the battle going on in her eyes so he told her not to feel pressured.
"You're not pressuring me at all, Bren. I'd love to move in when we head home." It was weird calling California home when they had grown up in Nevada, but things change.
Brendon kissed the top of her head, asking if she wanted to go for a swim, and the girl nodded eagerly.

"You know, for someone who lives in California, you're awfully pale." Katelyn laughed when she saw Brendon's extremely white body in the pair of his swim trunks she had found in the laundry room. He had left them at her house so long ago that she was surprised they even fit, then again, he was quite slender.
"I spend most of my time in studios and on tour buses. I can't spend my days on the beach tanning like you must be doing!" Brendon looked the girl up and down, noticing how her bikini hugged all the right places and making her blush.
"Come on. Let's go see if the pool is cooling off. Mom said it was like swimming in a bath tub earlier."
The sun had started to go down, so the hot air from the Las Vegas afternoon was beginning to rise, but the pool was surprisingly refreshing.
"Bren, quit being a wuss! Just jump in!" Katelyn had jumped into the deep pool moments earlier and she was now floating around, waiting for him to join her. Brendon was standing at the steps and after he dipped his toe in, he whined that it was cold.
"Don't come in then. You're missing out on some prime make out time."
Before she knew it, Brendon ran and cannon balled into the pool, making waves as he swam over to her.
"Now, about that making out…"
Katelyn let out a laugh as he pulled her close to him in the shallow end, giving her a sweet kiss to see how she would react. When she began to kiss him back, Brendon decided to take things a bit further.
"I thought we were supposed to be swimming." The girl wrapped her arms around his neck, staring at him with a smile on her lips, remembering how they had done this a few times before, mostly during the weeks before and after graduation.
"Yeah well I've got other plans." Brendon wiggled his eye brows and winked, leading her out of the pool to grab some towels and head inside.
"My mom said no fooling around…" Katelyn glanced at him nervously as he tugged her by the hand up the stairs to her bedroom
"What she won't know won't hurt her!"
"She always knows, Brendon! My mother isn't an idiot."
Brendon stopped when they got to the top of the stairs, running his fingers through her damp hair and dragging them over her bare shoulders, saying that they'd have to cover their tracks then.

Needless to say, Helen Tieger knew what happened in her house that night before she even left for work that afternoon. They were kids and they were obviously in love, so it was bound to happen.
"Those two better have been careful. I should have put more than the fear of God in that boy when I had the chance." Helen was mumbling to herself about how Brendon 'raised Mormon', supposedly, as she walked into her house around one in the morning. She also wasn't surprised when she found them both asleep in Katelyn's bed in pajamas. The pair most likely hadn't booked a hotel in hopes of being able to stay at Helen's, and who was she to say no to the sleeping couple? It was difficult to kick them out when they were practically dead to the world. Not like she would have, anyways. Helen let out a sigh as she saw the smile on her daughter's face while she slept. This was the happiest Katelyn had been in a long time, and Helen knew it. She just wished that it wasn't because of the boy that had hurt her in the first place. All Helen could do was be glad that her child was back to being herself and be thankful that she wasn't doing drugs or anything like that.
When Helen went to her bedroom to get ready for bed, Katelyn followed close behind.
"I thought you were sleeping…"
"The garage door woke me up. Sorry we didn't ask if we could stay the night." Katelyn sat on her mother's bed and Helen said that they were more than welcome to stay.
"I take it Brendon's out like a light?"
"He's always like that, mom." The girl let out a light laugh, trying to figure out if she should tell her mom that they had disobeyed her rules. As if reading her mind, Helen decided to bring it up.
"You two had a little fun earlier, huh? Don't ask me how I know… A mother always knows."
Katelyn let out a small sigh, running her hands through her hair as she apologized.
"As long as you guys are being safe, that's all I care about in the end."
"Mom!" Katelyn's cheeks turned bright red, promising that they were.
"Good. Another thing to keep in mind though, while you're in my house, keep it to your room."
The girl lowered her eyes, avoiding her mother's gaze.
"You didn't!" Helen gaped, her mind immediately trying to figure out what she would need to bleach.
"Just in my room and the shower… Oh, and the upstairs hallway. I'm really sorry. We were a little over the top." Katelyn and her mom had always been close enough that the girl felt more comfortable than most kids her age when talking about her sex life.
"I know what I'll be doing on my next day off, then. Time to pull out the Clorox and my rubber gloves."
Katelyn rolled her eyes at her mother before giving her a hug and saying goodnight. The girl returned to her room and smiled when she saw that Brendon was still sleeping peacefully.
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