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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

So She Said, "That's Okay

When the pair returned to California, Brendon asked if Katelyn wanted him to help her move out of her apartment in Irvine. As much as she would have loved the extra pair of hands, she decided against it, saying that it would only cause more problems if he was there. Brendon felt guilty because he was the reason for their fighting, but she told him not to worry about it.
"It's been a long time coming, Bren, really. She's been looking for any excuse to get rid of me. I don't want you to get caught in the crossfire. Christina is a lacrosse player; she has no problem getting violent."
"Fine, fine. I just thought you'd like the help. Not to mention I'd be able to beat her off if she tried anything with you!" Katelyn smiled at his offer, thanking him with a kiss before starting her drive to her apartment.
As soon as she was gone, Brendon set to work cleaning up around the place, making room in his closet and dresser, and reorganizing his bathroom. When he finally deemed his apartment ready for her arrival, Brendon quickly went to the closest hardware store to get a copy of his key made, with a floral print on it just for her.

Katelyn pulled into her usual space outside of the place that had been her home for the past two years, sighing slightly as she thought about what was ahead. It didn't seem like Christina was there; she didn't see the girl's car. Walking in, Katelyn noticed that her things had been left untouched, but there was a large pile of boxes, packing tape, and a thick Sharpie on her bed. Katelyn shook her head as she stood in the room with Jess, staring at her stuff. Christina and Elaine had gone out for some reason or another, and neither knew when they were going to be back.
"I'm really sorry that it came to this, Jess…" Katelyn shook her head sadly, taking a box and beginning to put it together so she could get packing.
"I am too. If it was up to me, Christina would be the one moving out."
The girls turned on some music from Jess's computer and they packed all of Katelyn's belongings in the boxes and anything else they could find. She never realized how hard it would be to move out of this place, but the girl knew that she had to do it.
"So, should I just leave all of the flatware and stuff here? I mean, I helped buy a lot of the stuff around the apartment and I don't know what you three had in mind when I was coming to get everything…" Katelyn had packed everything she owned in her car and Jess's, who had happily offered to drive up with the remnants of what she couldn't fit.
"Uh. I really don't know either, Kate…" They stood outside of their cars as Christina and Elaine pulled up in the familiar silver Hyundai.
"Were you about to leave without saying bye?" Elaine looked at Katelyn like a kicked puppy and the girl quickly lied, saying that she wouldn't dream of it.
"Jess and I were just talking about what we were gonna do with the stuff I bought for the apartment… I doubt that Brendon needs plates or chairs or a coffee table from IKEA." Katelyn shrugged and said that she could just leave the stuff here and 'will' it to Jess in case she ever needed anything.
"Hold on a second. Could we just take a minute and back up. You're moving in with him now? What the fuck."
Katelyn stared at Christina like she was an idiot. This girl was seriously so dense that it was amazing they had even become friends in the first place.
"What do you mean? Where do you think I was going to go on such short notice? I can't go back to Summerlin and I sure as hell can't afford a place on my own. Brendon asked me to move in and I said yes." Katelyn left out the fact that Spencer had offered up his place, and that she and Jon had discussed living together, but decided against it because neither of them felt like apartment hunting, before coming to the conclusion that she would live with Brendon.
Christina seemed at a loss for words. She was having an internal battle, trying to be supportive, yet trying to help her friend see the light with this guy.
"I wish you all the best, Kate. Hopefully this won't affect our friendship." Christina visibly bit the inside of her cheek, and Elaine wished her the best as well, giving the girl a warm hug.
"Thanks. I really wanted things to go differently, but that's okay… I guess I'll catch you guys later." Katelyn shrugged before motioning to Jess that they were leaving.

Once Jess had said her tearful goodbye after taking everything from the cars to Brendon's apartment, she made Katelyn promise that they would still hang out and that they would still be friends. In turn, Katelyn said that she wouldn't dream of anything else, and feeling satisfied, Jess finally left around ten that night.
"Finally! Now I can start unpacking!" Katelyn smiled at Brendon, who was surprised that she was taking everything in stride, as she walked towards the guest room with her backpack.
"Woah there! Where do you think you're going?" Brendon quickly dashed in front of the girl, steering her away from the room.
"I'm going to my roo- ohh." She nodded in acknowledgment, understanding where he was going with this.
"I cleared out a bunch of space for your stuff in my room…" He seemed sheepish, almost nervous of having his sweet gesture unappreciated or rejected.
"You're too sweet... Your bed is way more comfortable." Katelyn swiftly brushed her lips against his before leading the way to his room so they could begin to unpack.
"How is it possible that you have less stuff now than when you started college?! Don't get me wrong, it's a good amount of stuff, but nowhere near what you originally brought to UC Irvine." Brendon was amazed that they had finished before midnight and he made it quite vocal to the girl.
"I dunno, actually! I guess I'm used to living in a small space with other people, so I figured out after freshman year that I don't really need everything I've ever owned." She shrugged like it was no big deal, but Brendon said that he envied her.
"Whenever I leave for a tour, I always over pack. It's kind of unavoidable now."
"Yeah, well, now that I'm here I can help you decide what you really need for the next time you tour!"
Brendon smiled gratefully, letting himself fall back onto his bed and he began to rub his eyes tiredly, yawning loudly.
"You tired, Brenny?" Katelyn laughed at the nickname she rarely used for him.
"I'm exhaushted." He was halfway through another yawn when he replied.
"Let's go to bed then."

Over the next few days Katelyn discovered just how easy it was living with Brendon and how much she enjoyed their new arrangement. They had always had similar sleep schedules as night owls, and they were both easy going about a lot of things. The pair cooked together and took turns doing the dishes, unless they decided to have a little fun and did them together. It was calming for Katelyn to be in a living situation that wasn't stressful or dramatic. It was her and Brendon, enjoying themselves and their time with each other.
Tomorrow Katelyn had to go in to work at the theme park and Brendon didn't want her to leave him alone at home all by himself. He wasn't really busy for the time being; the guys wanted to take a break for a bit before going in to the studio to start working on new music, so they were all taking it easy.

"Bren, I gotta go!" Katelyn tried to wriggle out of his grasp so she could leave. There was going to be so much traffic that if she didn't leave soon she was going to be late.
"Stay here with me! You don't need to go in to work four days a week from open to close! You don't need to work at all."
Katelyn looked at him in surprise and he quickly let go of the girl, knowing that he had done something wrong.
"You know we talked about this. I get that you have more money than you know what to do with now, but there's something about making your own money. I don't want to have to rely on anyone for anything, even you."
Brendon nodded, knowing that she was right. He loved being independent and didn't want to force Katelyn to give up hers.
"Alright. Go have fun making people smile at the happiest place on Earth. Who knows, maybe one of these days I'll come visit you." He sent her a wink before giving her a quick kiss and letting her walk out the door.

Spencer and Ryan came over a few days later while Katelyn was at work, Ryan not knowing that she had moved in, and they immediately noticed subtle differences around their friend's apartment. As they all sat around in the living room, the two saw a pair of American Eagle flip flops near the front door beside Brendon's sandals, and there was the light scent of vanilla throughout the entire place. There was something different about Brendon too. He seemed brighter and more blithe about everything.
"Dude. Something's up. Did you get a roommate?" Ryan called to his friend in the living room while he glanced around, spying the extra food and drinks in the refrigerator as he grabbed a bottle of water. When Ryan returned to sit on the chair he had been perched on, Spencer looked to Brendon as well, his eyes wide. Katelyn had consulted him about it before she even accepted the offer.
"You didn't tell him?"
"Tell me what?" Ryan looked from Spencer to Brendon, a look of nothing but confusion all over his face.
"Oh. Katelyn moved in a couple of days ago." Brendon sang with an airy tone to his voice, smiling widely.
"She moved in here?! What the hell is that about?" Ryan had always tried to Brendon's conscience, but sometimes he didn't always get through that thick skull of his.
"Yeah, it's not that big of a deal. It isn't like we decided to kick things up a notch and move in together. One of her roommates was a complete and utter bitch and gave her an ultimatum when she found out we were going to Summerlin for a few days. It was, 'Don't go with Brendon or live somewhere else'. She obviously chose somewhere else, as you can see."
Ryan understood once Brendon had explained, but he wished that he had told him earlier, especially when he found out that Katelyn and Jon had talked about living together.
"So you guys all knew about it except for me?"
"Ryan, don't freak out. It's not that big of a deal." Brendon quickly tried to calm his friend, but he couldn't help but think that he was starting to sound just like Christina.
"He's right, Ry. You didn't need to be involved in it, so we didn't drag you into it." Spencer cut in, attempting to make peace.
"Then why were you notified of this?" Ryan glanced dangerously at Spencer, making him straighten up his posture as much as the couch would allow.
"Katelyn wanted my opinion. She's one of my best friends…"
"Whatever, you guys. I gotta go."
Ryan left despite the protests of his best friends and band mates, and once he was gone, Spencer asked if Brendon would give him a lift home because Ryan had been his ride.
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