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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

All Was Golden

The doorbell rang at 4:55, and Katelyn let out a little yelp of excitement as she jumped off the couch.
"Relax or else you'll hurt yourself," her mom laughed from the kitchen table.
"Thanks mom," Katelyn rolled her eyes, opening the door.

"Oh.. What're you doing here?"
"Kate, we wanted to say we were wrong... and we didn't mean what we said earlier," Sarah answered, as Ty nodded. Natasha just stood there impatiently, until Ty nudged her.
"Uh. Yeah."
"Well, I don't think you three mean what you're saying now," Katelyn replied, her eyes widening as Brendon's car pulled in and he got out, walking up to the door.
"Umm.. Hi," he waved awkwardly.
"Hey Bren, come on in. You three.. You've said what you needed to say, so leave," Katelyn glared.
"But- Kate!" Ty started.
"Oh don't 'but Kate' me! I know how girls like you three operate. Taking advantage of your 'friends' so you can manage a B-average and keep on going out and getting fucked up! I'm sick of being lied to, and I'm sick of being used!" Katelyn's voice steadily crescendoed until she yelled, slamming the door, turning around, and walking straight into Brendon's open arms.
"I'm proud of you, sweetheart," Katelyn heard her mom nearby as she continued to hold onto Brendon, who nodded.
"You sure told them off. Way to go!"
"Thanks," she mumbled, letting go of Bren.
"You still wanna go to practice?" he asked, and she grinned.
"Wouldn't miss it for the world. Let me get a bottle of water before we go. Want one?"
"No thanks." But he followed her into the kitchen anyways.
"Hi Mrs. Tieger," Brendon smiled brightly at her.
"Oh Brendon, call me Helen. No need to be formal here," her mother smiled back.

Katelyn got what she needed, and not long after leaving did they arrive at Spencer's.
"Honey, I'm hoomeeeee," Brendon called.
"Ooh, look who came with! Hey Katelyn," Spencer smiled, and she waved back with a little grin, then she greeted Ryan and Brent warmly, then sat on the couch as they began practice.
She immediately noticed the differences between the demo; it was like a whole other band was playing, but the four boys sounded so good. She was amazed that they had never played a live show. Then again, the music scene in Las Vegas was terrible.
They took a break after a while, and Brendon immediately asked her opinion.
"You guys are wicked awesome!" she beamed, "I like the sound."
Katelyn nodded, and Ryan came back into the room with drinks and snacks.
As they all sat in the livingroom watching TV, Katelyn decided to speak up.
"Hey guys... Feel free to let me know if you feel like I'm imposing.. I don't want to overstay my welcome."
"Dude, you're cool," Spencer told her from his spot on the floor.
"Yeah, we're glad you dropped those lame-ass phony friends," Ryan agreed, making the girl turn and glare at Brendon.
"You told them?" she asked gently, and Brendon noticed the look of hurt on her face.
"Not everything.. Just why you started hanging with us at lunch."
"Fantastic," she groaned.
"Relax, Katelyn. We're pretty trustworthy kids," Ryan smiled, and she felt a little more at ease.
"Thanks you guys.. I like you all too," she laughed.
"How touching!" Spencer joked, pretending to sniffle a little.

Around nine, Katelyn sighed, "I have to get home.. It's Monday, so I have tons of shows to watch with my mom.."
"I'll drive you home," Brendon offered.
"Well, I'd hope so! You're the one who brought me here!"
Once she said bye to Ryan, Brent and Spencer, Brendon and Katelyn were on their way to her house.
"I had a lot of fun.. Your band is really good. I won't be surprised when you get discovered."
"Thanks," Brendon grinned, "We're waiting to hear back fom a few labels, so hope that works out."
"Oh, it will," Katelyn told him as they pulled up to her house.
"Thanks for the ride. I'll see you bright and early," she said as she got out.
"Looking forward to it," Brendon groaned jokingly, "Bye."
He waited to make sure she got inside, then drove off.

"Hey mom! Prison Break time!" Katelyn could just smell the popcorn just coming from the microwave.
"And Hell's Kitchen," her mother called back.
Katelyn grabbed two orange Fantas, then planted herself on the couch, getting comfy under her fuzzy blanket.
Once Helen came out and got situated next to her daughter, Katelyn grabbed the controller and started their favourite shows.

The rest of the school week was very bizarre.
Katelyn was distancing herself from her old friends, and becoming closer and closer to her new onces.
Every time she saw Sarah, Ty or Natasha, they would shoot Katelyn dirty looks, and Brendon took notice.
"Don't let them get to you," he told Katelyn at lunch.
"I just don't want nasty rumors starting..." she murmured, picking apart her ham and cheese sandwich.
"They'd do that?" Spencer blurted, and Katelyn nodded.
"Those girls can be ruthless when they want to be."
Her phone vibrated, and so she answered, "Hey Mom.."
"Katelyn, sweetie. Peter needs me at the restaurant in Scottsdale for the next week and a half. Will you be able to find a friend or someone to stay home with you, or go to their house?"
"Yeah Mom.. I'm almost eighteen, but I'll find someone if you want."
"How about Brendon?" Katelyn turned bright red.
"That's an option. I'll text you once I find out. Tell everyone at work I say hi, and have fun in Scottsdale," Katelyn hung up, earning odd looks from the boys.
"My mom's going on business for a week and a half."
They nodded, then continued to eat lunch.

In English, Katelyn took the time to come up with a way to ask Brendon to stay with her.
"Hey Bren?"
"Yeah Kay?" he replied in the same inquisitive voice.
"My mom wants someone to stay at the house with me while she's gone.. Do you think you'd mind?"
He seemed surprised, "You trust me enough for that?"
"Well yeah, you're pretty much my best friend," she couldn't help but blush a little at this fact.
"Awh, sure. I'll stay with you if my parents say it's cool."
"So where's your mom going?"
"She manages a restaurant and the one in Scottsdale needs some help, so her boss wants her to go out there.. She seems to do it a lot."
"That's a bummer."
"No! She gets to go to cool places, and I go too if it's during the summer," her enthusiasm made Brendon smile. He knew that Katelyn loved to travel, hell, he would too if he could.

School finally ended, and Brendon sauntered over to Katelyn at her locker.
"Hey, hey, hey."
"Hi Bren." Katelyn managed a small smile even though it was evident that she was upset.
"What's wrong?" Brendon asked, setting his hand at the small of her back to try and be comforting.
Katelyn simply held up a small, folded piece of paper with her name on it in hot pink writing.
Brendon took it hesitantly, unfolding it to find more of the hot pink, girly handwriting.
We've tried being civil and apologizing, but you're being ridiculous, not to mention a total bitch.
We've been friends since middle school, why would you drop everything for that dork and his loser friends?!
You don't belong there. You need us, Kate.
Just think about it.
Who was there when you-know-what happened with your dad? Us.
Not Branden or whoever the hell he is.
Meet us at the hangout and we'll talk.
xoxo ~Ty, Tash & Sarah'

Brendon read through the note, then handed it back to her.
"That's lame, dude," he told her.
"I know," she nodded.
"So where's thing hangout place?"
"Where do you think?" Katelyn asked, a small snap to her tone.
"The mall?"
"Yeah. Pretty obvious, huh?"
"We should go and let those hos know what's up."
Katelyn laughed, shaking her head, "I'd rather not start my weekend dealing with them."
"They're not going to leave you alone unless you do something about it."
"You don't get it. They're not going to let me be.. ever. Regardless of what we say or do."
"How about we come for backup?"
"You just want to go to Zumiez and look at shoes, don't you?"
"Maybe," Brendon shot her a sly smile, "but really, no. I gotta be there when my new best friend needs me."

That night, Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, Brent and Katelyn were roaming the mall, stopping into random stores and being teenagers.
In the last store, Spencer and Katelyn began a shouting match in French, though the two were just using random vocab in angry, loud voices.
The employees of the Waldenbooks store were shocked, and had no idea what to do. Somebody approached Katelyn carefully.
"Excuse me?"
She stopped yelling, shooting a glare at Spence before turning to the girl.
"Excusez-moi?" Katelyn kept the act up.
"Do you speak English?" The employee enunciated slowly; Katelyn saw Brendon, Ryan and Brent holding in their laughter out of her peripheral.
"Quoi? Je parle pas l'anglais. Desolee, madamoiselle avec une grand moustache."
"Uhm, I'm sorry?"
"Mon petit ami est tres penible," Katelyn said simply, then turned back to Spencer and commenced her yelling.

The five teenagers walked into the food court, and Katelyn froze up.
"Brendon, they're here," she saw Ty pointing towards them from a table, "and they're coming this way."