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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

Or Leave Me

That's how Brendon felt whenever he was with Katelyn, no matter what they were doing. She had this affect on him that made him feel like he was on top of the world and it amazed and frightened him all at the same time. It was their last full day in Lake Tahoe before they had to leave the next afternoon, and Brendon truthfully didn't want to leave.
Waking up in the morning, he remembered that they had gone out to a bar the night before and drank a little bit more than they had anticipated on. Brendon noticed that Katelyn was awake, so he moved closer to the girl, planting a quick kiss on her soft lips. He recalled the previous night, when he kissed her and tasted the liquor she had been drinking. Brendon couldn't say that he wasn't fond of the sensation; he quite liked it, actually, but the only thing he enjoyed more was when she wore minty lip gloss.
"Are you ready to greet the day?" Katelyn asked as she stretched under the covers, holding her hand to her mouth as she yawned.
"Are you?" Brendon raised an eyebrow, making her laugh as he asked if she wanted to go and take advantage of that huge shower in the master bedroom once again.
"I'm pretty sure you already know the answer to that." Katelyn laughed, taking his hand and tugging him out of bed.

The pair had spent the last six days soaking up the sun and the nightlife that South Lake had to offer. Brendon loved frolicking in the brilliantly blue water, and he even got a little tan in the process. The thing that got Brendon the most though was how they operated at the house. They cooked together, did the dishes, played board games, and sat on the patio drinking wine like they had been doing it every summer for years. The two had practically avoided the majority of the outside world for most of their trip, and they couldn't have been happier.
Throughout the whole trip, Brendon had a tiny thought in the back of his mind, and as their getaway was coming to a close, his idea was taking full form. He had to wait until they returned home though before he would bring it up to Katelyn. Brendon wasn't sure how she would react to his suggestion and he wanted to get Spencer's opinion on the matter. Before leaving for the trip, Brendon and Spencer had spent every moment they could in the studio. They still had to go on Blink 182's summer tour, and they had been asked to contribute a song to the movie Jennifer's Body, so they wrote a song called 'New Perspective'.

"Bden, what's got you so wrapped up in your mind?" Katelyn was finishing up getting dressed by putting on her sandals, and Brendon was laying back on the bed, staring out the window at the lake.
"I'm just thinking about all of the stuff I have to do when we get back. Spencer and I have to hit the studio and finish up what we've been working on. We have to find replacements for Ry and Jon for this little Blink summer tour… I have a lot of shit on my plate."
Katelyn watched him rub his face with his hands, trying to relax so he could enjoy the day.
"You'll be fine. I know you can handle everything with the help of Spence. You guys are a great team."
Brendon sat up, nodding as he ran his fingers through his hair, messing it up and smoothing it back out. It was one of his habits, and since Katelyn loved his hair she didn't mind one bit.
Holding back a laugh at his hair that stuck up everywhere, the girl smiled as he got up and led her out of the room, down the stairs and out of the house so they could go to the beach.

When they got back to Santa Monica, Brendon threw himself into the studio. He was gone all day and stayed until all hours of the night, making Katelyn feel a little lonely by herself in the apartment. So to make use of her alone time, she went on a job hunt. Having minored in advertising, Katelyn was applying with any company looking for a translator or someone to work on foreign advertisements. She journeyed to Los Angeles, stopping into advertising firms and leaving her application and resume, hoping that she would be getting a call back within the next few weeks. The girl had already contacted UC Irvine's career services center, but with the job market the way it is, she wasn't expecting to hear from them for a while.
Brendon had been more than encouraging and he had even done some research online to find potential employers. Despite coming home exhausted from his hours of singing, playing guitar, and nearly pulling his hair out from frustration, Brendon would stay up to spend time with Katelyn and help her look for a job. They would go out to 24-hour diners just so they could have a meal together and talk about their days, then they would return home and go to bed, just to repeat the cycle the next day. On July sixth, a notice had been put up on Panic at the Disco's website, stating that Ryan and Jon had left, and then on the tenth, the boys reinstated the exclamation point in the name, once again making them Panic! At The Disco.

"Bren, listen to this.. It's fucking hilarious." Katelyn was sitting at the kitchen counter, staring at her Macbook Pro as Brendon chopped up fruit to make smoothies. To be honest, smoothies were the best at one o'clock in the morning.
"'First off, Nikola Tesla was brilliant. And not just like Ken Jennings brilliant, either - I mean like, "holy crap my head just exploded (from all the awesome)" brilliant. The Croatian-born engineer spoke eight languages, almost single-handedly developed technology that harnessed the power of electricity for household use, and invented things like electrical generators, FM radio, remote control, robots, spark plugs, fluorescent lights, and giant-ass machines that shoot enormous, brain-frying lightning bolts all over the place like crazy.' This guy is ridiculous." Katelyn continued to read about Nikola Tesla from this crazy website, making Brendon burst out with laughter.
"Wh- Where did you find this? What site?" He had to calm himself down after she had finished reading. Katelyn looked up to see his bright red cheeks and neck, and she told him that she found 'Badass of the Week' using StumbleUpon.
"There's Wolverine, Jason Voorhees, George Orwell, The Kraken, Theodore Roosevelt… This is absolutely fantastic."
"Hey, check your iTunes while you're on your computer." Brendon was loading the fruit into the blender and put the lid on, flipping the switch as Katelyn scrolled through her songs. She noticed a new song in the Panic! section, something titled, 'Oh Glory [Demo]'.
Once Brendon had finished with the blender, Katelyn clicked play and turned the volume up so she could hear it. As she listened, she could hear Brendon softly singing along and after the thirty second clip had faded out, he continued to sing the next verse before realizing that the music had cut out.
"Bren, this is awesome!"
"You like it?" He handed her a glass of strawberry banana smoothie, sitting at the counter beside her with his own glass.
"I love it! Did you write the lyrics?" Brendon nodded sheepishly, knowing that he was nowhere near the caliber of lyricist that Ryan was, but he tried his best. Katelyn seemed to know what he was thinking and told him that he was better than he gave himself credit for.
"You're the best, Kay." He leaned over and gave her a kiss, smiling against her lips as he tasted banana.

As they got settled into bed, Brendon thought it would be an ideal time to bring up something he had been thinking about for the last month or so. Since they didn't get to see each other very much lately, he didn't know when he was going to be able to talk to her about it.
"You know, I've been thinking lately…" Brendon, wearing only a pair of boxers, glanced over at Katelyn through his glasses and noticed her sit up and give him her full attention. He could tell that she wasn't sure what he was going to say, and there was a slight look of fear in her hazel eyes.
"Oh, about what?"
When he answered with the word 'us', the fear completely took over her eyes and Brendon immediately tried to quell her nerves.
"No, it's not what you have in mind. It's nothing bad. Well, I don't think it's bad?" Brendon began to stumble over his words, feeling more nervous than ever, so he stared down at his hands and tried to calm himself down. Katelyn got out from under the covers, sitting on her shins and facing Brendon, waiting for him to continue.
Brendon quickly thought back to his conversations with Spencer while they were in the studio. His friend had said that Katelyn would definitely be hesitant about what he had in mind, but Brendon didn't understand why she would be. Spencer was Kate's best friend, so he probably should have waited a bit longer to do this, like Spencer had said, but there was no time like the present.
He couldn't figure out how come his voice wasn't working at the moment. The words were on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't say anything. Brendon saw a worried look on Katelyn's face and he held up a finger, signaling for her to give him a minute as he retreated to the bathroom.
Leaning against the counter, Brendon ran his fingers through his hair before turning the faucet on and splashing his face a few times. What was going on with him? Why couldn't he do this? It shouldn't be that difficult to talk to Katelyn, but he was feeling like a nervous teenager again. All of his confidence had washed away and now all he could do was just go out there and be his impulsive self.

When he took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door, Katelyn was sitting cross-legged at the foot of the bed, waiting for Brendon to appear. She visibly sighed in relief when she saw him and then he finally said what he had on his mind. Standing in the frame of the bathroom door, Brendon took one look at the girl and his courage came flooding back to him.
"I think we should buy a house together."
"Oh, wow. A house? That's a big deal." Katelyn played with the hem of her shirt, which just so happened to be one of Brendon's.
"Yeah, but I think we're ready for it. When we were at the house in Tahoe, it felt right for some reason. I don't know how to explain it." Brendon was beginning to struggle to find words, but to his surprise, Katelyn said she knew what he meant.
"You do?" He was surprised when she nodded and so he walked over to the bed, getting back under the covers. Katelyn turned and moved towards him, sitting on his thighs.
"I think we should buy a house too."
Brendon was amazed that Katelyn was completely for this, but he could see gleam of hesitance in her eyes as she leaned forward and kissed his forehead, then his nose, and finally his lips.
"If you don't want to, I'm not gonna force you into it." Brendon ran his fingers up under her shirt and along her back, eliciting a little sound from her that he knew as a sign of pleasure, then she began to place lingering kisses on his chest and neck.
"You don't have to force me to do anything, Bren." Katelyn's eyes flashed up to meet his, and he immediately knew what she was talking about. With a smirk on his full lips, Brendon pulled off the girl's shirt in one fluid motion, tossing it to the ground and flipping her over, letting his desire for her take control.
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