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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

all alone in the summer."

July had been a very busy month for Brendon and Katelyn once they returned from their trip. Panic! At the Disco had put out a song called New Perspective towards the end of the month and they were playing a leg of Blink 182's tour for almost three weeks in August. Katelyn had continued her job search, knowing that as much as she loved working at Disneyland, she couldn't spend her life there. The companies she applied to hadn't called back, so she was left feeling extremely discouraged. Taking a break from the job hunt, she focused her attention on looking for a house. The pair didn't have a lot of time alone together for the moment, so they had only seen a few houses together and none of them really stood out.
Brendon had seen a some houses on his own; while Katelyn had gone to see a few places by herself and today she was taking Brendon to one she really liked.
It was a two-story house a few blocks from the beach, built not too long ago in an okay neighborhood. Katelyn loved that it had enough room for the both of them, a guest room, and a place for Brendon to turn into a practice space. This seemed to be everything they wanted and the best thing was that it was reasonably priced for its location.

"Well this is it." Katelyn pulled up and parked outside of the house, watching Brendon carefully to see his reaction. He seemed interested up until they got inside.
"Oh... It's nice." Brendon looked around the living room of this nondescript house, utterly shocked that she liked it in the first place. The entire house just didn't seem like either of their styles; it seemed outdated and drab to him. He ran his fingers through his hair, walking around and into the kitchen. Brendon loved to cook, and this was not a kitchen he saw himself making dinner with Katelyn in. The girl was busy telling him, in an enthusiastic voice nonetheless, all about the appliances and the rooms as they continued through the house. When Brendon saw the master bedroom, Katelyn saw a pained look wash over his face. It was clear as day that he couldn't stand being there, she could tell by his body language, his one-word answers, and the dull look in his eyes.
"You don't like it, do you?" She caught him hesitate for a second and told him to be honest.
Brendon shook his head, saying that he hated it. Katelyn took his hand and led him down the stairs, sitting at the table in the dining room.
She asked what he didn't like, and Brendon spouted off every reason that came to mind. When he saw Katelyn's discouraged face, he quickly apologized.
"You don't have to apologize for your opinions. I'm glad you said something. We need to find a house that we both love."

The pair sat at a table across from each other at Pita Jungle for lunch, not saying very much to each other as they looked over their menus. Brendon wasn't as into being a vegetarian as much as he used to be, which didn't surprise the girl one bit. He loved chicken wings and steak too much to give it up forever. Today, though, Katelyn decided to take him to his favorite place for hummus, as if to try and make up for the awful house experience.
"I think we need to come up with a list of things we both want in a house, then see a realtor." Katelyn played with her napkin after they had ordered. She wasn't a fan of a lot of vegan or vegetarian food, so she stuck to grilled cheese on a pita and some fruit, while Brendon had gone crazy with hummus and other foods that made the girl queasy.
"That sounds like a good idea. But we don't really have a lot of time for that now. We're leaving in a few days." Brendon had a point, they couldn't exactly get much done in the span of time they had before tour. He had invited Katelyn to come along for the eighteen-day trip, saying that she had nothing better to do. The girl had talked with her bosses at Disneyland, saying that she was going on an internship rather than with her boyfriend, and they allotted her the time off, which had surprised her greatly. Disney wasn't exactly known for their employee gratification.
"We can make our list on the tour bus, then… If the guys don't distract us too much." Katelyn sent Brendon a smile across the table, lightening the mood. She still felt bad for making him look at a house he hated.
This leg of the tour was supported by Panic!, Fall Out Boy, and a two person band called Chester French, so there would definitely be a lot going on. They had found two guys to replace Ryan and Jon for this little tour, Ian Crawford of the Cab, and Dallon Weekes of the Brobecks.
"I'm pretty sure we'll manage to get it done, somehow." Brendon's sarcastic tone drifted through the air and put Katelyn at ease, knowing that he wasn't offended. They were the King and Queen of sarcasm, and when they were with a group of people, things could get a little out of hand if they didn't keep their jokes in check. Katelyn remembered a time when they verbally abused Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship at an event in Los Angeles. He could take their assaults pretty well and actually dish it back when he was with either one of them, but the two were too much for Gabe to handle at once.

Friday, August thirteenth in Cincinnati, Ohio had started out as a totally normal day. There was nothing out of ordinary to Katelyn, or anyone else for that matter. The arrival to the venue, sound check, and meet and greets with the bands had gone fine, but as soon as the show had started and Chester French went on, things went downhill.
Katelyn was standing over by Panic's merch stand, chatting with Danny, their merch guy, about his ordeals with crazed teenage fans and their over zealous parents. She gazed up at the shirts, admiring them all and asking Danny if she could buy one.
"Kate, you don't have to buy a shirt, pick one you like and go for it! I'm surprised Bden doesn't have you dressed to the nines in their swag."
"I know, right? I could be a walking billboard!" The girl let out a laugh, pointing to a shirt that had an interesting design and the band's name on it. Danny handed her the shirt in a size small, and she thanked him, tucking a twenty dollar bill into his tip jar when he wasn't looking as she put the shirt in her small, yet Mary Poppins-like cross body purse.
Katelyn went over to the bar after that, asking the bartender for a water and handing him the appropriate amount of cash. She noticed that Chester French had finished, and Brendon and the guys were probably back stage getting pumped up while the roadies set their equipment up. The girl stood around, taking in the sights of everything around her and texting Spencer, saying that he needed to put his phone away, up until a group of girls approached her.
"Hi there." Katelyn smiled politely when she noticed they had been blatantly staring at her, then she took a sip from her water bottle.
"You're the Katelyn?" A petite, blonde girl scowled, giving her an obvious once over, along with her group of three other girls.
"Um, yeah. I'm Katelyn…" She felt them staring at her purse, an all access tour pass attached to the zipper pull so she could get backstage to Brendon and the guys when the show was over.
"She looks a hell of a lot different in person, doesn't she? I'm not really impressed." Another bleach blonde in the group said, shooting Katelyn a glare.
"Honestly, I don't even know what Brendon sees in her." The first girl spoke just loudly enough so Katelyn could hear it, and she immediately felt self conscious in her somewhat loose fitting racerback tank top, denim shorts, and black lace up Vans.
"She looks like a fucking hipster if you ask me." A third girl chimed in, nodding to Katelyn's tribal top and thin, braided leather headband. Of all the things Katelyn had been called in her lifetime, a hipster was never one of them, and she took offense, hating the way these girls were talking about her like she wasn't even there. It reminded her of high school all over again.
"Look, I don't know what you want from me. I'm just trying to enjoy the show and support my boyfriend." Katelyn was getting sick of this. She was swaying a little, shifting her weight from foot to foot, knowing that Panic!'s bodyguard, Zack, should have come with her; he had offered, after all.
"He's too good for you, you know that right? What makes you so special? You're just some girl from Las Vegas that he fucked in high school." When the fourth one opened her mouth, Katelyn was livid.
"None of you even know me! What gives you the right to say this crap and try and make me feel like shit about myself? Quit being petty groupies and leave me be." Katelyn could just feel that people were watching this play out; the area felt quiet and still despite the music pumping through the building, like the calm before the storm.
The next thing she knew, the first blonde threw her Jack and Coke all over Katelyn, mumbling a small, "Oopsie" before smirking and walking off with her friends, saying that she looked forward to seeing Brendon after the show.
Danny, who had seen the whole thing, quickly approached Katelyn and dragged her to the merch table.
"What the hell just happened?!" He handed her a roll of paper towels, waiting as she tried to clean herself off. There was no reason for her hair to ever smell like Jack Daniels or Coca Cola, but right then it smelled like both.
"I don't even know. One minute I'm minding my business, then I'm being harassed by a pack of wild girls."

Katelyn had gotten most of the drink soaked up, but she quickly went into the restroom and changed into the Panic! shirt she had bought from Danny. After thanking him for his help, the girl quickly went and made her way towards the stage so she could watch the show and try to forget what had just happened. She had gotten as close to the stage as she could, which was an accomplishment considering how packed the venue was. Thankfully Brendon hadn't seen her throughout the set; she didn't want to try and explain wordlessly why she was wet and wearing a different shirt.
When their set was over, Katelyn waited for the place to clear out a bit before she found her way backstage to their dressing room, and knocked hesitantly on the door. Spencer's voice granted her entry, and she quickly entered the room.
"Katie, what the hell happened to you?" Spencer stared at her as he slipped on a pair of shoes. Brendon wasn't in sight, but Dallon and Ian looked a little thrown off by her appearance.
"You smell like liquor… Delicious!" Ian smiled brightly, making her laugh.
"It's been a long night. Where's Bren?" She pulled her damp tank out of her purse, trying to let it air out.
"I'm right here!" Brendon's cheerful voice came from around a corner, but that quickly changed when he saw her hair and change of shirt.
"A girl threw her drink at me after she and her friends taunted me because I'm your girlfriend." Katelyn, now seated on the couch beside Spencer, stared at the carpet, wondering how many rock stars had thrown up on it before.
"Wait, they what?" Dallon asked from across the room, making sure he had heard her correctly.
"They knew who I was, confronted me, and started talking crap to me. Then she 'spilled' her liquor all over me. I have no idea if it'll come out of this shirt, let alone my hair. When they were walking away, one said that she couldn't wait to see you after the show, Bren." Katelyn cast him a glance as if asking, 'what is that supposed to mean?', but Brendon seemed to be absolutely enraged, saying that he knew Zack should have gone with her.
When they were leaving the back of the venue for the bus, Brendon had his arm securely wrapped around Katelyn's shoulders as her hand rested in the back pocket of his jeans. She was looking around near the parking lot for the girls, and spotted them amongst the group of other fans that had been patiently waiting for the band to come out.
"Would you mind if I went and signed a few autographs and stuff?" Brendon leaned in to the girl as he spoke, noticing her hesitate.
"Those girls are over there, Bren." She pointed them out and Brendon frowned, telling Spencer and then letting Zack know that he wasn't going to go out there. Katelyn looked stunned, saying that he should oblige his fans for waiting.
"No, Kate. They can't treat you like those girls did. They ruined it for everyone tonight, and I'm not in the mood to put on a smile when I'm pissed off beyond belief."
Katelyn knew there was no arguing with him, so she watched as Zack went over to the group and told them that Brendon wouldn't be making an appearance, but Dallon and Spencer would be out in a few minutes.

"But why isn't he coming out here?! We've been waiting for so long!" Katelyn overheard a girl from where she and Brendon were standing near the bus.
"What? Brendon's right there." Zack pointed to Spencer with a serious look on his face, agitating the girls he had been talking to.
Katelyn felt bad for denying the band's loyal fans of a chance to meet Brendon, so she grabbed his hand and tugged him over to the small group, once the four girls had disappeared.
"Hey, I'm Katelyn, and this is Brendon. Some stupid girl threw her Jack and Coke at me and Bren's just ticked off. But that doesn't mean he should take it out on you all." She glanced to Brendon, nodding towards the fans, who were all wearing looks of surprise at the sight of them.
While Brendon was signing stuff and taking pictures, a few of the fans actually approached Katelyn and told her that they really appreciated what she did.
"It's my pleasure. You guys shouldn't have to suffer for the actions of the few bad apples." She sent a smile towards the girl she had been talking to, and was amazed when she asked for a picture, then Katelyn asked if the girl would tweet her the picture.
She noticed a girl trying to discreetly follow Brendon down the line as he worked his way through the small group of fans, and when he got to the end she was waiting there for him. This girl looked like she was seventeen, and Katelyn felt a nervous wave wash over her as she saw her motion for Brendon to 'come here'. The girl leaned into Brendon, who had a curious, yet frightened look on his face as she spoke to him. When the girl finished speaking, Brendon shook his head fervently, backing away and telling her to have a good night, thanking her for coming to the show.
"Let's get out of here." He took Katelyn's hand and noticed her confused face, muttering that he'd tell her when they got on the bus.

"So what did that girl say to you?" Katelyn sat on the couch, crossing her legs underneath herself and looking at Brendon expectantly.
"Oh my God. She said the dirtiest shit… I don't even want to repeat it, it was that nasty. Please, don't make me say it out loud." He gave her a scared look, making her feel bad for the poor guy.
"I'm sorry you had to go through that…" She held back a little laugh as he said that it happens to him all the time.
"I just want to forget about it. I'm kinda traumatized right now. I saw you with a bunch of other fans though." Brendon had taken notice of how she had interacted with them, and mentioned that she certainly had a way with fans. Katelyn shrugged, saying that she wanted him to have a good relationship with his fans and Brendon was more than willing to do so.
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