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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

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Katelyn still felt queasy when she woke up at ten that morning, but she wouldn't let it keep Brendon and the guys from enjoying New York. It was like she was seasick, but the girl knew that wasn't the case. Despite his worries, Brendon trusted her word when she said she would be up for some sight seeing.
They dressed and met the guys to start their day, but not before Katelyn thanked Brendon for taking care of her.
"Seriously, Bren, you're the greatest. You didn't have to take a bath with me or any of the stuff you did last night." They were in the elevator alone, heading down to the lobby to reconvene with their group.
"I hated seeing you so miserable, so I did whatever I thought would help… You've done the same thing for me." He shrugged humbly, remembering all the times he was ill and she brought him soup and DVDs of their favorite shows. She leaned into his body, saying that she loved him. He repeated the phrase back to her with as much meaning and the doors opened to the lobby.

"Hey, Katie, glad to see you're alive!" Dallon smiled at the girl brightly, amazed that she wasn't a complete zombie.
"Are you up for something that will quite possibly blow your mind?" Spencer asked in an excited tone, piquing her interest.
"What would that be?" Katelyn looked around at each of the guys, wondering what was going on.
"I scored us tickets to today's taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart!" Ian grinned, and before he had the chance to brace himself, the girl threw herself at him with all the strength she could muster.
Katelyn absolutely adored Jon Stewart and watched The Daily Show religiously; he was her celebrity crush, if one could call it that.
"He's my idol." Katelyn could barely breathe and she felt like she was going to throw up due to the excitement.
"Oh, one more thing. We're gonna get to go in before the show and talk to him. How does that sound?" Ian looked at the girl, his eyebrows raised, wondering if she would collapse at any second.
"I think I love you, Ian." Katelyn noticed a look cross over Brendon's face, something that hinted at jealousy or surprise, but she couldn't quite tell. He had to have known that she was joking though, didn't he?

The five took a cab to the Comedy Central headquarters, and Katelyn felt uneasy the entire time. She gripped Brendon's hand tightly with hers, sending him nervous glances every few seconds.
"Bren, he's seriously my hero. What do I say to him?"
"How about 'hi'." Spencer teased the girl from the front seat, making her lean forward and smack his shoulder.
"You guys don't understand! I think if Brendon and I had a list of celebrities it would be okay to be unfaithful with, he would be first on that list." Despite the fact that she felt herself blushing, Katelyn could feel Brendon tense up at her statement.
"Katie, he's old enough to be your dad! That's just weird." Spencer shook his head as they pulled up to the building and he paid the driver.
As they entered the huge concrete building, Katelyn wrapped her arm around Brendon's waist, saying that she would never be unfaithful, even if Jon Stewart begged her to be. He let out a slight laugh, kissing the top of her head and telling her to have a good time.
They were led by a receptionist into Jon Stewart's office, where he had been busy on his computer looking up something or another for the upcoming taping. He was wearing dress pants and an ironed, light blue button up shirt with the sleeves rolled slightly, and a gray tie that brought out his blue eyes and complimented his gray hair. Normally Katelyn viewed graying hair as a sign of aging, but she knew it was a symbol of experience.
"Ah, I've been waiting for you kids to show up!" A smile graced the man's face as he stood up, walking over to them and introducing himself. He was so much smaller than Katelyn had imagined. He was eye level to her, which she found shocking.
Each of the guys told him their name, and then he looked to Katelyn.
"And who would you be, young lady?" Jon's bright eyes watched her, a hint of a smile in them as he waited patiently. She felt like a child meeting Santa at the mall, or when she met Cinderella at Disneyland when she was nine.
"I'm Katelyn… Mr. Stewart, you're absolutely brilliant." She held out her hand and he shook it in a friendly manner, letting his laugh fill the room.
"Please, call me Jon. Just being around all you kids is making me feel like I belong in a nursing home!" The six of them shared a laugh, and Katelyn felt her chest tighten up. She couldn't believe that she was standing beside her idol.
Somehow they had all started a discussion and it turned to one about politics, and Katelyn got into a good talk with Jon about what was going to be on the show that night. Brendon wasn't aware that Katelyn had such strong opinions about the way things were going in the world, but Spencer definitely did; they had a few debates themselves before. The girl was more of a liberal at heart, which explained her affinity for the Daily Show rather than the Colbert Report.
The four band members sat back and watched as Katelyn held her own in a heated conversation with the comedian. She was more surprised at the fact that he was being himself and giving his own opinions, rather than his radical character's. It was nice to know that the man she idolized viewed her as an equal and actually acted like himself.
"Well, this has been a blast, and I say that in all seriousness. But I have to get to wardrobe so they can harass me about losing weight and makeup can make fun of my wrinkles before I go on." Jon managed to crack another few jokes.
"Would you mind taking a couple of pictures with us?" Katelyn normally wouldn't feel right doing something like that, but her courage had grown tenfold after talking with Jon.
"Of course not! Let me get an intern to be our photographer." He quickly grabbed a good spirited intern who took a picture of them all together, and then of each of them individually with Jon.
While Brendon stood beside the comedian, waiting for the intern to figure out what he had done to mess things up as Katelyn hovered over him, trying to fix it, Jon decided to give him a few words of advice.
"I just think I should let you know that she's definitely a keeper. You better do everything in your power to make sure she sticks around for a long time." The man's hushed tone meant that his advice was only for Brendon's ears, and he nodded.
"I know, sir. Trust me, I know." Brendon nodded, glancing up at Jon before looking at Katelyn.
"She's a good girl, I can tell. Take good care of her." By the time Jon had finished, the camera was sorted out and they had smiled for a picture.
Then it was Katelyn's turn. She nervously sidled up to Jon, who gave her a genuine smile and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, enveloping her in his scent of cologne and something else. She hesitantly put her arm around his waist, feeling oddly anxious for some reason.
"Say cheese!" The intern laughed, and the two both smiled as the flash went off and the shutter clicked.
Jon's arm lingered around the girl for a few moments before pulling her into a hug and asking her to come to wardrobe with him for a few minutes.
"You guys can go on ahead, I'll have her right back out to you in a flash." Jon sent a reassuring smile to Brendon, who nodded and followed the intern out to the studio after giving Katelyn her camera back.

"So why do you need me to come to wardrobe with you, Jon?" Katelyn followed him through the hallways like a puppy, dodging Daily Show employees at ever turn.
"I just have a couple of questions that I wanted to ask you in private. Or well, as private as we can get." The man ran his fingers through his hair, letting out an airy laugh that made her smile.
He sat in a chair while a makeup artist did her work, and Jon asked what her college degree was in.
"Oh. I graduated from UC Irvine with a French major and an advertising minor…" She glanced around the bustling room, feeling a little out of place in it all.
Jon mumbled something or another about the odd pairing, but then he looked at the girl, catching her gaze with his.
"I want to offer you a job here at The Daily Show. We could really use a fresh mind in the advertising room and you would be fantastic for helping out with world news with your translating skills."
Katelyn was completely taken by surprise; she had come here to watch the show be taped, nowhere did it say that she would be offered a job.
"Um, well, that's really, really generous of you, Mr. Stewart… Jon. I live in Santa Monica with Brendon right now though, so I don't really know if this will go over well."
Jon nodded, understanding the dilemma she was now faced with, and told her to think it over and just talk about it with Brendon.
"He strikes me as a practical kind of guy. I think he'll see what kind of an opportunity you're being offered." Jon gave the girl his card once he was done with makeup, smiling and saying that she could call any time. Katelyn tucked the card into her wallet, zipping up her purse with a smile.
"Thanks, Jon. I appreciate the offer and I'll mull it over."
He pulled the girl into a friendly hug and told her to enjoy the show before he called someone over and had him escort Katelyn to her seat in the audience.
The girl sat beside Brendon, who took her hand and squeezed it gently, asking what Jon had wanted to talk to her about. She said that she would tell him after the show, and ignored Spencer's curious gaze before the lights dimmed and the show began.

"So, what did the great Jon Stewart want to talk to you about?!" Spencer asked with anticipation as they ate lunch at a place on 8th Avenue and 40th Street called 'Hot and Crusty'. It was one of those hole in the wall 24-hour eateries that had everything imaginable. The group was in heaven at the sight of all of the food on the menu, and they were currently waiting for their meals.
"He offered me a job working in the Daily Show's advertising department." She looked at each of them sheepishly, trying to gauge their reactions.
Dallon and Ian were stoked, but Spencer seemed a little thrown off and Brendon… He looked absolutely crushed.
"I didn't take the job yet, Bren. Please don't give me that kicked puppy look."
"That's so great, Kate!! He was super impressed by your wit and prowess." Ian smiled as Dallon agreed, saying that he was pretty blown away with how well she engaged in the conversation, when he had no idea what they were talking about at some points.
"I guess I did something right. He seemed really interested in having someone multilingual so they could shed some light on European advertising." Katelyn repeated some of what Jon had said, feeling elated as every moment passed.
When their orders were ready, they all got up and walked over to the counter. Brendon grabbed Katelyn's wrist, hanging back for a few seconds.
"We have to talk about this more later. I don't know how I feel about this whole job thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic for you, but I have some reservations." Brendon spoke softly at a quick rate, then wrapped an arm around her waist and walking over to the counter.
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