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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

then he fell in love

Upon their return to Santa Monica, Katelyn dreaded the conversation she would have with Brendon about this sudden job ordeal. He seemed less than enthused by the mere thought of the girl not being home all the time, but to be all the way across the country in New York? That would kill him.

They were sitting in the living room a few days after returning from their trip, and neither had said a word about the subject. It seemed as if Brendon was waiting for Katelyn to bring it up, but she was waiting for Brendon to open up about it.

Katelyn hadn't even talked to Spencer about the topic; she wanted to have this talk with Brendon first, as long as he wanted to as well.
Neither of them wanted to start the conversation, so Katelyn heaved a sigh and positioned herself on the couch so that she was leaning against the arm and back of the sofa, crossing her legs underneath herself so she could see Brendon clearly.

She took a moment to admire his handsome features; he always left her awe-struck even if she was just glancing at him. His well defined jaw line framed his face, along with those huge, kissable lips and his chocolate colored eyes that were so expressive and lit up when he spoke about something he loved. There was a freckle on his neck that was just visible above the collar of his shirt, which was one of his most sensitive spots whenever she kissed his soft skin. The dark brown hair on his head was amazingly soft and had a wonderful texture, which just begged for Katelyn to run her fingers through it at all times. The girl absolutely adored him, but that was quite obvious to anyone that even glanced at the pair when they were together.

"Are we going to talk about what happened in New York or are we going to sweep it under the rug?" She played with the hem of her tank top nervously, trying to figure out what Brendon was going to say. He was extremely opinionated, but for some reason he was reluctant to be open about this with her.

"I don't really know what to say. I'm really glad you got offered a job, especially one that's going to get your foot in the door and would look good on any resume, but I think the timing is off. We're looking in to buying a house together, and how would that work if you move to New York?" Brendon turned to sit in a similar position, facing the girl straight on and watching her intently.

"What would you consider to be 'good' timing then? It's not like I wouldn't come back, Brendon. It's kinda like when you and the guys went to record your first album, then I had to go to school. Distance only makes people stronger." Katelyn nearly bit her tongue after saying those last few words. Distance had pushed Brendon into the arms of some other girl; but, she wasn't about to bring that up.

"I don't really know right now. I think making a record and working for Jon Stewart are two different things though." Brendon looked down at his feet, avoiding her eyes but feeling them on him all the same.

"They're jobs, and that sounds pretty similar to me. Are you trying to tell me that you don't want me to work there? I understand your hesitance, but I have to tell you that I really disagree. You want me to blow off basically my dream job, which just fell into my lap, and stay here with you." The girl crossed her arms over her chest, guarding herself and her feelings from him.

"I'm sorry if I come off as selfish, but I think I have a right to be. You can't expect me to give you up after getting back together. I don't think I can be away from you right now." He was being nothing but honest with her, and she could see that in his mannerisms, the way he spoke, and the gleam in his eyes.

"I told Mr. Stewart that I would think about it. Nothing is set in stone. I'd have to talk to him to see when I could start working… This isn't finalized, Bren. I just wanted to open the lines of communication between us."

Brendon nodded, understanding what she meant. He wasn't going to give in though; he didn't want her going anywhere.

While Brendon was taking a nap, Katelyn left him a note saying she was meeting up with Spencer for coffee, and she did just that.

They sat across from one another at a small table in a cafe near the pier, and Katelyn asked him for advice about this job situation.

"You should take Brendon's feelings into consideration when it comes to something as big as this. You guys are serious about each other, so I think that this needs to be looked at from all angles." Spencer carefully sipped his hot coffee, peering at her over the rim of the cup.

"I just don't get why he wouldn't be happy for me… I love the Daily Show, and to work there would be spectacular, even if it's just for a year. He can't see that I want a job so much… Brendon says that he can take care of me financially, and even though I know he is more than capable of doing so, I don't want it to be that way! I need to be an equal part of this relationship and he's insisting on being the man." Katelyn stirred her tea absent mindedly, trying to sort out her thoughts.

"Is that so wrong of him? He just wants to take care of you. I dunno, but if I were you, I'd get a job working at a surf shop or something and just love life with Bren in Santa Monica. You're being selfish for wanting to move across the country and just leave him here. I don't think you understand just how broken he was after you dumped him."

Spencer shrugged and Katelyn shot him a fierce look. How dare he tell her to settle for anything less than what she wanted. How could he make it seem like she just broke Brendon's heart for no reason when he was the one that nearly ruined her life. She had nearly given in to the urge to drop out and become a raging alcoholic, and the girl would have too, if her friends hadn't stepped in.

"I don't even know what to say to you right now, Spencer. You're my best friend and you're supposed to give me advice."
Spencer's sent the girl a glare, saying that he was giving her advice, but she didn't want to hear it because it wasn't what she wanted him to say.

"In all seriousness, Katie. If you go to New York for however long, Brendon will probably become a recluse. We have to work on a new album and I really don't want to hear him complaining about missing you the entire time, like he did during our first record. You're just being a bitch and completely overlooking the one person you love more than anything just because you want to work in New York."

The girl was stunned by how bitter Spencer sounded, and it seemed as if she was seeing a completely different side of him.

"Fuck you, Spencer." Katelyn couldn't even think of anything witty or sarcastic to say to the man sitting before her; she just felt so hurt by him and didn't want to be in his presence right now.

When Spencer didn't respond, she told him that she would see him around, then left the cafe and returned to the apartment.

Brendon wasn't awake by the time she got back, but he was definitely woken up by the sounds of a dark violin piece being played in the guest room. From what he knew, it was a Bartok concerto. He heard several off-notes being played, then he heard the girl shriek in frustration, and something hit the wall.

"Kate?" Brendon opened the door, frowning when he saw her slumped on the floor, the music book had been thrown clear across the room and was upended on the dresser. Her violin and bow were on the bed, the D string was snapped, but what concerned him the most was the fact that Katelyn was just sitting in the corner, staring at her right hand and bright red knuckles. It looked like she had punched the wall. Brendon knew that something wasn't right, but he pushed everything to the back of his mind as he crouched down on the floor beside her.

"I didn't want to cause so much trouble for wanting to take this job. Now I think Spencer hates me."

"What happened when you went to talk to him? Come on, let's get off the floor first…" He took the girl by the hands firmly, pulling her with him up off of the floor. They went into the kitchen, where Brendon got a bag of frozen peas from the freezer, wrapped it in a washcloth and set it on her knocks.

"That Bartok was a real bastard for writing that piece I was playing, you know that right? My lame string couldn't take the pressure and snapped. I didn't want to ruin my violin, so I took it out on the wall." Katelyn sure acted tough for Brendon, but he could see past that. He saw her frustration and anger and knew she was upset from whatever she and his band mate had talked about.

He held the bag to her hand, pulling it away after a few minutes to kiss each knuckle gently before setting the cold vegetables back against her skin. She was probably going to be bruised up, but other than that, she was physically fine.

"I wanted honest advice from Spencer and when he gave it to me I didn't like it, so I snapped at him and he threw it right back at me." She didn't want to tell him that Spencer was bitter towards Brendon over their first recordings right at that moment, so she left that out.
"You need to apologize to him then." Brendon shrugged simply, grabbing an apple.

"What? No! He said some pretty douchy things, so I'm just gonna let him simmer for a bit."

"And what would those douchy things be, Kate?" Brendon watched her from the kitchen counter, biting into the juicy red apple, making her want one too. She firmly wrapped her free fingers around his wrist, pulling it towards her so she could take a bite.

"Spencer doesn't want me to go to New York because you'll whine the entire time I'm gone, and he wants to actually record stuff with you being focused."

She watched Brendon's smile falter, and he nodded with understanding.

"That makes sense… I didn't know he was still mad about that."

"I'm sorry, Bren. That's why I didn't really want to tell you. This is
between Spencer and me. You don't need to be mad at him too." She ran her fingers through his dark hair and let her hand rest at the back of his neck as she continued to play with his soft locks, saying that she would deal with this and that he shouldn't worry.

"What are you getting all done up for? I didn't think we had a date planned…" Brendon watched Katelyn sitting on the bathroom counter, doing her makeup with care while her hair dried to its natural wave. She was wearing some pale denim shorts and a turquoise, form fitting v-neck that looked like it was probably from J. Crew. There was a long, antique looking necklace hanging around her neck, an owl keeping the bronze chain taught. Brendon was endlessly amused by her fascination with owls. Everywhere he went, he always looked for new little owl trinkets to get her. He had found this particular necklace in Berlin and it was one of Katelyn's favorites.

"Jess and Elaine are coming to pick me up in like an hour so we can go to a concert. I thought I told you.." Katelyn applied some lip gloss as she reminded Brendon, who thought back to when she had told him.

"Oh man, Weezer is in Hollywood tonight!" Brendon grinned widely, remembering how excited he had been when she originally told him.

"Yeah, I love them. It should be a good show."

"Well let me change real fast and put my contacts in! I've been wanting to see them live for a while now." Brendon had an enthusiastic tone to his voice, and Katelyn had to hide a frown. This was supposed to be a girls' night out for Katelyn and her friends, and now Brendon was inviting himself along. It wasn't that she minded; Katelyn loved going to shows with him, but Jess had already gotten their general admission tickets in advance, and to find one the night of would probably be horrendous for Bren.

"We only have three tickets, honey. Where are we gonna get a fourth?" Brendon knew that whenever she used the words honey, sweetie, or baby, that she was trying to be gentle with his feelings.

"If you don't want me to go with you, just say so. I'm not a kid and I don't need to be tip-toed around." He did feel hurt though, despite the air of strength he gave off.

"No, no! I would love for you to come.. I don't know how you'll get a ticket though." Katelyn knew that this wouldn't end well if she told him otherwise. She could see that he was surprised he hadn't been invited, but the girls had been planning this for a while.

"I'll call the box office. If there aren't any, I guess I'll buy one from a scalper, as much as it kills me."

Katelyn nodded, hopping off of the counter and giving Brendon a smile before going to put some shoes on. She quickly called Elaine, knowing that Jess was driving, to tell her that Brendon was coming along, and it seemed like her friends were excited. They loved hanging out with Brendon, knowing that he made the girl happy.

Brendon had finished his call to the box office around the same time she had finished her call with Elaine, and he had a smile plastered all over his face, saying that they only had a handful of tickets left and that he had gotten one. Katelyn groaned inwardly, trying to seem genuinely excited for him.
This was definitely going to be an interesting night.
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