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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

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A few days after their tent had been demolished, Katelyn was sitting at the island in the kitchen, uploading the contents of her camera's memory card to her computer. During the upload, she sifted through emails and read her replies on Twitter. A lot of the responses were fans awing at their fort skills while some were less than pleasant.

Katelyn uploaded a picture of just the fort, lit up by the faint glow the fading sun, to her Tumblr. She had signed up on the site a few years before as 'KayTiegs', but now she was more into it. Katelyn blogged about music, movies, and pop culture, spending her spare moments reblogging photography or hilarious gifs.

After captioning the photo 'B and I built a fort the other day. Our masterpiece held up pretty well', she posted it to her blog. The girl had a lot of followers, and she got to interact with Brendon's fans on a different level. She left her ask box open and often answered the questions they asked her, anonymous or not. Katelyn got a kick out of the questions, but sometimes they were either really rude or really personal.

Brendon had told her that she should always be wary of what she posted on the internet, because people could be ruthless, but Katelyn usually got a good vibe from the people she had interacted with online, and of course, she wasn't an idiot.

She didn't broadcast who she was or the fact that she was dating a rock star. To her, Brendon was one of the most normal, constant people she knew, and on Tumblr, she only referred to him as B, and even that was rare. If it wasn't for the fact that Panic! fans followed her and reblogged her posts all the time, no one would have thought that she was with Brendon Urie.

Brendon came into the kitchen after coming home from a lunch man date with Spencer, peeking over her shoulder to see what she was doing.

"Tumbling again? What's going on in the wonderful world of the internet?" He grabbed a bottle of Kilt Lifter out of the fridge, popping off the cap and taking a long swig of the beer.

"Honestly? Nothing much… Just some gifs from the latest Supernatural and a bunch of pictures of Europe right now." Katelyn shrugged as he sat beside her, wrapping an arm around the back of her tall chair and scrolling through the posts by the people she follows on the site.

"Hmm. You have a lot of questions backed up in there…" He looked at her ask box, then clicked on it to read the questions. If it had been anyone else, Katelyn would have felt like her privacy was being invaded, but she didn't care when it was Brendon.

"You can help answer them if you want. I don't really feel like it right now." She shrugged, laughing as he readjusted himself, setting his beer on the counter and moved the girl's Macbook Pro so it was in front of him.

"'Kate. I just want to thank you for being so kind and sweet to all of us P!atD fans. I know that there are a lot of haters out there, but don't listen to a word they say! You rock!' Why is this anonymous?! People are so shy…" Brendon began to furiously type at the keyboard, and Katelyn read what he was writing before he posted it.

Thank you for your kind words, sweet Anonymous. See, this would be a lot easier if you used your name.. Anyways, I really do appreciate your support and the support of all of the band's fans. Kate does rock, doesn't she? ;) -B.

"Oh, god. The internet is gonna explode from you being on it." The girl shook her head as he submitted the post to her blog, and she could only imagine how many people were going to freak out over the fact that Brendon knew about Tumblr and that he replied to someone on it using her account.

Minimizing the Google Chrome tab, Brendon opened up PhotoBooth, telling the girl to smile. He loved doing impromptu PhotoBooths with people. It made him feel like a stupid kid, making faces and using those ridiculous backgrounds and settings that came with it.

They took a bunch of pictures and Brendon told the girl that she should put one or two on her blog.

"I don't normally post pictures of you, Bren… It kinda makes me feel like I'm bragging or something." Katelyn felt sheepish admitting that to him, but it was true.

"I'm nothing to brag about! I put pictures of us on Twitter, so what's the harm in you putting up one picture we took in PhotoBooth?" The girl shrugged, saying that she would think about it.

Knowing that was all he was going to get out of her for the moment, Brendon decided to leave it be and asked if she wanted to go to a movie.

Later that night, while Katelyn was sitting out on the balcony talking to her mother on the phone, Brendon grabbed her computer and retreated to the bedroom. He knew her password, just in case she needed him to do something for her on it when she wasn't there, so he logged on and opened up her Tumblr.

Brendon had asked if she had an 'about me' page on her blog, but she said that she didn't. Katelyn wasn't the biggest fan of talking about herself, but Brendon had no problem bragging about the girl.

Once he figured out how to establish a separate page for her little biography, Brendon uploaded a picture of Katelyn that he had taken with his iPhone when she wasn't looking when they were in New York. She had been staring up at 30 Rockefeller Center, marveling at the sheer beauty of the architecture, and Brendon discreetly took a snapshot of her. When the picture had shown up on the screen, Brendon began typing underneath it.

This is my partner in crime and lovely lady friend Katelyn. She may be a lot of things- kind, sarcastic, loving, but she'll always be everything to me. As someone who appreciates the arts, she participates in local orchestras by playing violin with such a passion that even I'm amazed whenever I hear her practicing. Kate is sarcastic, quick on her feet, and an inspirational force in my life.

A few of her favorite things include the Daily Show, speaking French (which is what her degree is in! Crazy, right?), and long boarding at the beach with me.
She hates hummus, snow, and the word 'melancholy'. It doesn't surprise me, though, because nothing about her is melancholic.
Of course I could go on and ramble about how great, loving, and caring Katelyn is, but that's not my style; that's for everyone to find out for themselves.
I will, however, say that you truly don't know what you have until you've lost it.
Work hard in your endeavors and things will happen for you.

Brendon saved the page after putting in a small picture he had just taken in PhotoBooth of himself holding up a thumbs up with a goofy smile on his face, then shut down the computer and put it back in its respective spot on the charger.

He was impressed with his handiwork and hoped that she would appreciate it when she stumbled upon the little paragraph, but now he had to find something else to do to keep himself busy.

Heading out onto the balcony, Brendon sat so he could listen to Katelyn talk with her mom.

"Hey mom, hold on a sec. Bren just came out here and sat down." She tipped the phone away from her mouth, looking at him curiously, asking if he wanted to talk to Helen.

Brendon said sure, and Katelyn handed over the phone, glad to be able to rest her voice for a few minutes. Helen Tieger could talk up a storm, that was for sure.

"Helen, long time no talk! How have you been?"

The girl watched as Brendon spoke with her mother like they were old friends, asking about work and if she had a new man in her life. At one point Helen had actually gotten with Jon Walker, but that was something Katelyn and Brendon shoved to the very deep recesses of their minds due to the fact that it had absolutely traumatized them.

Katelyn smiled at the man sitting in front of her, but then frowned when he mentioned their difficulties while house hunting. She had mentioned the idea of getting a house with Brendon, but had never told Helen that they were actually acting on their plans.

Helen made her daughter's boyfriend put her on speaker phone, so she could berate both of the kids at once.

"Are you two sure you're ready for something like this? It's a huge responsibility." Helen's voice held all of the usual motherly concern it normally had when she wasn't sure about their choices.

"Yeah mom. It's what we need to do next." Katelyn didn't know how else to put it, but Brendon understood.

"You're not happy with living in an apartment together? You don't need all the space of a house.. Unless. Brendon Boyd Urie, did you get my daughter pregnant?!"

Katelyn watched as Brendon blanched, all of the color draining from his face and he looked like he would have collapsed if he hadn't been sitting down.

"N-no, Helen. You're not gonna be a grandma yet." He had quickly recovered, calming his nerves and letting his wit take over once again.

"It's a good thing we're on the phone, young man. I may be in my late forties, but I could still kick your ass, no matter how scrappy you may be."

"I think that we just want a place that's distinctly ours, not just mine with a few of Kate's things here and there." Brendon ignored Helen's empty threats, continuing on to explain why they wanted a house as best he could.

The three continued to talk for a bit longer, until Helen decided that she was bored of talking to them. The woman wasn't one to keep her thoughts quiet, especially when she wasn't in the mood to continue a conversation with her daughter. After saying their goodbyes, Kate and Brendon went inside and the girl put her phone on the charger.

"Hey Bren, you have a voice mail." She saw that annoying symbol in the top bar of his phone and handed it to him so he could see who it was from.

Brendon paced around the living room while Katelyn went and took a shower, and after a few minutes she heard the bathroom door open and close.

"Who was on the phone?" Katelyn peeked out from behind the curtain, her hair in a haphazard mohawk that she had constructed with her shampoo.

Brendon took one look at the girl and let out a chuckle, despite the fact that he felt somewhat upset after listening to the voice mail.

"Sick hair-do, and it was Ryan. He wants to get together for dinner or something this week." Brendon began pulling off his shirt, receiving an odd glance from Katelyn, who was still watching him, now with conditioner in her hair. When he unbuttoned his shorts and slipped them off, Katelyn smiled at his dark green boxer briefs and how good he looked in them.

"What do you think you're doing, mister?" Her voice brought Brendon's attention away from the mirror, and he looked over sheepishly.

"I was hoping you'd wash my hair for me…" Brendon loved the way that she scrubbed his scalp; it was like a little massage that calmed him down without fail and he sure as hell needed to be calm right about now.

Katelyn gave him the once over, telling him to lose the underwear and come on in.

"You should call Ryan back and figure out when you two can go to dinner. I think it'd be really good for the both of you." Katelyn said thoughtfully as she ran her fingers through his soaked hair, working her shampoo into his scalp, and making him let out little moans here and there.

"I don't think I'm ready to do it yet. Will you come with us?" He took in the sensation of the hot water and the girl's fingers, letting out a sigh of contentment.

"I refuse to be the third wheel. If Keltie was still around, then it would be a different story, but Ryan had to be a creep." The pair that seemed like soul mates had broken up months ago when Ryan decided to partake in some extra curricular activities. Katelyn had really liked Keltie and she and Ry were a great pair, but she had been proved otherwise.

Brendon huffed, saying that he'd go by himself, but it was her fault if he had a bad time.

"I can deal with that. Now close your mouth." Katelyn gently tugged his hair so he leaned back and rinsed his hair so she could get out of the shower and get ready for bed.