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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

met the Night

"So you got our little note," Tasha mused once the three girls approached Katelyn and the boys.
"What note?" Katelyn asked, "I'm here to hang out with my best friends."
Ty's eyes widened.
"But- but I saw you had it."
"I didn't read the thing though. I'm done with you guys." It felt good for Katelyn to be the one lying to them this time rather than the other way around.
"Kate, we still want to be friends. We never meant to use you," Sarah tried to explain.
"No. You knew exactly what you were doing. It just sucks it took me so long to realize it. You three always excluded me from everything, and only hung around when you needed to cram for some class I never even took. You are the worst friends a kid could ever have, and I hope you know that, and live with it for the rest of your lives, because all you'll ever have is each other," Katelyn finished calmly, linking her arms with Brendon and Ryan, walking off to Paradise Bakery with Spencer and Brent trailing behind, leaving three speechless girls.

Brendon watched Katelyn's grin the whole night at the mall, and it was still there when he dropped her off at home.
"So I guess your parents said you couldn't stay with me?" she sighed, her big smile faltering.
"Actually, my mom wasn't home from work yet. So I gotta go back and talk to her."
"Alright. Hope to see you in a bit," she gave him a hug then went inside.

The house was empty, so Katelyn got into her boyshorts and U of A sweatshirt, then plugged her iPod into it's respective iHome.
She danced around, cleaning up the house a little and singing along with whatever came on shuffle.
When she got tired of cleaning she wandered into the kitchen and began to make macaroni and velveeta cheese.
Katelyn hadn't eaten at the mall, she had been too focused on being rid of her old friends and how they'd react.
"She thinks I'm much too thin, she asks me if I'm sick.. What's a girl to do with friends like these?" she sang along to Jack's Mannequin, stirring the pasta.
When the song ended, she heard someone clapping.
Katelyn jumped, only to look and see Brendon and immediately turn red.
"You've got a voice," he smiled as he told her.
Katelyn turned down the music.
"Oh it's nothing.. Compared to yours, mine is horrible! How did you get in" she laughed, adding the cheese to the macaroni noodles, as he said that he had his ways
"So, I talked my extremely religious, Mormon parents into letting me stay here with you for the whole week and a half."
"Really?" Katelyn was surprised, "what's the catch?"
"They want to meet you.. Tomorrow."
Before Katelyn could respond, he cut her off, "But don't worry! I know they'll love you, and I'm not just saying that. My parents are pretty particular and if they don't like you, they'll let you know it."
"Well great," Katelyn sighed.

The next morning at 10:30, Brendon drove a very nervous Katelyn to his house.
"Mom? Dad?" he called once the two got inside, and found them in the dining room.
"Hi Brendon honey. Oh, this must be Katelyn! It's so nice to finally meet you!" Mrs. Urie smiled at the girl, and Katelyn grinned in return.
"It's nice to meet you too, Mrs. Urie."
"Oh please, call me Grace. This is Brendon's father, Boyd," the petite woman motioned to the taller man beside her.
Brendon was definitely built more like his mother, with his father's features; it was cute.
Katelyn smiled, but Boyd didn't look too happy.
"Brendon, we got your progress reports in the mail yesterday," the man began.
"Boyd, honey.. Let's not talk about this right now," Grace told her husband, and he shook his head.
"No. Not when he's failing three classes and is in danger of failure in another."
Katelyn's eyes widened at this. She knew Brendon always passed tests; at least, in the classes they were in together.
Sensing the awkward silence, Katelyn switched the subject.
"Thank you both so much for letting Brendon come stay with me.."
"Well, he said your mother travels to help out with other restaurants.. And we would let you stay here, but we've got a full house. But we could never let you be alone for a whole week!" Mrs. Urie explained.
"Well, thank you again. I really appreciate it."
Katelyn and Brendon stuck around for a bit longer, then Brendon decided it was time to go.

Back at Katelyn's house, she decided to bring up the earlier conversation.
"You're failing four classes? Bren, I'm in half of them.. You're doing fine."
"Not lately," he shrugged, "I've been really focused on the band."
Katelyn took a seat at the kitchen table, motioning for Brendon to sit across from her.
When he finally did, Katelyn pulled her binder out of her backpack that was in the chair to her left.
She took out her French essay and went over it silently, waiting for Brendon to speak.
"Why do you care so much about doing well in school?"
Katelyn barely even glanced up at him before answering and editing her paper at the same time.
"I'm not talented enough to be in a band.. I get to go to college, and to even go to a remotely decent college, you need good grades."
"And then work your ass off for four more years. Whoo-hoo," he answered sarcastically, making the girl sigh and set her purple pen down on the table.
"Brendon, you know how you keep talking about going and getting signed and making records and all that?"
He nodded at Katelyn, and she continued.
"Your parents won't let you do any of that if you fail out of school. They'd probably kill you."
"I don't care about calculus or physics. I don't want to waste my time."
"Can't you put up with another month and a half? Pull up your grades and graduate, then be done with it. Are Ryan, Brent or Spencer failing?"
Brendon shook his head, "No.."
"So you have no excuse besides being lazy?"
"I can't focus on school and the band and.. and just everything all at the same time."
"Then you should probably focus mostly on school, huh? So after, you can devote everything to the band."
"Are you taking my parents side?"
"What?" Katelyn asked, taken aback.
"Are you saying school is more important than what I want to do with my life? You're siding with my parents!" Brendon's voice rose steadily, and Katelyn stared at him as he stood up.
"No, I'm just.."
"Just what, Katelyn? Trying to look out for me?" His face was bright red and his eyes were livid.
"Maybe," she answered in a quiet voice, breaking their gaze to look down at the floor.
"Well I'm pretty sure I can take care of myself."
"So can I, but I'm not the one with a 2.0 GPA." Katelyn took a quick breath trying to stop the situation from escalating, "I think you should leave, Brendon."
"What?" Brendon's voice immediately dropped, his entire presence softening.
"You should go," Katelyn repeated, "you're obviously angry, and I don't want to be around you when you're being an idiot."
"Fine. I'll see you around," he mumbled, getting up and walking out of the house.
Groaning, Katelyn hit her head against the table and let it lie there.
The girl knew she wasn't going to convince the hard-headed Brendon to stay in school, but there's no harm in trying.

Lying up in bed that night, Katelyn couldn't sleep.
She sat up, listening to every little noise the house made, trying not to freak out.
Katelyn grabbed her phone from the bedside table, quickly punching in the letters 'Ry' into the contacts and calling Ryan.
"Hello?" he asked, sounding a little tired.. It was 12:30 at night.
"Ry, it's Katelyn. Did I wake you up?"
"No, I've been listening to Brendon ranting all night.."
"Oh.. I guess he told you."
"That you're the one being irrational? Yeah, but he's wrong. You're definitely more level-headed about this than he is."
"Finally, someone agrees with me! But that's not why I called. Brendon is supposed to be staying with me while my mom's out of town, and he's mad at me, so I'm alone and.. kinda scared."
"Well let me get rid of Brendon and I'll be over soon."
"Thanks," Katelyn added a goodbye before hanging up and heading to the living room to wait for Ryan.

Half an hour later, a soft knocking came to the door, and Katelyn let out a sigh of relief.
"Thank you so much for coming Ry-" Katelyn cut herself off when she saw Brendon instead of Ryan in the doorway.
"I'm sorry I blew up at you," he told the girl sincerely as she eyed him with curiosity.
"Can I, uh.. Come in?" Katelyn nodded, and he stepped inside.
When she didn't say anything, Brendon said looked at her hopelessly.
"You know.. If you don't want to talk to me or whatever, I can just leave.."
He turned to go back to the door, and Katelyn grabbed his hand, "Please don't go."