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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

in the middle of summer

Katelyn didn't realize that she had fallen asleep at the house until she woke up the next morning on the living room rug. Rubbing her eyes as she sat up, the girl let out a pent up sigh. It had been quite a while since she last slept on a floor.

After stretching and getting herself off of he ground, Katelyn checked her phone to see if she had any messages. There were a few texts from Spencer and one from Elaine, asking if she wanted to get lunch sometime soon. She was surprised when she saw one text from Brendon, simply stating that he was going out and not to wait up for him. Little did he know at the time that he should have been the one waiting up.

The girl went into the bathroom, checking her appearance before leaving the house and heading back to the apartment to take a shower. Luckily Brendon wasn't home, so she didn't have to deal with his silent judgements or harsh looks.

Not bothering to blow-dry her hair after her shower, Katelyn dressed in a pair of loose fitting jeans and a v-neck, flopping onto the bed lazily and flicking on the TV. She had plugged her phone in to charge its dying battery and put it on silent so she could have some peace while she dozed off to the sounds of Jerry Springer coming from the television.


Brendon arrived home from a morning out around town running errands and taking care of some things to find Katelyn passed out on their bed. He stared down at the girl and rolled his eyes, thinking about the fact that she hadn't come home the night before. Brendon at least had the courtesy to text her to say he would be out late; she didn't give any notice whatsoever.

"So inconsiderate…" The man muttered to himself, slipping off his sneakers and tucking them away in his closet before he retreated to his little self-made office in a corner of the living room.

How could Katelyn stay out all night and expect him to be okay with it? He had no idea where she had gone or what she had been doing, and for some reason he was enraged by this. It bothered him to not know where his girlfriend was or who she was with, yet he had lived with that before. Now it just seemed like blasphemy.

Brendon didn't know how he was going to deal with this situation though; he had been flying off the handle at the poor girl left and right, even reducing her to tears once or twice. No, he had never actually made her cry in front of him, but he heard her quiet sobs in the bathroom or while he was supposedly asleep. Something was off with him, he just knew it, but he couldn't figure out why he was acting like such a prick.

Putting on his headphones and letting out a sigh, Brendon tuned out the world and tried to get some work done.


When Katelyn rose from her nap around 8 that night, she knew that Brendon was home. She could hear the tapping of his foot in the living room, so she confined herself to the bedroom. The girl couldn't remain holed up for long though; she had to get out somehow. So, she called Spencer and told him that they were going to go out clubbing. He reluctantly agreed, and even offered to pick the girl up.

She showered and put on a strapless, black and navy dress, did her makeup, and finished off by making sure her hair was perfect. Slipping into a pair of heels and checking her phone to find a text from Spencer stating that he had arrived, she put the device into a small purse that hung on a long chain and exited the room.

The smell of intoxicating perfume brought Brendon out of his concentration, and he stole a glance at Katelyn as she walked through the living room at quarter past 11. She looked stunning to say the least, wearing a short dress and high heels.

With the all too familiar feeling of the sudden tightness in his jeans, he wondered where she was going looking like that. Shifting uncomfortably in his seat, he vocalized his question. Out, was her firm response, and she hadn't even bothered to glance in his direction before leaving their apartment.

"What the hell…" Brendon mumbled, running his fingers through his hair and jumping up, running out onto the balcony in time to see her get into Spencer's car and drive off with him.

"Spence, come dance with me!" Katelyn finished off her first beer while she watched Spencer being a social butterfly, just as he had been doing for the last forty-five minutes. This was not what the girl had anticipated when she asked if he wanted to go clubbing.

They were at Angels and Kings on Hollywood Boulevard, and Spencer had found a few of his friends when they had arrived.

"This isn't the type of bar you really dance at, Katie. We've been here before, remember?"

Spencer shot her a glance; he had appeased her by taking mugshot pictures when they walked in, but now he just wanted to hang out and drink. He didn't want to dance or anything like that, but she was the one that had invited him out on the Friday night while Haley was out of town visiting her parents.

"Fine. I'll find someone who will dance with me then!" He watched the girl as she huffed and walked away, approaching the bar and scoping out her prospective dance partners. The tall man quickly excused himself to the exterior of the building, standing outside as he made a phone call to make an attempt to kick Brendon's ass into high gear.

"Hey pretty lady, can I buy you a drink?" A slim, tall, punk rock looking man sidled up to Katelyn, who took one look at him and nodded. She ordered a Mango Breeze cocktail, smiling to herself when she thought of when she and Brendon would make them at home. The girl shook her head quickly, thanking the man once she had been delivered her beverage.

"I'm Alan. You are?" The man's piercing blue eyes gazed intently down at her, making the girl feel like she was under a microscope.

"Kate." She shook his hand politely before taking a sip of her drink and smiling.

"Are you here by yourself? That seems like it should be illegal." He ran a hand through his short, bright green hair, trying to crack a joke while flirting at the same time.

"I'm with a friend. I don't know where he went though." Katelyn scanned the dark interior of the bar, shrugging when she didn't see Spencer.

"Hey, I know that this isn't really the kind of place, but do you want to dance with me?"

The pair finished their drinks and made their way to an open area, dancing to the rhythmic music that was pumping through the bar. A few other couples joined them, followed by several more people, filling up the space with laughing, dancing patrons.

"You know, you're really gorgeous. Wanna get out of here or something?" Alan leaned down and spoke into the girl's ear, grinning when he saw her hazel eyes flick up to meet his.

"Thanks, but I'd rather just stay here. I can't lose my ride home."

"Baby, I can be your ride."

Katelyn swallowed the bile building up in the back of her throat as he uttered the perverted comment and forced a smile onto her face.

"I don't think my boyfriend would like it if I didn't come home tonight." She let out a quiet laugh; Brendon probably wouldn't care either way at this point. After a few more minutes of dancing with Alan, someone else cut in and began trying to woo the girl to come home with him for the night.

"Dude, thanks for deciding to show up." Spencer shot Brendon a glare, looking over his fitted black slacks and yellow t-shirt with a black vest. Apparently he had taken the time to get a little spiffed up, judging by the fact that his black Converse were actually laced.

"Yeah, well, you said it was important." Brendon shrugged, taking a look around the dim bar to get a feel for what was going on.

There was a mass of people dancing, which was unusual for Angels and Kings. He spotted a flash of familiar hair, and moved closer toward the bar to see that Katelyn was dancing with several guys at a time. It was nothing too provocative or anything, but it still got to him.

"She seems to be having a great time…" His voice was clearly bitter, Spencer could tell, so he decided to talk some sense into his best friend.

"Katie only got me to come out here with her because you've been an asshole to her lately. You're being really testy with everyone, actually. Get the stick out of your ass."

"I went and spent some time at the studio writing songs today, and I actually feel a lot better. I think I just had all of this pent up stuff and had to release it… I just don't know how to apologize to everyone, especially Kate."

Brendon glanced over to see where she was, noticing that she was desperately trying to look for a way to get out of dancing with a husky, bleach blond guy that was getting a little too hands on for his liking.

Telling Spencer that he would be back in a second, he walked over to the pair and told the meathead that he was cutting in.

"Song's not over, wait your turn, asshole." The man didn't even give Brendon a look; he just focused on Katelyn.

"I don't have to 'wait my turn' when it comes to my pregnant girlfriend, jackass." This white lie definitely got the guy's attention, who let go of the girl as if she were on fire and said "Good luck with that one" before stalking off to find his next victim.

Katelyn glanced up to see her savior and was shocked to see that it was Brendon, who then asked if she wanted to dance.

"Pregnant? So you're telling everyone that I'm fat now?" She felt Brendon wrap his arms around her waist as they moved in time with the music, their bodies closer than they had been in almost a week.

"It got that dude to leave you alone, didn't it?" He kissed the top of the girl's head, feeling her tense up in his arms. Brendon obviously had a lot of work to do.

"Do you want to head home soon?"

Katelyn noticed that his voice was filled with warmth, rather than the usual disdain he had been regarding her with lately.

"Not really. I came out to party, so I'm gonna party." She gave him an eye roll, pushing his hands off of her and walking over to the bar. She could use another Mango Breeze right about now.

Brendon had followed her over to where she was standing now, leaning over the bar and asking the man behind it for an IPA that was on tap to go along with her drink, whipping out his bank card.

"I don't need you paying for my drinks, Brendon. You weren't invited on this outing." Katelyn stared down at her hands as they sat on the cool bar, waiting for her drink to arrive. She avoided Brendon's gaze like it was the plague, knowing that if she gave in to him it wouldn't teach him a lesson. Then again, she knew that this could backfire.

"I'm your boyfriend and I want to pay for your drink; also, Spencer invited me." Brendon picked up his large glass of beer, taking a swig and looking at Katelyn in her appealing dress.

"If you say so, I guess." The girl rolled her eyes, trying not to let Brendon get to her.

He knew that she was starting her job with Tosh.0 on Monday, so Brendon had to solve this issue and close their distance before then.