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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

all was golden

Things had not improved between Brendon and Katelyn over the weekend, mostly because the girl didn't want to hear it. He attempted to talk to her numerous times, apologizing over and over again until she told him to just stop.

His tenacity was wearing her thin and he knew it, which is why Brendon kept up with the flowers and little post-it notes with hearts and little 'I love you's written on them. Brendon was bombarding her with sweet nothings, which made the girl feel absolutely guilty when she woke up for work on Monday morning and got ready without waking Brendon, who had wanted to see her off for her first day.

While finishing off an apple and a glass of cranberry juice for breakfast, Brendon walked sleepily into the kitchen, yawning when he spotted the girl standing at the counter in a pair of dark, fitted jeans and a red and blue plaid shirt. When she turned to face him, he noticed the shirt she was wearing beneath her open over shirt was a white Panic! shirt that Brendon remembered seeing back on their first big headlining tour.

"I packed you a lunch."

Brendon's words surprised the girl, who watched as he went into the fridge and pulled out a brown paper bag with her name written on it.

"You did what?" Although she saw the sack lunch, she was still amazed. He had taken the time to pack her lunch for her first day.

The girl mumbled out a thank you, and Brendon told her that it wasn't a big deal. To Katelyn, though, it was a rather large deal. Despite the fact that she had been giving him the cold shoulder, Brendon hadn't given up. Katelyn walked over to Brendon, taking the bag he proffered.

"We'll talk when I get home, okay?" She gave him a smile, reaching up and ruffling his already messy hair. Brendon smiled in return, telling the girl to have a good first day.

It took less than twenty minutes to get to the building in Culver City, which was surprising for almost nine in the morning. She had been informed during her interview that this wasn't a typical 9 to 5 job; the writers and staff of the show basically wandered in anytime from 9 to 10 a.m., and usually began to trickle out of the office at 4 that afternoon. Their hours would be determined by the deadlines they had to meet that week, but it was usually just show up and leave when your stuff is done, which Katelyn enjoyed. Her set schedule at Disneyland had always left her counting down the minutes until she was finished with every shift.

Walking into the offices, Katelyn greeted her new coworkers warmly, shrugging off her jacket and hanging it over the back of the chair at her desk, which was situated in a semi-open cubicle. The man in the cubicle next to hers directed the girl to the break room, where she stored her lunch in the fridge, and when she returned to her desk, a tall, lanky man was there waiting for her. Katelyn looked up at the dirty blond, immediately recognizing him as the one and only Daniel Tosh.

"Good morning, Mister Tosh." The girl nodded, sending a smile his way as she booted up the Macbook Pro sitting at her desk. His dark, brown eyes clearly sparkled with delight at her formality; something he had demolished amongst his staff long ago.

"Hey Katelyn. Or do you prefer Kate? You can call me Daniel, Tosh, or just Bossman if that floats your boat."

"Kate is just fine, Bossman." Katelyn sent the man, who was twelve years her senior, a wink before he cut in and asked about her t-shirt.

"Oh, uh. It's my boyfriend's band, Panic! at the Disco." The girl felt her cheeks turning pink; not that she was embarrassed, but she was always hesitant when telling people that Brendon was famous. Then again, who better to understand than someone who was a celebrity as well.

"No way. I don't believe you, Miss Kate. How is a sweet girl like yourself dating a rock star?" Daniel crossed his arms over his chest, leaning back a bit to inspect the petite young woman standing before him.

Katelyn didn't know how to answer his question, and honestly, she didn't really want to.

"We- I went to high school with him and we've been together ever since." Daniel didn't need to know about their split and reconciliation at the moment, nor would he ever need to.

"So which one is he?" Tosh had gone onto the computer at her desk, Googling the band and pulling up an image of the four former bandmates at the Grammy's, all in suits. Smiling at Spencer's plaid suit, she almost didn't hear her boss prod her for an answer again.

"He's that oneā€¦" Katelyn pointed to Brendon, who was between Jon and Ryan, wearing a blue and black striped jacket with a clashing, striped light and dark gray vest underneath. He was so mismatched that she nearly laughed, having seen this outfit a few times before in their closet.

"Yeah, well, he's definitely the cutest one in the group." Daniel laughed, closing out of the browser and letting the girl get to work.

"Don't worry about Tosh. He likes to mess with everyone that steps foot in our building, staff included. Your boyfriend is cute, by the way. What's his name?" A woman in the cubicle across from hers smiled, her raven hair falling farther out of her ponytail as she spoke. The placard on her desk read 'Madeline', so Katelyn only assumed that was her name.

"I figured as much. Comedians have to be funny all the time or else they explode, right? And thanks; his name is Brendon. I think he's pretty cute too." Katelyn flashed Madeline a smile before looking down at her desk and realizing that she had no idea what she was supposed to be doing, so she asked the woman she had just spoken to.

Katelyn was released from the office around 5:30, excited that tomorrow they would be finishing everything up for that day's taping. She overall had a pretty interesting first day on the job, and couldn't wait to tell Brendon.

When she walked into the apartment, the sounds of running water and Brendon's shower voice filled her ears. The girl smiled to herself, setting her keys down and continuing into the living room.

On the kitchen counter sat a small pot with a few stems of white orchids with a little card that had her name written on it in Brendon's print. Inside it read, Congrats on your big first day! Love, B. He had drawn a heart beside his initial, making her giddy for some reason. He had been bringing her different bouquets over the past few days, but this just seemed different.

Upon entering the bedroom, Katelyn could clearly hear her boyfriend belting Wouldn't it be Nice by the Beach Boys. Stifling a laugh, she slipped off her shoes and tucked them away in their spot in the closet, changing into a pair of denim shorts and a black v-neck.

Katelyn was lounging in the living room when Brendon came out in a pair of tight jeans and a white t-shirt with a cream colored cardigan over that. Much to her enjoyment, he was clean-shaven, with his hair still a little damp. He let out a little noise indicating his shock that she was home so soon, making the girl laugh.

"You weren't supposed to be back yet! I haven't had time to prepare!" Brendon couldn't help but feel a bit nervous, not knowing how this was going to go. He needed to apologize for being an ass, but she had shot him down all the other times he had tried. This morning had been different though; she seemed responsive and accepting of his olive branch.

"Sorry I ruined your plans? I love the orchids though.. But I'm more amazed that you remembered they're my favorite." Katelyn smiled as he sat on the other end of the couch, setting down the book she had been reading.

"They were on your corsage at prom." Brendon shrugged, staring down at his dark jeans and avoiding Katelyn's surprised look.

"You remember that?"

"I remember everything when it comes to you." His answer caught the girl off guard, and she blurted out an apology.

"What are you sorry for?" The man looked up at his girlfriend, his hair falling into his eyes as he tried to figure out what was going on.

Katelyn told him that she had been giving him the cold shoulder just to give him a taste of his own medicine. Brendon nodded, giving a shrug in response and saying that it was okay because he had been way out of line before.

"Forget about it, okay? How was work? I want to hear all about it." He watched her intently, waiting for her to tell him everything.

"Let's talk while we make dinner, alright?" Brendon nodded and jumped off of the couch, dragging the girl into the kitchen so they could get to it.

"So, I think I was sexually harassed a couple of times today." Katelyn had told Brendon all about her arrival at work and being shown the ropes. She told him about her inquisition by her boss, and that he now knew who Brendon was as a musician and her significant other.

"Wait, you were what? By who?" Brendon was busy watching the oven to see if their homemade pizza was almost done, but he did shoot the girl a confused glance as he put on a pair of oven mitts.

"It was just Tosh, so I don't think it was that big of a deal. Madeline, one of the other female employees, says it's kinda like being hazed. He just called me sugar tits and stuff like that." She merely shrugged, earning a look from Brendon that clearly portrayed his feelings on the matter.

"That's not something you should take lightly. But if you think it's fine, I won't say anything. What else happened today?"

"Tosh noticed my shirt and asked about it. He was quite amazed when he discovered that I 'landed a rock star', and I'm pretty sure he told the entire office." Katelyn sighed, remembering how she had heard him discussing her love life with his writing staff, telling them that they either needed to look him up on Youtube or get him to come into the office.

"This doesn't really seem like the ideal workplace. Are you sure this is all it's cracked up to be?"

The girl said that it would be fine and tried to switch the subject, telling Brendon that everyone had been jealous that her boyfriend had packed her a lunch; he had even left a small note in the bag for her.

Brendon watched as she got out a few beers from the fridge, and once she set them down on the counter to get a bottle opener, he pulled the girl into a hug. He had caught her off guard, but none the less, she wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned her forehead on his shoulder. They stood in the embrace for a few minutes, until Katelyn decided to speak up.

"Hey Brendon?" She pulled back a little, looking up at him with a smile, and he noticed that it had reached her eyes.

"Yes, dearest?" He glanced down at her, assessing every single freckle that was scattered across her nose and cheeks, despite how faint they were.

"I think the pizza is ready." Katelyn let out a giggle when he quickly released her so he could get the pizza from the oven.

During dinner, the pair decided that they would fully move out of the apartment over the weekend. Brendon's lease was up within the end of the month, so they were trying to get things done in a timely manner.

Katelyn had been watching HGTV in her spare time, so she had a lot of ideas for the house once they moved in. She had collected paint swatches and was planning a complete overhaul in the room they had chosen to be Brendon's studio as well as their bedroom. In her opinion, white walls were so boring and blah for a bedroom, so she was going to paint as soon as she got the chance.

"I really want to get that chalkboard paint for the kitchen. There's that wall of the pantry that has the light switch on it, and I think it's perfect." Katelyn had been putting all of her design ideas out in the open for Brendon to accept or deny, and usually he was pretty compliant. Their aesthetics when it came to decorating were quite similar, which made everything a whole lot easier for the both of them.

"When did we stop talking about work? Don't try to distract me! If you get hit on again, don't put up with it." Brendon couldn't get what she had said off his mind and this annoyed the girl.

"Just forget that I even said anything about it, Brendon. It's not that big of a deal. Don't you have something else you'd rather be doing than listening to me drone on about work?" Katelyn asked, sending him a flirtatious look that clearly said she wanted him to drop the subject.

Brendon shrugged, saying that he didn't really have anything else to do at the moment. The girl sighed as she got up from the table with her plate, letting her fingers trail across Brendon's arm as she walked past him and into the kitchen.

How dense was he going to be about this? Normally she didn't have to say a word; one glance and he usually got the gist. The girl rested her forehead against the refrigerator, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. Out of nowhere, she felt Brendon's arms wrap around her waist and spin her around and attacked her lips with his.

"So you got the message now?" Katelyn breathed out in between his quick kisses.

"Loud and clear." Brendon nodded fervently, pushing her back against the fridge and taking control of the situation.
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