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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

in the sky

Katelyn and Brendon were completely moved out of the apartment and into their house a few days before New Year's Eve. The girl had done all of the painting she planned on doing, so all they had to do was unpack and arrange everything so it was to their liking. Brendon had been writing and planning to book studio time with Spencer while Katelyn was off work, which gave them ample time to figure out where everything would go in their new home.

The copper haired girl was now adjusted to her new work schedule, finding that it was more fun than her employment at the 'Happiest Place on Earth' had been. Now she found herself with a lot of time on her hands, though, because Tosh.0 had finished it's first season during the second week of November, and it wouldn't be starting up until the second week of January.

She got along with her co-workers rather well, but Daniel Tosh was the one who made her most comfortable at the office. Katelyn and Tosh were sarcastic with one another, making the girl feel right at home amongst all of the writers and graphics staff.

Tosh was a rather mischievous man, who enjoyed messing around with Katelyn, and decided all of a sudden that every couple of days the only music he would play throughout the office was Panic! at the Disco. He was constantly changing the background on her work computer to webcam pictures of himself, usually while he was making dumb faces or holding up pieces of paper with pictures of Brendon printed on them, along with his own little speech blurbs drawn in.

Brendon didn't exactly appreciate this when she mentioned it in passing, but Katelyn always brushed it off as being a part of the team. At least the little blurbs said things like 'Time to dance, Red', rather than derogatory or lewd phrases. He had also taken to calling the girl Red, due to the fact that he believed she was a redhead. Katelyn never knew what to expect every morning she went to work, and that's what made the job exciting.

The last of their things were in the process of being unpacked, which meant that they were undoubtedly going to have a house warming party sometime in the near future.

"Ryan and Spencer want to throw us a party here in January. Are you cool with that?" Brendon was busying himself with putting away pots and pans in the kitchen.

Before anything had been unpacked, the couple went through the kitchen and a few other places, discussing exactly where everything would go, so that it all had a proper place when they were finished.

"I guess. It's mostly going to be your friends though. I don't keep in touch with a lot of the people I was friends with at UC Irvine."

Katelyn thought about all the kids she had supposedly made friends with as she hung up a painted, black window shutter on a wall near the doorway leading from the kitchen to the living room. She had seen something like it in a home decorating magazine and thought it was an awesome idea for sorting their mail.

Katelyn had really only kept in touch with Elaine and Jess, and ever since she had started work, she was spending less time at orchestra rehearsals. She had new priorities, which meant that music was taking a back seat temporarily until she could fit it into her schedule.

"You can invite some co-workers, you know. Speaking of that, isn't your office Christmas party tonight?" Brendon looked over his shoulder at the girl, noticing her hair, now kept from her face with a black bandana as a headband, and how it was growing out. He noticed that her hair was darker now, due to time inside, and it hung past her shoulder blades with a slight wave like always.

Katelyn uttered a string of curses, looking at the oven's clock to check the time and noticing that it was 5 o'clock.

"Yeah, it's at seven. Are you gonna come with?"

Tosh had been pestering the girl nonstop ever since the party had been announced, begging her to bring Brendon along. He had even taken it upon himself to text her every day during the show's off time. She had only agreed to invite her boyfriend under the strict rule that Daniel would be polite and respectful to Brendon.

The pair walked from Katelyn's car, through the parking lot, and to the Tosh.0 offices shorty after seven. Wearing a gray pencil skirt, a white, sleeveless top with a black trim around the collar that tied into a long, thin bow, and a fitted black blazer, Katelyn nervously walked beside a sharply dressed Brendon into the office. He had dressed in a pair of tight, black dress pants, a white button down shirt, and a soft, dark gray v-necked cardigan. To top it all off, he was wearing a bow tie, which always put a smile on Katelyn's face.

The girl kept a firm grip on Brendon's hand, while she held onto her Secret Santa gift in the other. Katelyn had pulled a fellow female co-worker's name, Rachel, and had felt relieved that she didn't get Tosh.

She was nervous about bringing Brendon to this little event, and that was putting it lightly. Katelyn was absolutely terrified of what Daniel Tosh was going to say to Brendon; whether he was going to be obnoxious or pleasant, or if he was actually going to honor their deal.

"Calm down, Kay. It's an office Christmas party. I promise I'll be good." Brendon quietly spoke in her ear, giving her hand a squeeze as they greeted her fellow employees.

"It's not you I'm worried about…" The girl mumbled more to herself than anyone else, plastering a smile on her face and letting the festivities begin.

Katelyn had introduced Brendon to a bunch of her work friends, all while keeping an eye out for the man of the hour. There was an open bar, so the girl was working through her glass of white wine, while Brendon was sticking to water.

After passing under some mistletoe and kissing Brendon in front of a rather sizable crowd, Katelyn heard the unmistakeable voice of her boss.

"Well if it isn't Little Red and her elusive companion!" Daniel picked the girl up in a warm hug, then shook Brendon's hand as he introduced himself.

"I've heard a lot about you, Daniel." Brendon smiled cordially, making Tosh give him an odd look.

"I kinda thought he'd be more, I dunno, rock 'n' roll like, Red. Not some guy in a cardigan and a bow tie." He nudged Katelyn, making her roll her eyes at him. He wasn't exactly being discreet, so Brendon had heard his less than enthusiastic comment.

"Oh, don't let his appearance fool you, Tosh, he gets pretty crazy when he's got four Red Bulls in him and about to play a set." She sent Brendon a wink before returning her gaze to her boss.

"Well then! Let's get the vodka Red Bulls pouring! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some mistletoe to stand under." The pair watched as Daniel flounced away with a mischievous grin on his face.

Once the girl had placed her Secret Santa gift on the designated table and thrown her blazer over her desk's chair, she went to find Brendon, who was pleasantly chatting with one of the head writers of the show.

"I am so sorry, but I need to borrow Brendon for a few minutes." Katelyn flashed a smile at Scott, who nodded and said that it was no problem. Katelyn entwined her fingers with Brendon's, leading him off down a deserted hallway.

"Kate, where are we going?" Brendon had been enjoying his small talk with the friendly man, but this seemed interesting as well. She held her finger up to her lips, shushing him as they continued on.

Katelyn stopped him outside of a door, jiggled the handle, and grinned when it opened. She pulled him inside, quickly shutting the door behind them, and shoving Brendon against it roughly. The girl tangled her fingers in his hair, attacking his lips with her own with such an urgency that it caught him by surprise.

Moaning against her lips, Brendon let whatever this was continue, knowing better than to turn the girl away in this type of situation. He simply gripped her hips, pulling her body as close to his as humanly possible. It was about time they added some adrenaline back into their love life; they had fallen into such a routine that neither one of them really knew what to do about spicing things up.

Brendon pushed himself away from the door, refusing to break their contact as he backed her over towards the lone desk in the spacious office. He lifted Katelyn so that she was sitting on the desk, briefly pulling his mouth away from hers to notice the gilded nameplate that sat beside her. They were fooling around in Daniel Tosh's office.

Brendon uttered a string of expletives, feeling Katelyn's soft lips against his neck, almost making him forget that he was panicked. He didn't want to jeopardize her job whatsoever, and told her those exact words. He let out a groan when she grabbed his shoulders and pulled him closer, obviously not caring about his concerns.

"Kate, we gotta get out of here. Come on…" He went to grab her hands, but she swatted them away. Eventually, Brendon got the girl to come to her senses and they straightened themselves out before rejoining the party.

"Where did you two get off to? It's time to open our Secret Santa presents!" Madeline was the first to come across the couple, who were too busy making sure they were somewhat presentable, minus their swollen lips and Brendon's hair being tousled more than usual.

"Oh, I wasn't feeling well so we stepped outside for a few minutes." Katelyn flashed the woman a convincing smile, which was well received as they were led to the table with all of the presents on it.

Glancing over the gifts, she found one with her name on the tag, wrapped in shimmering, silver paper with a red ribbon. Katelyn picked it up and returned to her place at Brendon's side; they both looked at it with a hint of suspicion, wondering what was inside.

"Okay. Three, two, one, open your presents now!" Tosh counted down, then started in on his own gift.

Carefully removing the paper and opening the box, Katelyn saw a card with her name on it. She lifted the card, noticing that it sat upon a few layers of tissue paper, so she couldn't see what the actual gift was.

Red- This is more for your boyfriend than it is for you. He'll thank me later. You have to tell me everything after you use it though. Merry Christmas.

Katelyn stuffed the handwritten card back in the box, pushing aside the tissue paper and blushing at what was inside.

"Is that what I think it is?" Brendon's cheeks had gone bright red as well, and unbeknownst to them, the gift giver himself was watching them from across the room.

It was glow in the dark body paint, but neither of them were brave enough to say it out loud, so Katelyn meekly nodded. She glanced around the room as if to make sure no one had seen what she had received, and locked eyes with Tosh. The man gave her a thumbs up, a huge smile plastered across his face, and she could hear his laughter echoing through the room.

"I'm gonna kill him." Katelyn put the lid back on the box and handed it to Brendon, who watched helplessly as the girl marched over to her boss to give him a piece of her mind.

When they returned home, Katelyn nearly threw the body paint away but Brendon convinced her otherwise, saying that it might actually be interesting to try. The girl merely sighed, saying that she was going to take a shower and go to bed. It was nearly midnight and neither had anything planned for the next day, so Brendon was a little put off. He had been hoping to watch a late night D-list horror movie or something.

Katelyn's phone rang while she was in the shower, but since Brendon didn't recognize the number, he didn't answer it. Instead, he waited until she came out of the bathroom, dressed in a pair of pajama shorts and a t-shirt, to tell her that she had a voice mail waiting for her.

"Thanks, Bren. Why don't you go down stairs and check out the OnDemand for a cheesy horror flick?" Katelyn watched a smile cross Brendon's face as he nodded and practically skipped down to the living room to find a movie and make popcorn.

Looking down at her phone, she realized that the number was from her cousin, Graham. He was her father's nephew, but they actually had a pretty good relationship because they were close in age. Graham was almost done with his last year at UCLA, actually.

"Hey Lyn, It's Graham, I just wanted to call and let you know that your dad has been asking about you a lot and wants your number. I think he finally figured out that Brendon isn't just some wannabe musician. My lips are sealed, but I can't speak for my mom. Text me your new address so I can send you an invite to my graduation when the time presents itself. Love you, cuz."

The girl heaved a sigh, throwing her phone onto the bed haphazardly and running her hands through her damp hair.

She joined Brendon in the living room, smiling when she saw that he was all settled on the couch, underneath a blanket with a bowl of popcorn in his lap and two glasses of grape juice on the coffee table.

"I found one called 'Knock Knock'. It looks awful and amazing all at the same time." Brendon was so enthusiastic that it always brightened Katelyn's spirit.

She paused for a moment to take in his wide, excited eyes that were framed by his glasses, and a smile that she could recognize anywhere. Katelyn sat beside him under the blanket and quickly kissed his cheek, noticing the reflection of the screen in his lenses.

"What are you waiting for, then? Start that masterpiece up!"