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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun


Brendon Urie was never the type of person to raise his voice in any sort of situation unless he was on his last nerve, and that was exactly where he was the day before he was supposed to be having a house warming party.

Katelyn had come home from work on Thursday with some less than wonderful news, and that struck a wrong note with Brendon, causing him to basically go into panic mode. The girl had just finished telling him that she couldn't help set up and would most likely be late for their soiree because Tosh declared that he needed her at work.

They were filming with the 'David after Dentist' Web Redemption segment and apparently the kid had decided that he only liked her when he came into the office for some run-throughs earlier. He wasn't going to film anything unless she was there.

"We have to film at the office, then go out to some field near the airport, and then shoot a bunch more. I told Tosh that I have plans and that they were extremely important, but he said if I don't go, I'm gone."

Katelyn watched the eerily silent Brendon from her spot near her dresser in their bedroom, waiting for him to reply or even show any sign of acknowledgment. He merely stood in the doorway leading from the bedroom to the bathroom, almost shaking with rage.

"You're leaving me to do all the set up by myself? You don't even know if you'll be able to come to the party? Do you know how fucking ridiculous you sound right now, Katelyn?"

Swearing and using her full name in the same sentence? Brendon was beyond pissed off.

"Nowhere near as ridiculous as you do…" Her sarcastic response didn't go unnoticed to Brendon, who only continued to fume with anger.

"Thirty people are gonna be here tonight, including your cousin and friends, and I'm supposed to entertain all of them alone?!" As his voice began to crescendo, Katelyn felt herself shrink back, trying to make his presence seem less intimidating. She had never seen Brendon like this and honestly, she was afraid to see his bright red neck, his quivering hands, and his fire-filled eyes.

Almost in a whisper, the girl said that he could keep an arena of thousands hanging on his every word, so he should have no trouble dealing with thirty people.

Katelyn went to leave the bedroom, but Brendon stopped the attempt, taking hold of her arm with a firm grip.

"Let go, please…" The girl pleaded with him, feeling more than vulnerable in their current situation.

"Not until you promise that you're going to tell Tosh that you're not going to the filming."

There was no way that Katelyn could do that, though. She couldn't risk the job she was starting to love just because Brendon was freaking out about hosting a party alone for a while.

Before she could even attempt to stop, Katelyn said that she should have just moved to New York to work on the Daily Show. Brendon dropped her arm, backed away as if the simple act of touching her had burned his hand, and stared her with a look of utter disbelief and hurt.

"You- you don't know what you're saying! You're upset…"

"No, honey. You're the one that's upset. You fought tooth and nail to keep me here with you, but here you go trying to ruin one of the things that kept me here."

"You didn't mean it. Tell me you didn't fucking mean it!" Brendon was full-blown shouting now, having lost all sense of self control.

Katelyn couldn't help but notice how attractive he looked in that moment, but she had hoped to never see him like this. Brendon had always been able to control his anger, but then again, she had never seen him get so upset over something the way he was now.

And instead of trying to calm him down, she added fuel to the fire.

"Oh, I mean it, Brendon. I knew I should have jumped at the opportunity when Jon Stewart offered me a position on his team. Just cancel the fucking party if you can't stand the thought of having Spencer and Ryan come over to help you set up and play host until I get home from filming. I'm not telling Tosh no, and that's final." She crossed her arms over her chest, signaling that she was closing herself off and attempting to end the discussion.

"Just go running to Tosh then, why don't you?! He's all that's ever on your mind, isn't he?" Brendon seethed, staring Katelyn down with such a ferociousness that it made her extremely unsettled.

"What are you implying? I hope this isn't just you being jealous again, because I don't know how much more I can stomach stroking your ego every time you feel threatened by a man that I spend any amount of time with. First it was your band mate, now it's my boss? I've only got eyes for you, how else can I make you understand that?"

"I'm done with this bullshit." Brendon conceded, throwing his hands in the air and heading down the stairs.

"Brendon Boyd Urie, don't you walk away from me! We're not done!" The girl followed him, but stopped in her tracks when he whirled around, his glare more intense than she had ever seen.

"We're done, Katelyn." Without another word or a further explanation, Brendon walked out the front door, slamming it behind him, and taking off down the street on foot.

"What in the actual fuck just happened?" Kate muttered to herself, rubbing her eyes with her palms and trying to figure out what she had just done and why she had said what she did.


She needed to do damage control.

This was all that was running through her mind for the next hour and a half as she waited for Brendon to come back. Katelyn had a feeling that he wouldn't be home anytime soon, so she texted her boss and asked if he would meet her at a coffee shop that was halfway between them. When he responded with an agreement, Katelyn swiftly left the house and drove to the Coffee Bean to await his arrival.

When Tosh walked in, Katelyn was staring down at her hot chocolate and waiting for it to cool. The tall, lanky man sat across from his newest staff member, watching her with curiosity. Katelyn definitely intrigued Daniel, which is one of the reasons he had hired her in the first place.

He knew that she didn't have much experience working in a place like Tosh.0, but she had come recommended by Jon Stewart himself, and he wondered how such a young girl had made such an impression on the comedy giant.

"Thanks for meeting me, Bossman." Even though she was still shaken by the fight she had with Brendon, her humor was never off.

"It's no problem, what's up?" Daniel could tell that something was going on; Katelyn always had a smile on her face to go with her sarcastic disposition, but she seemed off right now. Something had gone on since he saw her at the office today and he had a feeling that she was going to tell him now.

"I can't come to the shoot tomorrow. I talked to Brendon and it just isn't going to work out. We already had something planned and I can't back out of it at the last second because some kid says he likes me."

Before she could continue, the man she sat across from cut her off, saying that it was fine.

"I know you said that I'd get fired and I tried, I really did, but I promise that- wait, what?"

Tosh smiled at the girl, saying that she could skip the filming because they didn't need her for it. Her job didn't entail attending, and despite what the kid said, Daniel didn't care; it was his show after all.

"I meant to have my assistant call you earlier, but it slipped my mind until you texted me…" He watched a grin fall across the girl's lips and found himself smiling too.

Usually he wasn't a very merciful man; he was cruel and funny, and actually enjoyed causing others inconvenience. He felt different, sitting there and looking down at his petite employee, a look of complete hopelessness on her face as she pleaded with him to see her point of view.

"Thanks, Tosh." Katelyn smiled at the man, knowing that he could have messed with her and made her come in to work only to send her home immediately after arriving.

"I expect you to be in on Saturday, though. I'll need some help around the office." Daniel nearly lost his serious composure as her jaw dropped; no one ever went in on Saturdays, ever. It was Tosh's cardinal rule.

Finally after a few long seconds of letting her dangle, Daniel let out a laugh and told her that he was kidding, and that he would see her on Monday.


When Katelyn returned home, she found that the place was void of life, except for Bogart, who had greeted her at the door. Brendon had been back, though, because his car was gone from the garage and his overnight bag was missing. The girl pulled out her phone, sending off a quick text to tell Brendon that she had been given tomorrow off.

She walked into Brendon's little studio, glancing around at the guitars, amps, and the black, stand up piano that rested against a wall he had chosen to paint a deep red color. Katelyn then noticed the vintage frame she had given Brendon so long ago, only now, it was carelessly laying down against the
top of the piano.

The frustrated girl began some preparations for the party that she had decided was still on, then decided to call it a night around 10:30.

"Come on, Boges. Let's go to bed." Katelyn smiled down at Bogart, who had been following her around the house hopelessly, looking around for Brendon whenever he heard a strange noise.

Before she settled into bed for the night, Katelyn decided to call Brendon once, and only once, after he didn't text her back.

"Brendon, I don't know where you are right now and frankly I don't really want to know. You better be back in time to help me set up for the party though. Goodnight." She left him a voice mail and flicked on the television, watching late night talk shows until she drifted off to sleep.


Brendon had gone to Ryan's house as soon as he returned home and Katelyn was gone. She hadn't left a note, so he didn't know where she went, but it didn't really matter. He was livid that she had admitted that she should have moved away; those words had hurt him more than he had imagined they would when the topic was still in the air. Brendon didn't understand how she couldn't just tell her boss that she couldn't come to whatever they were filming because she already had plans.

He wouldn't have hesitated to skip out on work to do something with her, especially if a lot of planning had gone into it. Sure, he had been out of line by accusing her of being interested in Tosh, but he was angry and couldn't control himself. Brendon had said one of the most hurtful things he could have thought of at the time, just because he wanted her to feel the same way he did after she dropped the New York line on him. It may have been spiteful and mean, but he had been pushed past his breaking point.

Ryan, of course, was now calming Brendon down as they smoked a few joints together in his living room. The lanky man had said that if Brendon ever needed him for anything, he would be there, so here he was now.

"Dude. I don't get chicks. If you don't want to be here, then go!" Brendon sighed, laying sprawled out across Ryan's sofa, while Ryan sat on the floor halfway across the room.

"You're the one that convinced her to stay, so I dunno, man."

"Oh man, what the hell. I'm vibrating." Brendon shoved his hand into his pants' pocket, pulling out his phone and mumbling out the words of the text from Katelyn. They didn't register in his mind, so he continued to rant to his friend for the next few hours, when he finally passed out.