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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

When the Sun

"Are you sure?" Brendon asked as he turned to face Katelyn and she nodded.
"On one condition."
He waited for the 'only if'
"I want to help you being up your grades. Just let me do that for you."
Brendon smiled, pulling the girl into a hug, "Deal."
"Great. So what do you need to do? Make up tests, turn in homework?" Katelyn asked when Brendon let her go.
"I talked to a few of my teachers, and they gave me some extra credit, and I know the stuff I'm missing. Everything I need is in my backpack."
"And where is that?"
"In my car..."
"Let's get started then," Katelyn grinned as Brendon groaned.

He went out the door to get his stuff, and once he came back inside, Brendon found Katelyn sitting at the kitchen counter with her school things.
"You're really into this, huh?" he laughed, taking a seat on the stool next to the girl.
"I just really want you and the band to be able to move ahead without you being held back by school," Katelyn told him earnestly.
"I really appreciate this.. Seriously," Brendon smiled, then said, "So let's start with physics, shall we?"

The two worked until four am, then Katelyn decided it was time to stop; partially because she was tired, but mainly due to the fact that Brendon was asleep, his cheek pressed into Katelyn's calculus book.
"Brendon," Katelyn sang, gently shaking his arm.
The boy swatted her hand away, rubbing at his eyes before sitting upright.
"Bren, you wanna go to bed?"
He nodded, and Katelyn got off the stool, leading Brendon to her room.
"You can have my room. I'll be in my mom's, right at the end of the hall."
"Mmkay," he nodded, yawning as he began to undo his belt.
"Oh, wow.. Uh, Brendon? What're you doing..?"
"I don't want to sleep in my jeans," Brendon shot Katelyn a confused look, then unbuttioned his pants and let them fall to the floor.
The petite girl couldn't help but laugh at Brendon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles underwear.
"Nice boxers," Katelyn smiled, and it was Brendon's turn to blush now.
"I'll wake you up at seven, okay?"
The boy shook his head, "Seven twenty."
"Alright. But we have to leave at quarter to eight."
"That's cool. Night."
"Goodnight, Brendon," Katelyn nodded, then went down the hall to her mother's room.

"Brendon! Get dressed, we're leaving in ten minutes!" Katelyn threatened the cute boy in his TMNT boxers and t-shirt.
Once the two had gotten to school on time, they went through physics with the ever-so-cheery Mr. Mylam, and then Brendon walked Katelyn to orchestra, as per usual.
"Thanks Bren," she smiled like normal, and he nodded back.
Katelyn went to open the door, but Brendon grabbed her hand, pulling her back around and into a hug.
"See you fourth period. Have fun in strings and French," he said, then let her go.
"And you have a good time in band and PE."

Katelyn entered the class room to see the familiar girls giggling at the boys doing their usual goofy things.
"Hey Kate," one of the girls, Shannon, waved as Katelyn set her things next to her chair and went to get her violin. She was concert master, so she couldn't afford to slack off with a performance coming up at the end of the year.
The girl's stand partner; a tall, tan, attractive junior named Adam took his seat to the left of Katelyn and immediately began their latest discussion.
"So Miss Katelyn, how've you been my dear?"
"Pretty good. And you, honey?"
Despite what most people would say about Adam being rude or intimidating, he was always nice and sweet towards Katelyn.
"Awesome, minus the fact that we're still in school."
"Yeah, tell me about it."
"The only thing we have to look forward to besides the last day is prom..."
Katelyn nodded; she had seen the posters, signs, and heard all the girls gossiping about their dates and dresses.
"Have you gotten yourself a date, Ads?"
The boy shook his head of light brown, messy hair, a hint of red tinging his olive cheeks. How did this gorgeous Greek boy not have a date?
"Awh, who does Adam want to take to prom?" Katelyn watched his eyes flicker across the room to one of the cellists.
"Elizabeth?" the girl asked quietly and Adam nodded motioning for her to keep quiet and not make a commotion.
"You and I need to have a little talk about Elizabeth, okay?"
He nodded again, completely and utterly confused, and Katelyn continued to another subject.

"Hey Kate! Did we see Brendon Urie walking with you to class today?" The class bitch, Crystal, asked a few minutes before the period ended.
"Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?" She was in no mood to deal with Crystal today.
"Well, we were just wondering why you're hanging out with a band loser."
Katelyn rolled her eyes as the bell rang for the next period, and she tugged on Adam's arm.
He followed the girl out of the room and they walked side by side to Katelyn's locker, talking about the pieces they had been working on in class and their crazy conductor.
But apparently that was a mistake if she ever made one.
Brendon was there like he normally was, but he had been wearing a nervous expression prior to seeing Katelyn and Adam laughing as they walked towards him.
The boy looked between the two before shaking his head, then rushed off to his next class before Katelyn could even get to her locker.
"What was that all about?" Adam asked, and Katelyn shrugged, opening up her locker.
She saw a perfectly folded piece of paper with familiar writing on it, and she snatched it up along with her French book.
"Meet me back here at the beginning of lunch. We have to talk, okay?"
Adam nodded, and the two went their separate ways.

During third period, Katelyn finished her work early, and seeing as she sat towards the back of the class, she decided to unfold the note from Brendon that had been in her locker.
Would you wear the dress
if I wear the tuxedo?
Be my date to prom?

The girl found herself blushing at the haiku as if it were Brendon himself standing there..
That's why he was so nervous earlier, but why did he storm off?

In calculus, Katelyn sat in her seat beside Brendon's, and she waved at him.
He merely nodded, getting out his notes and actually paying attention, which impressed the girl.

Adam met up with the girl after fourth period for lunch, and the two sat in the grass outside, under a huge shady tree.
"Look... You need to know that Liz... Well, she's not the type of person you would want to get close to," Katelyn began. She had known Elizabeth because she was 'in' with Tasha and those girls.
"What do you mean?"
"She's basically a whore, Adam. Liz drinks, sleeps around, and smokes and isn't remotely intelligent. I used to be friends with her.."
"Ohh," was all he said, letting his head hang as he stared at the ground.
"I'm sorry. I know you really like her personality in strings. It's just an act though. I bet you'll get a date a hundred times better."
"Any suggestions?"
"I don't really know the junior class too well, but I'll keep my eyes out."
"So, do you have a date?" Adam asked, clearly wanting a change of subject.
"Well, someone asked me and I think I'm gonna say yes."
"Oooh, do tell!"
"Brendon left a cute note in my locker before third period... He wrote me this sweet haiku."
"Brendon, as in, Urie? The geeky band loser?" Adam made a face when she nodded.
"Seriously, what is the big deal? What's so bad about Brendon? He's really cool, funny, and a great person. So what, he's in band! Like it really matters," Katelyn suddenly felt offended. There had definitely been a huge divide between orchestra, band, and theatre at the school, but she didn't understand why.
"You and him are like the moon and the sun though... Total opposites."
"But you can't have the day without the night, now can you? I'll see you tomorrow," Katelyn got up and went to the cafeteria to find Ryan, Spencer and Brent, but no Brendon.

"Hey guys, where's Bren?"
"He went looking for you," Ryan answered after swallowing a bite of his sandwich, looking up at her from his seat, something he rarely did because he was much taller than she was.
The girl heaved a sigh, turning on her heel and muttering, "Thanks," before leaving the cafeteria to find Brendon.
She wandered the halls clutching on to the folded piece of paper conting the neatest of Brendon's handwriting capabilities, on a mission to find him before fiftth period English.

She looked around the band room, Brendon's locker, and then made her way to her own.
The girl opened to door to her locker, grabing her book for English and putting away her French book, finding another note with her name hastily scribbled on it.
'Katelyn, it's cool if you don't want to go with me.
Just say it to my face. I can't stand playing these games, you understand, right? -B

She closed and locked the red metal door, leaning her back against it and running her hand over her face, extremely flustered by this entire situation.
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