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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

Found the Moon

Brendon had just slipped a note asking Katelyn to prom in her locker, and he was waiting in his usual spot for the girl so he could see her reaction.
But when he heard the familiar laugh he had been waiting for, Brendon wished he was far, far away.
He saw Katelyn, of course, but she was with a prospective complication to his plans.
As a junior, Adam Russak had a bad boy reputation at Palo Verde high.
He was in a hardcore metal sounding band, he was Greek, and proud of it. This guy was funny and sarcastic, a complete smart ass and he towered over Katelyn, flashing her a bright smile.
Brendon suddenly felt self-conscious and uneasy, so he quickly walked outside, sitting beneath a shady tree to read his book for next hour, trying to regret that he even slipped that note into Katelyn's locker in the first place. Something wouldn't let him though.

As if by some cruel joke, he heard Adam and Katelyn again nearby. And when he peeked up from his book and turned around, he saw them on the other side of the tree.
Katelyn was trying to convince Adam that Liz Heusing was the wrong choice for prom as she drank the raspberry iced tea she had at lunch every day.
The junior asked if she had been asked to prom, and Brendon's breathing shortened; was he about to ask her?
"Yeah, Brendon left a cute note in my locker.. He wrote the sweetest haiku."
'At least she acknowledges it,' he thought, and listened as Adam questioned this.
Katelyn defended Brendon, and he smiled to himself.
"You and him are like the moon and the sun," Adam shot, "total opposites."
"Oh yeah?" Katelyn asked, "But you can't have the day without the night, now can you?"
She got up, walking away with one fluid, graceful motion, and Brendon couldn't help but stare after her the entire time. He was stupid for thinking that this kid was going to ruin his chances at a date to prom. Then again, Brendon was pretty familiar with rejection, so he knew to brace himself for the worst.

As she walked to English, Katelyn spotted Brendon just before he walked into the room.
"Hey Brendon, can I talk to you for a second?" she asked, and he stood just outside the door, waiting for her to catch up.
"I got your note.. Or rather, notes," she said, pulling them out of the clear cover of her binder.
"Oh.. Yeah," Brendon nodded, his hands in his pockets as he shifted his weight from side to side nervously.
"Well, despite what you may be thinking.. I'd love to go to prom with you." Katelyn watched Brendon's worried expression turn into a bright smile, and the two walked into class just before the bell rang.

After school let out, Brendon walked along with Katelyn to find her car in the jungle of a parking lot.
"So what made you want to take back your question? Did you find a better date?" Katelyn asked as she pulled out of the lot, cranking on the air conditioning.
"No, nothing like that," Brendon laughed, "I'm not exactly what you'd call a 'ladies man'."
The girl laughed at this, apparently he had no idea that he could have girls throwing themselves at him. Then again, she was glad that he didn't know that little detail.
"Oh Bren, how clueless are you? You're a total cutie."
She watched Brendon roll his eyes.
"And you never told me your reasoning! Don't think you can distract me!" Katelyn told him as they pulled up to a red light.
"I definitely think I can."
Before she could respond with something sarcastic, she felt Brendon's soft, gentle hands brush against her cheek, turning her head to face him.

"Brendon, I need to watch the light..."
"Relax, it's still red," he answered, leaning across the middle console and catching her lips with his.
Katelyn felt her grip on the steering wheel tighten, then loosen up as she set one hand on the back of Brendon's neck and returned his kiss.
A horn blared from behind the car, making Katelyn jump back. The light had turned green, so she pressed on the gas, trying to hide her bright red face from the boy in the seat beside her.
"And you still didn't answer my question!" Katelyn grinned when they got into her house. She just couldn't keep the smile off of her face.
"What? I don't think I heard you," Brendon called from the kitchen.
"I'm pretty sure you did," she rolled her eyes, joining him in the quest to raid the kitchen and make a snack.

For the next three days, Brendon and Katelyn went to school, went to each other's houses, and did homework.
Brendon occasionally had work at a smoothie place, but it was only three days a week; Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.
Katelyn helped Brendon get all of his makeup and extra credit work done for Friday, so all he would have to do tomorrow was turn it in and make up a few tests.
Brendon had been at band practice for the past hour, while Katelyn was at her house finishing her assignments.
The house phone rang, and Katelyn quickly picked it up.
"Hi baby!" Helen Tieger greeted her daughter.
"Hey momma, how's Scottsdale?"
"Hot and busy, like always. How are you holding up? You did get someone to come stay with you, right?"
"Yes, mom! Brendon's here with me for the duration.. Well, he's at practice right now.. But whatever."
"Oooh," Katelyn's mother mused, "what's been going on then?" Sometimes she was more gossipy than a teenager.
"Not a whole lot. I've been helping Bren bring up his grades... And he asked me to prom."
"What'd you say?!"
"I said yes, of course.."
"You do like him! That's so cute"
"Mom," Katelyn gaped, running her hand across her face in embarrassment as she and Helen continued to talk until her mother had to go.

Friday arrived, and Katelyn sat in strings making small talk with Adam.
They had finished their daily in-depth conversation early, and Crystal now approached the girl along with several of the other obnoxious girls of the class.
"So. We heard that a band geek asked you to prom," Crystal sneered.
"Yeah, and your point is?" Katelyn shrugged, shooting Adam a sarcastic look and making him hold back a laugh.
"You're not actually going with him, are you?"
"Why wouldn't I?" Katelyn asked, not liking where this conversation was headed.
"He's a band geek! You of all people should know that we don't associate with those kinds of kids," Liz hissed, and Katelyn's jaw dropped.
"How dare you say that to me. We're all supposed to be friends here.. Just because I don't help you harass band kids anymore.."
Sophomore and half of junior year, Katelyn and her fellow orchestra girls harassed any band student they came across. Well, as first chair, she basically led in the verbal taunts of these other kids. She had been a huge bully for the longest time during her early years in high school.
But then Katelyn realized how horrible she was being, all to maintain an image, and Crystal resented her ever since.
"Maybe we wouldn't have to talk about this if you didn't fraternize with the enemy! You need to be like you used to. You need to be cool."
"They're not our enemies! They're people, and some of them are really cool."
Before Crystal or any of the girls could reply, the bell rang.
Katelyn grabbed her backpack, sliding it over her shoulders as she walked out of the classroom.

"Hey Katelyn, wait up!"
The girl turned and stopped, smiling up at Brendon.
But when she looked over his shoulder and saw Crystal and Liz, as well as the two other girls, Amy and Erica, watching with disapproving glares... She had done so well avoiding the peer pressure for so long, but all of a sudden she felt weak under their judgmental eyes.
"Brendon.. I'm sorry," Katelyn said gently, a sincere look on her face before her entire composure changed, "Stay the hell away from me, you freak! Can't you take a hint? I never want to see or be seen with you again!"
She quickly looked down to avoid seeing Brendon's shocked, upset face and to hide the tears forming in her eyes, so she said, "I'm so sorry," once more, then rushed to her French class.

All throughout third period, Katelyn couldn't concentrate on anything. She hated those girls in her orchestra and she hated that she had succumbed to their pressure. The girl thought that after she had gotten rid of her old habits, attitude, and friends, life would be a whole lot easier. And it was, for the most part. But there are always those things that drag you back into old ways.
Once Mrs. Less passed out the homework, she came over to the girl's desk.
"Are you ok, Katelyn?"
The girl shook her head.
"Do you want to step outside?"
She nodded, picking up her things and thanking Mrs. Less before walking out into the hall.
Katelyn didn't even remember sitting through fourth period Calculus, and she found herself outside for lunch, sitting in the grass beneath the tree she, Brendon, and the guys had been eating under recently.
She was holding on to her raspberry Arizona iced tea, watching the people pass her by.
There was no doubt that Katelyn felt horrible for what she had said to Brendon; she didn't mean a word of it.
But she had to get those stupid girls off her back.
Katelyn ran a hand through her long, light reddish brown hair, blowing her side swept bangs out of her usually bright, hazel eyes.

"I knew I'd find you out here."
Upon hearing this, she immediately looked around for the owner of the voice.
When she didn't see anyone, Katelyn shook her head, wiping the salty tears out of the corners of her eyes.
"But I never knew you'd say the things you did.."
Katelyn leaned up, peeking around the trunk of the tree to find a familiar head of chestnut brown hair.
With a smile, she rested back into her spot, acting casual and trying not to raise suspicion.
"You have no idea how awful I felt saying it... The girls in my strings class verbally attacked me today for saying I'd go to prom with you."
"So now you don't want to?" Brendon asked, and Katelyn shook her head, smiling to herself.
"I want them to see us together at prom. I want to make their jaws drop."
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