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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

She was Drinking Tea

That night, Brendon and Katelyn went to the mall. Or well, the girl dragged him to the mall to help look for a prom dress. She enlisted Ryan and Shannon's help too, since they were going together, and Shannon, a violist from her orchestra, needed a dress.

Earlier that day, the pair had spent the entire lunch period talking to each other on the opposite sides of a tree, and sorted everything out regarding Katelyn's sudden outburst at the helpless and clueless Brendon. She had explained about her past and how she had been a bully, and Brendon understood to the best of his ability. The girl was grateful that he accepted her apologies, and felt that it would be good for them to go to the mall later.

When Katelyn had picked out several dozen dresses, she sent Brendon and Ryan off to look at tux's while she and Shannon went to the dressing rooms.
"It's so cute how Ryan asked you to prom.. So simple and nice," Katelyn said through the thin wall of the small changing room.
"He just came upto me with a flower he picked and asked me flat out. Brendon left a cute note in your locker and wrote a little poem. Now that's cute. It shows how shy and nervous he is."
"Oh, shush!" Katelyn blushed, pulling on a dress and zipping it up
Shannon and Katelyn stepped out of their dressing rooms, ready to see their choices.
"Ew!" they yelped as soon as they saw each other's outfits.
Katelyn ran back into the room, slamming the door and changing quickly.
This continued until Katelyn found the perfect dress. This one was adorable in Katelyn's eyes. It was a Betsey Johnson cupcake dress consisting of alternating layers of aqua colored tulle and white lace.
"That's the one," Shannon agreed; the readhead found her dress ten minutes ago and was now sitting outside of Katelyn's door.
"I wonder how much--" Katelyn stopped as soon as she saw the price tag.
"Well, it is Betsey Johnson," Shannon laughed.
"But is it really worth four hundred dollars?'

Katelyn called her mom quickly, holding the dress on its hanger.
"Hey Goose, what's up?"
"Uh.. I'm in the dressing room at Nordstrom with Shannon, and I found the perfect dress for prom.."
"It's four hundred dollars. Should I get it?"
"Think of it this way. You're going with Brendon, yes?"
"And you like him, and want your senior prom to be memorable and amazing."
"Well, yeah."
"Then get it. Use the card I gave you for emergencies."
"Are you sure? I mean... I could probably find another dress." Katelyn hated spending huge amounts of money on things like dresses that would probably only be worn once.
"Katelyn, shut up and get the dress."
"Okay. Thanks. Love you mom."
"You too, hun. Bye."

Shannon and Katelyn bought their dresses and met up with the boys at the food court.
"Ooh, lemme see!" Brendon begged, staring at the black garment bag in Katelyn's arms.
The girl shook her head firmly.
"Not until prom!'
Brendon huffed, crossing his arms over his chest and furrowing his eyebrows. Katelyn merely laughed, ruffling his hair.
"You'll see soon enough. Prom's in two weeks. Don't get your boxers in a bunch."
Brendon craned his neck so his lips were at Katelyn's ear, and he whispered, "What if I'm not wearing any boxers?"
The girl jumped away from Brendon as she turned bright red.
"Ew! You're gnarly, and not in a good way!"
"Relax, relax," Brendon laughed, "I've got my tightie whities on."
"You'd better," she glared, hugging the garment bag to her chest.

The two pairs, Ryan and Shannon and Brendon and Katelyn parted ways after pizza in the food court.
"Gelato Spot?" Brendon asked from his spot in the driver's seat of his car.
"Sounds good," Katelyn nodded, and Brendon drove to the familiar place.
This particular April night, the Las Vegas weather was perfect; the air was cool enough for a sweatshirt, but warm enough for shorts. It was a perfect example of spring.
Katelyn suggested that they sit outside and Brendon agreed. They found a table outside the store, pulling their chairs next to one another and ate their gelato.
"I wish there were more days like these," Katelyn sighed, inspecting her spoonful of mint chocolate chip goodness.
Brendon nodded in agreement, and Katelyn noticed that there was some raspberry gelato at the corners of his lips.
The girl gently set her hand on his cheek, wiping the sticky stuff off of his face.
She laughed when she let go, and the boy licked his full lips.
"Did I get it?" he asked.
"No, but I did," Katelyn smiled and shook her head at him, wiping her fingers on her napkin.

The two sat there eating their gelato, only speaking to make jokes about the people walking along.
Katelyn rested her head on Brendon's shoulder, and the boy let his head sit on Katelyn's.
"Hey, Bren?"
"I'm still really sorry that I yelled at you today... Those girls are ruthless, and I really don't want them making my life a living hell." She wanted to clear the air again, just to make sure that everything was alright.
"I understand. You had to do what you had to do. Gotta uphold your image."
The girl pulled back, sitting up in her chair.
"I'm not like that, Brendon. Not anymore, alright? I know I used to be horrible and mean to those kids in band. But I didn't know any better."
"I never said you were... And I know you're not like that now. I just think you should stick up for yourself."
"I've tried! Believe me, but Crystal hates me with a passion. She wants a reason to alienate or even get rid of me so she can try and get first chair. It's a coveted position in orchestra that I've held for a long time. There's no way I'm dropping a class six weeks before school ends."
Brendon nodded, "So you're going to let her think you hate me, but really not?"
"I could never hate you, Bren! But unfortunately, yes. The only time I see that girl is during strings though, so it shouldn't be hard.."

"Katelyn?" The girl heard Adam's surprised voice slightly crack from behind her, and she jumped.
"Oh, hey Adam. You-uh.. You know Brendon. Bren, Adam. He's my stand partner."
Brendon and Adam nodded at each other.
"Why was Crystal being such a bitchasaurus-rex to you today?" the Grecian, statuesque boy asked, making her bite back a laugh.
"Because she hates the fact that I'm friends with people 'on the dark side' also known as people in band. But it's not like they're any less of a person because of the instrument they play."
Adam nodded, and Katelyn went on, "I guess it has to do with me ditching Tasha, Ty and Sarah too.. But that's a story for Monday morning, okay?"
Thankfully, Adam got the hint.
"Later then, Kate. It was cool meeting you, Brendon."
"You too.."
Adam left, and Brendon let out a sigh of frustration.
Katelyn's eyes widened, "Is he why you thought I wouldn't want to go to prom with you?"
When the boy's cheeks flushed pink, her suspiscions were confirmed.
"You were jealous?"
Brendon's reddened face gave him away.
"You were!" Katelyn let out a soft chuckle, placing a sweet kiss on his warm cheek, then sat back.
"When I saw you two at lunch a while ago, outside under the tree.. It looked like you were having a pretty intense conversation."
"Yeah," Katelyn laughed, "I was talking him out of asking Liz to prom!"
"Really?" Brendon asked cautiously.
Katelyn nodded, "Really. I would never go to prom with Adam!"
"Why not?"
"I've known him since eighth grade. I've watched that kid grow up and make mistakes. I'm like his older sister, and I have to keep an eye on him."
"I don't care that much about my siblings..."
"You're the youngest, so they're the ones that take care of you.. But I don't have anyone like that. I'm an only child," Katelyn shrugged.
"So you have a brother from another mother?" Brendon smiled goofily, making the girl laugh.
"Pretty much. He's my rough and tough bodyguard, usually. But the kid's a softie at heart. It's hilarious."
"No way! He's not a teddy bear," Brendon retorted, "he could squash me like a bug!"
Katelyn shook her head.
"It just looks that way because he's 6'3. You should get to know the kid. I bet you two would get along and learn a lot from each other."
"Alright.. Maybe I will. Anyone who's tight with you has got to be pretty cool," the boy shot Katelyn a bright, playful smile.
"Oh, only the coolest!" she nodded, getting up from her chair, "give me your cup."
Brendon handed her his empty gelato cup and spoon, watching her walk over to the trash can.
Katelyn threw away their trash, then felt her phone vibrate.

"Hello?" the girl asked when she picked it up.
"Hurry up and get back over here! I miss you!" Katelyn recognized Brendon's voice, so she spun around, hanging up.
"Can you believe it? This girl just totally hung up on me!" Brendon huffed as soon as Katelyn sat down.
"The nerve of some people.." she laughed, shaking her head.

At Katelyn's house, the two played old Playstation one games on the gir's PS2, and were working on Crash Team Racing.
The house phone rang, so Brendon took the liberty to answer it since he was the closest.
"Hello? Oh.. Yeah," the boy handed the phone to Katelyn, "It's for you."
She rolled her eyes, smiling, "Hello?"
"Hey honey."
"Uh. Your dad called me today while I was at work."
"He what?" Katelyn asked, her heart nearly stopping.
"He's coming to town tomorrow, and is going to be there for the next few days.. In Las Vegas. He said he wants to see you."
"Well that's too bad, because I never want to see him again. Not ever."
"Katelyn," Helen sighed.
"I'll talk to you later mom. Bye."
The girl hung up, dropping the phone and un-pausing the game, acting as if the conversation had never happened. Brendon watched her curiously for a second, then figured that she would tell him what was up when she wanted to.
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