John's Revenge

John Kiffmeyer, aka Al Sobrante, leaves Green Day in 1991 and is replaced by Tre Cool. He marries his girl-friend, Tre's ex, in 1994, the year Dookie propels Green Day to mega-stardom.
John is insanely jealous of Tre and will try anything to get a slice of Green Day's success, even kill Tre. He is stopped, his wife leaves him for Tre and he is locked up in prison. We follow Tre, Billie and Mike as they carry on, never thinking about John, until the past comes back to haunt them.
  1. Green Day, 1991-1994
    Green Day play at Gilman and then receive some shocking news. John, aka Al, makes a decision that will alter his and everyone around him's lives forever.
  2. Olivia
    John's wife, Olivia, contacts Tre, Mike and Billie Joe to warn them of a discovery she made.
  3. Hospital
    Olivia wakes and discovers her miscarriage. She divorces John and he is arrested for attempted ***.
  4. Revelations
    John is imrpisoned for four years and Tre has a talk with Liv.
  5. Engagment
    Tre and Olivia announce their engagment and plan the wedding with Mike, Adie and Billie.
  6. Tre and Liv's Wedding
    Liv and Adrienne hunt for the perfect wedding dress, then the next day, Tre and Olivia get married.
  7. Attack of the Teenies!
    The band and their wives are attacked by teenies. They spend Christmas together and Liv has some news for Tre.
  8. Baby Names
    Just what it says in the title! Billie and Adie discuss names for the baby.
  9. Joey and Addy
    Adrienne goes into labour and gets a big surprise.
  10. Brain Stew
    Billie is getting more and more exhausted because Joey won't sleep, so he writes a song to try and lull him to sleep.
  11. Ramona
    Liv goes into labour six weeks early, and she might not make it....
  12. Waiting
    Olivia's life hangs in the balance and all Tre can do is wait, with his new baby daughter.
  13. The Cool Family
    Liv recovers and is introduced to her new daughter.
  14. In which nothing much happens......
    Tre and Billie spend time with their families.
  15. Video (Almost) Killed The Rock Star
    The guys film the videos for Insomniac.
  16. Tour
    The guys leave their families and go back on the road.
  17. In Which Tre Has A Birthday
    Tre turns 24 and Billie gets ever so slightly big-headed.
  18. Christmas With The Armstrongs
    We spend Christmas with Billie Joe, Adrienne, Joey and Addy.
  19. Happy Birthday!
    Green Day cut their tour short to go home to their famiies. Joey and Addy celebrate their first birthday.
  20. Wedding
    Mike and Anastasia get married ad Joey, Mona and Addy have a mini-adventure.
  21. Christmas
    Mike finds out that Annie is pregnant and the guys have Christmas
  22. Alyss
    Tre and Liv's second baby is born
  23. Changes
    Mona gets used to Alyss, Billie and Adie discuss the twins' education and Annie and Mike welcome their baby.
  24. Decisons
    Mike revels in fatherhood and Billie and Adie spend time at home.
  25. Being Spontaneous Is What Rock Stars Do Best
    Billie, Mike and Tre are bored, so they decide to check into a hotel and get drunk. At the hotel, they run into some famous faces and start a game of Truth or Dare
  26. The Next Album
    nimrod is released and Billie has his birthday.
  27. Annie
    Anastasia is feeling depressed and makes a big decision
  28. Finding Annie
    OK, this chapter is entirely fictional, and has been one of the hardest to write. I don't believe that it happened, but I had an idea, took it and ran with it. Some of you might like it, others will hate it, but I'll be really interested to know what
  29. Jakob
    The new addition to the Armstrong family arrives.
  30. In Sickness and in Health
    The guys go back on tour and Jakob isn't quite right
  31. Illness
    Liv tries to get in touch with Billie.
  32. Men-in-jenny-tis
    Liv explains whats going on to the twins, and still can't get hold of Billie.
  33. Billie Comes Home
    Liv gets Billie Joe to come back home.
  34. To the Zoo
    Liv and Tré take the kids to the zoo to make them feel better, and some good news lightens the mood
  35. Home Again
    Jake, Adie and Billie return from the hospital.
  36. Memories
    Adie and Billie Joe think over their time together, separately.
  37. Conversations
    People take time out to think and talk to each other about everything that's happened.