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The New Guy

You could tell I was staring. I wasn't very subtle when it came to these kinds of things. He was so hot though. Also, he was the new kid, the cliche amazing looking new kid. I didn't even know we had a new kid until this class so I hadn't heard anything about him.
I saw other girls checking him out along with me and I wondered if he noticed, the obviousness of our stares was incredible, like no one cared if he saw or not.

I threw my books into my locker after school ended and glanced back to see if Celice was coming. Celice was my best friend and had been since the third grade. We grew up in this town together and were pretty much inseparable.

"Hey girl!" She came up from the side and tossed her books in my locker.

"Hey," I smiled. "What you wanna go do?" We always did something after school even if it was something small like going to get an ice cream cone. We never just went straight home, it was like a tradition almost.

"Did you see the new guy?" She looped her arm in mine, one of my pet peeves, and pulled me along.

"Um, yeah..." I reached up with my other hand and scratched my head. "What do you wanna do?"

"I wanna do the new guy!" She giggled. "He's so delicious."

"He's okay." I said, trying to sound nonchalant about the whole thing even though I, myself, had a huge crush on him.

"Okay?" She stopped in the middle of the hallway dramatically. "Okay?"

"All right, I guess he's pretty cute." I said and she resumed walking.

"That's what I thought. We seriously need to get to know him before some other skank steals him from us."

"He's not ours..."

"Yes," She clipped her words. "He is."

We ended up driving to McDonald's and ordered a couple McChickens and two small fries. Celice liked to watch her weight but she would never pass up the deliciousness of McDonald's. Ever.

"So, do you think he'd be into me?" She asked. Crap, if she wanted him to be into her that meant he was pretty much off limits to me if I ever wanted to try anything.

"Are you serious?" I said, faking enthusiasm. "He would totally be into you, Leece! You're gorgeous." And she was extremely gorgeous. I couldn't even deny that. I was constantly jealous of her good looks. I wasn't so bad myself but I felt like nothing compared to her.

"Shut up!" She hated compliments. She wasn't very good at taking them because, like all girls, she was self conscious about her looks.

"Hey," I said. "Just stating a fact." I shoved a few fries into my mouth.

She drove me to my house like usual and dropped me off.

"Thanks for the ride. See ya tomorrow." I shut the door and walked to my house. My mom and dad weren't home yet, they both worked until after 9:00. My mom usually getting home just about the same time as my dad.

I walked over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. This was the most boring time of day because I had no one to talk to and we didn't have cable on t.v. so all I could really do is read or get on the computer. I ran up to my room and shut my door, even though no one was home I was kind of obsessive about it.

I grabbed my laptop and plopped down on my bed. Facebook time. I logged on and saw a friend request notification. Shane Henricksen? Who the hell was that? I clicked on his name and it sent me to his page. I looked at his profile picture and my heart skipped a beat.

"Shane?" I said. It was the new guy from school.
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