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Care Free


I accepted the friend request, confused. How the hell did he even know my name? Much less want to add someone he barely even knows. I went to his profile, he had over 500 friends. Oh, that's why. He didn't care who he added, he just added anyone and everyone.

In school the next day I still couldn't keep my eyes off him. He was literally captivating, I couldn't help it. The way he tossed his hair kept me in a trance. Man, I had it bad.

"Hey," He looked over at me.

"Um," I said awkwardly. Then I stuttered, "H-hey."

"Are you," He dragged out his words. "Okay?"

"Yeah, fine!" I coughed out and he looked at me funny. Wow, I just screwed myself over for ever having a chance with this guy. He just dropped his head into his hands and chuckled.

"You're cute." He said. Cute! I'm cute! My heart fluttered and I almost died.

"Ha-ha. Thanks." I laughed a bit nervously.

He turned back to the teacher and I mimicked him but I still stole glances out of the corner of my eye. I was so pathetic, I needed to stop this crush it was ridiculous. It wasn't even a healthy get-over-it-in-a-week crush. It was the one that I stared at him and caught myself wanting to drool at him. Why did some guys have to be so damn sexy?

"Hey buttercup." Celice caught up to me at lunch and led me over to our usual round table in the corner.

"What's up?"

"Guess. Who. I. Just. Talked. To." She paused in between each of her words.

"Hmmmm...Shane Henricksen?"

"Yea--Wait, you know his last name, you stalker!" She pushed my arm and giggled.

"Me? Stalker? he's the one who added me on facebook."

"What!" She exclaimed. "He added you on facebook?"

"Yeah," I said, biting into a bread roll. "but it's not like it matters, he adds everyone."

"Not me!" She pouted and I gave her a side hug. She could honestly get anyone she wanted but she didn't have that kind of confidence. She wouldn't in a million years admit to anyone that she thought she was pretty. I don't ever think it even crossed her mind. That was the most dangerous combination: A girl that doesn't know she's gorgeous. She will get guys because she won't think they're into her and they like that she's not all flirty, she's just a down to earth awesome chick.

"He'll add you someday." I smile.

"What's up ladies!" Our friend, Logan came to sit next to us, he slapped Celice's butt.

"Hey!" She laughed and swatted him. Logan was the kind of guy everyone could love. He hit on all the girls and he was cute while doing it, not the creepy kind of stalker kid.

"Yo, Shane!" He called across the lunch room. I almost choked. Shane? I glanced up at Celice, she was obviously thinking the same thing judging from her wide eyes but even wider smile. All in all she looked kinda goofy.

"What's up?" Shane sat down on the stool right across from Celice and me. We both said a mixture between "nothing" and "hey".

"Hey man." Logan said and slapped him on the back.

"You have a problem with hitting people, don't you?" Celice frowned but had a hint of amusement in her eye. I looked at Shane briefly and saw he was looking at Celice. Of course, I would never have a chance with someone like Shane.

"So," Shane said, addressing me, "Your name is Alonna, right?" Like he didn't remember adding me on facebook.

"Yep." I said.

"Cool..." He trailed off not knowing what to say.

"And yours is Shane?" I smile.

"Yeah." He smiles a bright smile back at me. His teeth looked extra bright in contrast with his dark hair. Ooh, he was so cute. Celice kicked me under the table and I looked at her. She mouthed 'stop staring' to me and I quickly looked down at my food. This boy had me so hypnotized.
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