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Care Free

The Skank

“Cool,” He turned back to the waitress and smiled. “That’ll be it, I guess.”

“Okay,” She wrote down the last of our order and shot me a look. I couldn’t know for sure but I thought I saw a I’m-gonna-get-your-boyfriend look. He wasn’t even my boyfriend, bitch. So ha. Take that.

“I don’t like that waitress,” I said when she left.

He looked at me. “Why? I thought she was really nice.”

“I don’t know,” I looked over at her giving our orders to the person in the back. Maybe the chef. Oh great, look at that. I smile to myself in an of-course way. Like, of course she has to have the perfect ass in the entire world. Not that I was checking out her ass. “Just something about her.”

“Huh,” Now he’s looking at her too. Great.

“Anyways!” I said a little too loud to get his attention back. I didn’t want him to leave me for some girl when he wasn’t even mine yet. Thinking about that made me panic. What if he found someone better?

“Yeah, anyways.” He checked the time on his watch and I frowned.

“Counting the minutes until you can leave?” I laughed, but inside I felt a little truth in my accusation.

“Oh, no!” He waved his hands like he was blocking something from hitting him. Lucky him, I was about to. “I was just checking the time, I’ll never do it again.” He winked at me.

The waitress came back with my fries and his chicken sandwich.

“Uh, where’s our Sprite?” He asked.

“I’ll get that in just a second along with your receipt.” She set my fries down in front of me. She probably spit in them. I pushed them away a little when she walked away. No way was I eating fries with her spit on them. No telling what could have been in her mouth.

“Here ya go.” She handed the Sprite to Shane, of course, along with the receipt. I see some purple hand writing on the back.

“What’s that?” I ask when she finally wiggles her perfect butt away. Shane flipps the receipt over and I see the corner of his mouth lift and I get a little sad. I know it’s her number.

“It’s her number,” He said and laughed. It’s like he’s laughing in my face. I thought we were on a date. “Whatever.” He shoved it in his pocket.

Wow. I am so shocked all I can do is sit there with a stupid, fake smile on my face. I mean, sure, she was pretty and perfect and everything but I didn’t actually expect him to get her number when he didn’t even talk to her. Who was I to say anything though. We weren’t together. Just hanging out.

After eating our food (I couldn’t resist the temptation of the fries) he took me outside and we walked down the street a little way, just talking.

“How do you know Logan?” I bring up. I don’t know what to say to him anymore. He’s a jerk.

He laughed. “Oh man, that guy.”


“He’s awesome, um, he’s in my Algebra class.”

“You’re in Algebra? I thought that was for…freshman?” I look at him weird.

“Noo, I meant Algebra two. I didn’t know I had to specify for someone as smart as you.” He licks his lips. Which instead of finding kind of hot before, I now think is very obnoxious. You’re an idiot, licking your lips make them more dry.

“Are you mocking me or something?” I raised an eyebrow and grimaced. Why was he so annoying?

“Um,” He looked to the side, insinuating that I’m not getting ‘the obvious’ thing he’s saying. “You’re in my Physics class, Physics is only for Seniors...or smart people.”

“Oh.” I looked down at my shoes. Now I just feel stupid. I am nowhere near start. The only reason I was in Physics is because I already took Chemistry Sophomore year. I guess that jerk didn’t need to know that though.

Out of nowhere, when it starts to get cold, he grabbed my hand. His fingers slipped smoothly between mine and the only thing I could think is: This is easy for him. Even though I’m mad at him, my heart still speeds up at feeling the warmth of his hand and all this doesn’t affect him. I wondered if he was trying to warm me up when he ran his thumb along my palm. I didn’t care though, all I know is the butterflies in my stomach were making me mad at myself.

“Those shorts look a little cold to be walking around in this late!” I looked up when I hear Logan’s voice, relieved and disappointed at the same time that he showed up randomly on the street.

“Yeah,” I waved to my legs. “I got to show off the beauties though.”

“You got that right,” He dramatically stood back to check out my legs. “We have, like, the same mind.”

“Hey bro, don’t be hitting on my girl,” Shane playfully pushed him back. His girl. Oh, please. I smile.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Logan threw his hands up. “You’re girl?”

“Sorta, we just went to dinner.” I looked over at him shyly, and I could’ve sworn I saw him blush.

“Hm,” Logan pursed his lips together. “I gotta get going, see you two at school tomorrow?”

“Yeah!” I said and he reached out for a hug and I offer him one. He pulled me to his chest, tightly.

“Later, Shane.” Logan shook hands with him and walked off.

“Weird, seeing him randomly like that.” Shane said.

“Yeah, well, it’s a small town. That seems to happen a lot, you wouldn’t believe how many people you will see that you recognize, like, when you go into the store for an example.” I said.

“That’s pretty cool, never lived in a place like that before.” His hand was still entwined with mine. I could hardly think. I wonder what it sounded like when I talked.

“Where are you from?” I asked.

“San Diego.”

“Wow!” I smiled. I had never met someone from San Diego before. “That’s awesome, what’s it like there?”

“Sunny, the beaches are awesome. I can surf pretty good.” He smirked, proudly.

“That sounds really cool.” I liked him a little bit more since dinner. I just didn’t understand why he took that girl’s number. Should I just ask him about it?

“Yeah, It is cool.”

“Hey, Shane—“ I paused.

“What?” He looked over at me sincerely.

“Nothing.” I had no balls.
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