Status: On hold

Care Free


I thought about the kiss with Shane way more than I thought about the kiss with Logan. I guess things with Logan, the feelings, they had always kind of been there and we needed to get them out. I could definitely seeing us hanging out and hooking up in the future a couple of times, but I was never going to be able to have a relationship with him; he was just a friend.

"Hey Logan, can I talk to you?" I said to Logan the next time I saw him at school.

"Sure, what's up?"

"About...everything. Like...the kiss and stuff..."

"C'mon, 'lonna." He grinned. "That shit ain't serious...I get it. We're just foolin'."

"Yeah," I said, my shoulders drooped. I really didn't want him being non-chalant about the whole thing. I was secretly hoping for a dramatic break down--even a tear, anything.

"Don't get me wrong though!" He said, probably sensing my disappointment. I was too easy to read. "I definitely had a good time. I like you a lot...but I'm a flirt. You know that."

"Yeah, that's true." I perked up a little bit, he made sense.


"Wanna go out again?" Shane sidled up to me in the lunch line.

"We d-don't have much time left for lunch?" I tried to ignore my stutter. I couldn't believe it was coming back. I thought it had left for good.

"I mean after school again...I mean, if you want to." He brushed my bangs off my face. He was kind of irresistable. My crush on him, by crush I mean stalking on Facebook, had turned into something that I couldn't stop. He was a totally different person than I thought he'd be...he had changed since that first date we had.

"Um, sure. I'll have to ask my mom," I said, giving myself leeway so if I really didn't feel like hanging out later I wouldn't have to.

"Okay. Cool. I hope we can, that was hot yesterday."

"What was hot?" Celice came up behind us, obviously cutting everyone in the lunch line.

"You're gonna get caught, Leece." I pointed out.

"What's hot?" She repeated. This was not good. I hadn't told her about kissing him.

"When she bent over and her skirt flew up from the wind. She had a thong on." Shane said, crudely, but also saving my ass.

"I said don't talk about it!" I hit him, hard, on his arm.

"Well...I guess I could tell her what really happened." He grinned mischieviously.

"What." I was shocked.

"What really happened and why are you lying to me?" Celice whined to me.

"It was a g-string." I hit him again. He was being an idiot.

"Alonna doesn't wear..." She narrowed her eyes at both of us.

"Oh my G--how do you know that?" Shane moaned. "Please, tell me how you know she doesn't wear g-strings in a lot of detail."

"Well this one time," Celice said seductively. "We were just bored...and it was raining outside. Alonna had on these cute, little, pink underwear--"

"Shut the fuck up Celice," I laughed. "That's disgusting."

"No it's not. It's really not. I swear." Shane had this pained look on his face. He was really into this lesbian shit. "Just tell me more."

"Are you being serious right now?" I asked.

"Yes! Are you kidding? Lesbianism is hot. I don't even know if that's a word...but it's hot," He said. I was surprised he didn't jizz his pants yet. I peeked at his crotch to check. There was a slight dark spot that looked a little wet but I doubted it was semen. Why was I even thinking these thoughts I do not know.

We all grabbed our trays of food and sat down with Logan and two others girls who I didn't know, Logan already hitting on them. I felt a small pang of jealousy but waved it away. I was just feeling that way because we had recently been together more than we had ever been before. This feeling would go away.