What Would Happen After 5 Years?

chapter 1

I hadn’t been back to forks in over 5 years. Ever since college and starting my business, I had gone to Harvard so I didn’t have the time to come all the way home for the holidays and in the summers I had a job so I had never come home, Esme had been yelling at me for years to come home and spend some time with the family. So that is what I was finally doing, going to spend time with my sister and brother.
Alice and I talk every so often telling me stuff about the family and her boyfriend Jasper and Emmett’s girlfriend. More often she was telling me about something she had done with her best friend Bella and how Bella had gotten herself hurt. When I had lived in forks Bella had been a quiet girl that was a good student I was intrigued to see how she had changed. Alice never said anything about Bella dating someone so I was hopeful, I had a crush on Bella in high school and wanted to see if I could do something about it.
As I climbed out of the plane I was met by my family and a few extras. At first they didn’t see me for Alice was yelling at Bella…..

“Alice I don’t need to be here I am not family and I really do need to get back to the kids.” Bella yelled
“Bella you and Edward used to be good friends the least u can do is be here when he gets home!! Plus the kids will be fine” Alice yelled right back. Kids?! I didn’t know Bella had children, what did that mean she was married? Divorced? Single mother? Had a boyfriend?
“Alice, Angela counts on me to be those kids nanny, when I am not there it is an inconvenience to her. Plush I haven’t talked to Edward in over 5 years he might not even remember me!” it was at this comment that I decided my presence should be known.
“I could never forget about you Bella.”
♠ ♠ ♠
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