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Do You Understand Who I Am? Do You Wanna Know?


Warped tour. Boy had I missed this place.. The constant partying, the upbeat music thumping loudly in my ears as people danced wildly. And now, We were finally doing it again. It was first day of warped and we’d just arrived, people were already swarming around the place waiting for their favourite bands to come up on stage. I jumped off the tour bus and smiled at my best friend/bassist Scarlett Manson as she followed me off.

“What’s up Scar?” I asked as I smiled over at her. She shrugged her shoulders softly.

“Just thought I’d come out, Check how warped is getting along.” She said as she wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I fiddled with the hem of my shirt. I hated how tall she was.

“It looks okay so far. Where’s our merch table?” I asked curiously and she pointed over to a tent where our merch guy, Matty was setting up. I ran over to him and pulled him into a giant hug. “I’ve Missed You Matty!” I screamed and he chuckled softly.

“Honey.. You saw me about ten minutes ago.” He said with a chuckle and I rolled my eyes softly as I let go. We knew every person that worked for Traumatic. We knew the merch guy and all the techs personally. We also knew our manager when we were younger. We where like.. One big family.

“You know you adore my love Matt. So just take it whenever you can.” I said with a small smirk as I started helping him pull out T-shirts to put on the table.

“You know. If people see you doing this everyone is going to want those t-shirts.” He said and I shrugged softly as I continued unpacking.

“I think all the people are at the next tent. No one will see me..” I replied but, I spoke too soon.

“FRANCINE SCOTT!” I heard a girl shout and I stopped dead in my tracks as a fuck load of people ran over to our tent.

“Erm. I gotta go Matt.. Have fun!” I screamed and grabbed Scar’s hand as we ran from the tent and towards the rest of our band members near the bus.

“Hey.” Jack our drummer and Tom our guitarist chimed as we made our way over.

“Why, Hello again boys.” I said as I wrapped an arm around both of their waists. “Where shall we go bitches?” I asked and the both shrugged softly as one wrapped an arm around my waist and one put their arm around my shoulder.

“How about.. Drink!” Tom exclaimed and I giggled softly as I ushered us forward.

“Fuck, I need a good drink.” I exclaimed as I pushed them towards our bus. “Too bad I’m a cheep skate and won’t actually buy one.. Until tonight obviously.. Unless they give them away for free. Then I’m loving it.” I said with a grin and grabbed a bottle from the fridge before throwing the other guys one too.

“Hey Fran, Let’s go back to the table.” Scar said and I nodded my head softly. The guys followed us out, deciding that they wanted to chill at the table with Matt too.

“Matty!” I screamed and ran over to him, sitting on his knee as he was now sat in a deck chair.

“What’s up Franny!” he exclaimed as he wrapped his arms around my waist and I lent back into his chest. What can I say? We’re all really close. “Hey, what time are you guys on at?” Matt asked and everyone shrugged but me.

“We’re on at three. Which is in.. half an hour.” I said as I quickly glanced down at my phone. Everyone started standing, Obviously going to sort out their instruments for our set and I sighed softly as I grabbed another chair and put it next to Matt’s. “So Matt.. I have half an hour.. Entertain me.” I said and Matt shrugged softly and he let out a breath.

“Honestly, there’s nothing much to say that will entertain you.” He said with a chuckle and I sighed as I heard roars of laugher from the next tent.

“Who’s tent is that?” I asked curiously and Matt rolled his eyes.

“Fucking All Time Low. Just my luck, huh?” He asked with an annoyed groan and I just laughed softly at him.

“We all hate them Matt. Just suck it up.” I said with a giggle as I ruffled his dark brown locks.

“You did not just ruffle my hair Fran.” He said with a smirk and I stood up from my seat and I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Yes I did Matthew. What ya gonna do.” I said with a smirk and he got up from his chair before running at me. I ran around the table and forward into the people. Making sure not to go far from the table in case people stole anything. He caught me moments later making me giggle loudly as he slung me over his shoulder. “Matt I hate you.” I giggled and caught a glimpse forward to see the All Time Low boys staring at me. “It’s rude to stare.” I said with a small smile as Matt put me down and we made our way back behind the table.

“You best go Fran, Your set starts in about seven minutes.” He said with a smile and I held my thumbs up as I made my way back around the table and towards the stairs to the stage. I showed them my badge and easily got let through. I ran up the stairs to see the guys with their guitars and Jack stood with his drum sticks.

“Your on in four minutes guys.” Our manager Cameron said with a smile as he ushered me over to the stage.

“Thank you Warped tour! You’re an amazing audience. Now for some other amazing people. Give it up for Traumatic!” Gerard Way shouted into the mic and I smiled softly as I ran onto the stage as they where leaving. I gave Gerard a big hug and ran over to the mic.

“Hey guys, We’re Traumatic as some of you will know and I want you all to sing along if you know these songs, Okay?” I shouted and I got a fuck load of screams back. “Okay guys, This is Just Tonight.” I said and instantly the song started up.

Here we are and I can’t think from all the pills, Hey.
Start the car and take me home.
Here we are and you’re too drunk to hear a word I say.
Start the car and take me home.

Just tonight I will stay,
And we’ll throw it all away.
When the light hits your eyes,
It’s telling me I’m right.
And if I, I am through.
And it’s all because of you,
Just tonight.

Here I am and I can’t seem to see straight.
I’m too numb to feel right now.
And here I am I am watching the clock that’s ticking away my time.
I’m too numb to feel right now.

Just tonight I will stay,
And we’ll throw it all away.
When the light hits your eyes,
It’s telling me I’m right.
And if I, I am through.
And it’s all because of you,
Just tonight.

As I sang, I smiled out towards the audience. Pretty much everyone was singing along and to be honest, There isn’t a better feeling than that. A few songs later and our set was all done.

“So guys, We have to go.” I said and I heard a bunch of groans and sad voices coming from the audience. “But, You have another band next up. Now, I don’t know these guys personally. All I know is that they where staring at me as our merch guy Matty was trying to rape me earlier. Love ya Matt!” I screamed with a giggle and I saw him from our table as he flip me off. “So, You have been amazing. Welcome onto the stage All Time Low!” I screamed and ran off the stage only to bump into the lead singer.

“Hey, watch it.” He whispered harshly and I scoffed slightly.

“And to think I was going to say sorry asshole.” I said and waited for the rest of Traumatic to put away their instruments. Once they were all done we made our way from the stage and back towards our tent. “All Time Low, Are officially dick heads!” I screamed, annoyed by the singers tone.

“Tell me something I didn’t know, tuts.” Matt said with a scoff and I grabbed a beer from the cooler he had.

“Bring on tonight boys and girls.”
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