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Do You Understand Who I Am? Do You Wanna Know?


I smiled softly as I made my way towards a table full of alcohol. I really loved the random BBQ parties on warped. Free food and alcohol. Now that’s what I’m talking about! I made myself a vodka and orange and sipped away happily as I watched the drunken people dance. I noticed that two of them where from All Time Low. The singer and the guitarist. I rolled my eyes softly and made my way back over to Jack, Tom and Scar.

“Scar, I think we should show them how to dance properly.” I stated with a wink and she smirked as she grabbed my hand softly. “Guys. You come in later.” I winked and both of them chuckled softly as we made our way near the drunken pair and randomly started grinding on each other. In my eyes, it was just dancing. But every guy thought it was hot without a doubt. Soon enough we’d formed a very big crowd and that’s when the boys stepped in, Me with Jack and Scar with Tom. I shrugged my shoulders and started dancing with Jack. After around four drinks, It was starting to take effect and I was slowly getting drunker.

“Jack! You know I love youuuu right?” I slurred and he chuckled, Just as drunk.

“I love you tooooo Franny.” He said and hugged me tightly. God, I was going to have headache in the morning.

“Hey, Nice dancing back there.” The singer from All Time Low.. Erm.. What's his name again? said and I scoffed lightly at his tone.

“Fuck off, Dick.” I seethed and linked my arm with Jack’s.

“Okay. No need to be a bitch.” He slurred and I rolled my eyes softly as he walked away. I tugged on Jack’s T-shirt lightly.

“Jacky, Can you take me back to the bus please?” I whined and he chuckled softly as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

“Coarse I can cupcake.” He chuckled and I giggled at his nickname for me.

“Since when do you fucking say the word cupcake?” I asked, still giggling and he laughed more.

“Shut up. Your nickname is now cupcake!” He exclaimed as he almost fell over. We got to the bus eventually and both fell into my bunk as Jack couldn’t be bothered to climb up to his.

“Night Jacky..” I whispered and fell asleep instantly.

The next morning.

I woke up the next morning to my head ringing.

“Who the fuck’s screaming!” I shouted as I made my way into the lounge area and everyone looked at me confused, Apart from Jack who was now also holding his head.

“Erm.. You?” Scarlett asked with a soft laugh and I groaned as I turned on the coffee maker.

“It feels as though sumo wrestlers are having their way with each other in my head!” I shouted quietly and everyone chuckled.

“Do you mean.. Fighting or having sex?” Tom asked with a chuckle and I glared at him lightly.

“Both.” I said as I grabbed a mug and poured myself a cup of coffee before sitting down in the booth with Jack. I rested my head on his shoulder and he rested his on top of mine.

“Morning cupcake.” He whispered and I laughed slightly before grabbing my head and groaning.

“I’m surprised you remember saying that.” I said with a soft giggle as he shrugged softly, making my head move with his shoulder. “Well, I better go get ready since you guys already are.” I said and ventured into the bunk area yet again but this time to get clothes. I quickly slipped them on and applied make up.

“I’m gonna go see Matty guys.” I said and slipped on some sunglasses before walking off the bus and into the boiling sun. I walked over to the tent as Matt was selling some t-shirts, Fanning himself with some paper as he did so.

“Hey Fran.” he said with a smile as he continued fanning himself.

“Little hot Matt?” I asked with a giggle and he nodded his head vigorously.

“It’s fucking melting.” He said as he grabbed a cold beer from the cooler. “Alex Gaskarth was around here this morning. It’s a good job you weren’t here.” He said with a chuckle and I softly rolled my eyes. It may have hurt my head, But it was worth it.

“If that’s the singer of All Time Low, I fucking hate the prick.” I said with a giggle but soon groaned as I saw the devil himself in front of the table.

“You do know our tent is right next door? I can hear everything you say.” He said and I shrugged lightly as I smirked, Taking off my sunglasses and placing them at the top of my head.

“And I should care.. Why? I hate your guts dude. It’s not exactly a secret.” I asked and Matt chuckled as he high fived me.

“Well, If you weren’t such a bitch, I wouldn’t be such a dick.” He seethed and I scoffed lightly.

“What the fuck have I done to you Gaskarth?” I seethed and he laughed bitterly.

"What haven't you done? Everything you say comes out bitchy! Because you are one!" He shouted before storming off back into his tent.

"Well.. that was amusing." I giggled and Matt laughed along quietly.

"That was very amusing." He said with another chuckle. "His face went like a.. Tomato. " He laughed and I giggled quietly as I got up and sat in his lap.

"It's his own fault. He started it.” I stated with a small huff and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Your both as bad as each other. Your both being bitches and your both too stubborn to apologize to each other. It’s like.. An endless cycle of bitching.” He said with a chuckle as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I shrugged softly.

“I’ll only apologize, If he apologizes first.” I said and Matt rolled his eyes softly.

“See.” He said with a chuckle and I shrugged softly as I stole his beer and took a sip. “ I dare you to go on stage in a bikini today.” Matt said with a smirk and I rolled my eyes softly at his lame excuse of a dare.

“That’s your dare this tour? Really? Last time it was make out with Scar and now it’s this? Wow, you suck at dares.” I said with a soft laugh and he shrugged.

“So you’ll do it then?” He asked with a smirk and I nodded my head softly as I stood up from my place on his knee.

“Coarse I will. It’s fucking warped. It normal here. I’m gonna go get changed now.” I said and ran off towards the bus just as the other guys where coming out.

“Where are you going?” Scar asked and I grinned over at her.

“To put on a bathing suit. I’ve been dared by Matty to go on stage with just a swimming costume on and you know me, I never turn down a dare.” I said with a wink and ran onto the bus. Instantly pulling out a swimming costume and some booty shorts before running into the bathroom to change. Once I was all done I made my way back to the tent and smiled over at Matt. “This okay Matty?” I asked and he smirked before nodding in approval.

“I like.” He said with a chuckle and I grabbed a deck chair.

“When are we on?” I asked and Scar looked down at her phone.

“In an hour.” She said and I groaned.

“Fuck this wait, I’m gonna go get food. Anyone want to come?” I asked and Jack shot up out of his chair. We walked past the All Time Low tent and I couldn’t help but feel self conscious as I heard them whispering. We walked over to a random stall and I got chips as Jack got a burger. “I can’t help but feel as though I’m being stared at every time I go past the All Time Low tent.” I said with a sigh and Jack wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

“They just love your body babes.” He said with a wink and I rolled my eyes softly.

“Whatever Jack.” I said with a laugh and he only continued to stare at me.

“I’m being serious. All those guys were staring at you as we walked past. It was kinda funny.” He said with a chuckle and I just laughed along as I ate another chip. Jack sat down on a wooden bench and unlike normal people who would sit beside him, I decided to sit on his knee instead. “It’s a good job your light Scott. Sorry, Cupcake.” He said with a chuckle as he took a big bite out of his burger.

“You know you love my ass on your knee Jack. So stop whining.” I said with a cheeky grin and he rolled his eyes softly. Once we were done, I attempted to stand up but Jack grabbed my legs and picked me up. I didn’t struggle. I just wrapped my legs around his waist and let him carry me back to the tent.

“Guys, we’re on in fifteen minutes. We need to get set up.” Scar said and I quickly jumped down from Jack’s hold and started running towards the stage area. We got let in and instantly went to the side of the stage. Once everyone was set up, it was already time to go on stage.

“What’s up Warped tour!” I screamed and the audience cheered. “Okay, we got a pretty good crowd here tonight. Don’t you think Jack.” I asked and he smirked into the mic.

“If it means anything, You all look fucking hot.” He said and all the girls screamed. “By the way Fran, I don’t think your doing very well on your bet. You have shorts on. That’s not part of Matt’s deal. He said bathing suit.” He said with a wide smirk and I rolled my eyes softly as I let go of the mic before taking off my shorts.

“Happy pervert?” I asked with a small laugh and he nodded victoriously. “We have a bet every tour that I have to do something ridiculous on stage. Last time I had to full frontal make out with Scar and now I’m in basically nothing. Matt suck’s at dares. Anyways guys, This is a new song and it’s called Closer To The Edge!” I screamed and the Tom instantly started slamming down on his drums.

I don't remember one moment, I tried to forget.
I lost myself, is it better not said .
Now I'm closer to the edge.

It was a thousand to one,
And a million to two.
Time to go down in flames and I'm taking you.
Closer to the edge.

No, I'm not saying I'm sorry.
One day maybe we'll meet again.
No, I'm not saying I'm sorry.
One day maybe we'll meet again,

Can can can you imagine a time when the truth ran free,
The birth of a song and the death of a dream.
Closer to the edge.

This never ending story,
Paid for with pride and fate,
We all fall short of glory,

No, I'm not saying I'm sorry.
One day maybe we'll meet again.
No, I'm not saying I'm sorry.
One day maybe we'll meet again,

Once I stopped singing the whole crowd cheered and I felt my heart swell with happiness. After a few more songs, our set was up.

“Well guys, You’ve been amazing. And now I sadly have to pass you over to the wanker that is Alex Gaskarth. Don’t kill me girls. If you knew him you’d think the same.” I smirked and walked off stage only to be nudged into by Gaskarth himself.

“Gaskarth, Leave her the fuck alone.” My Jack whispered harshly and Alex only glared.

“I’ll leave her alone when she stops being a bitch.” He said and I growled lowly.

“We’ll fucking talk about this after your show Gaskarth. Now get on stage.” I seethed and he huffed as he ran on stage. I blocked all sound and walked back down the stairs and over to our tent.

“You looked fucking great up there.” Matt said with a chuckle and I smiled brightly over at him as I stole a beer from his cooler.

“Thanks Matty.” I said as I slipped back on my shorts. It was only 3:45.. “Hmm.. What to do now..” I mumbled and Matt pointed to a table behind him.

“How about we play some beer pong?” He asked and I looked at him in confusion.

“But.. Your on the stall..” I said and he rolled his eyes softly.

“What is Cameron for?” He asked with a chuckle as he got out his phone and dialled Cameron’s number. “Dude, Get the hell down here. We need you to watch the stall.” Matt said and soon after he hung up. “He’ll be down in a second. He’s with the other guys.” He said and not long later everyone was back.

“Let’s get our drank on!” I exclaimed and set everything up on the table. Jack and Tom went first. Jack won easily as we’d been friends for years, Gone to numerous parties and easily beat everyone. Next it was me and Scar. Scar was just as good as me so she pretty much got the ball in every time. But the keyword was Nearly. I still beat her easily and by the time our game was over, the All Time Low boys were back.

“Fran, Can I talk to you now?” Alex said bitterly and I rolled my eyes softly before following him out of the tent and far away from all the action. “Can’t we just.. Be adults about this? I know the way I acted was wrong but the way you acted was wrong too. I just.. Can’t deal with all your shit right now.” He said and my eyes widened as I scoffed.

“It was all going nicely, until the last fucking bit. You can’t deal with my shit? The first think I said to you was ‘It’s rude to stare.’ That isn’t bad honey. You where staring at me, it was needed.” I said and made my way back to the guys. This was gonna be a long day..
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