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Do You Understand Who I Am? Do You Wanna Know?


Francine’s POV.

A few days had passed and the bet was still going strong. Alex was.. Well.. It was Alex so he wasn’t to good at it. But, he hadn’t done anything as far as I knew. But, me on the other hand, I was flying through it. I wasn’t a boy. I didn’t need sex to be able to operate. I could last for as long as I wanted.

“Caving Gaskarth?” I asked with a soft laugh as I sat down on a deck chair in the tent. I was all on my own for around half an hour ‘cause Matt decided he wanted food.

“Never Scott.” He said as he to grabbed a deck chair and set it down beside my own.

“So, are you willing to go along with this? You could always quit.” I said with a wink and he shook his head softly.

“I am not losing this. I never lose at anything.” He said with a victorious smile and I rolled my eyes softly at his certainty.

“We’ll see Gaskarth.. We’ll see.” I said and he chuckled softly as he turned to face me.

“Okay then Scott, This is serious now. I say we sleep in the same bunk. We can vary from each others bus so we see our friends and stuff. Then at least we’ll know if the other does anything.” He said with a proud smirk and I rolled my eyes softly as I ran a hand over my face.

“You don’t give up on bets do you Gaskarth.. So that means we now have to share a bed till one or the other caves?” I asked with a sigh and he just nodded his head as he kicked his feet up onto the table top.

“You bet gorgeous.” He said with a wink and I rolled my eyes softly.

“If you rape me in my sleep, I’ll cut your balls off with a butter knife. Got it?” I asked trying to control and keep in my laugh but, I failed miserable.

“Yes ma’am. Butter knife, balls. Got it completely.” He said with a chuckle and I hit my head softly on the table.

“Fine Gaskarth. Tonight we’ll sleep in your bus, Tomorrow mine.” I said flatly and smiled as I saw Matt making his way back over.

“Hey Alex.” He said as he grabbed another deck chair and put it near mine. I placed my feet up on his lap.

“Hey dude.” Alex said with a small wave.

“I fucking hate wearing these stage clothes. It’s so uncomfortable at times.” I said with a groan as I re-adjusted my bra so it was more comfortable.

“Wear something you are comfortable in then.” Alex said with a soft chuckle as he slapped my stocking covered thigh.

“Yeah but.. Come on you know I look good Lex.” I joked with a soft giggle and he shrugged softly.

“You do. But if your not comfortable, your not comfortable.” He said with another shrug and I smiled slightly as I patted down my skirt.

“Yeah but, I like it.” I said with a soft laugh and he just rolled his eyes softly.

“Then don’t complain.” He smirked and I just smiled as I took a sip of the beer I’d stole from Matt’s cooler.

“I’m not Gaskarth. Plus, you know this is for all the guys.” I said with a wink and he only scoffed.

“You wouldn’t be able to give me a boner baby. No offence.” He said with a small chuckle and I smirked softly to myself as I walked over to him.

“So if I did this.” I said with a soft giggle as I straddled his waist. “This wouldn’t make you hard?” I smirked and he only stuttered as his eyes widened. I teasingly played with the hem of his shirt before standing up. Laughing as I saw the large bulge forming in his pants. “Matt, you where right. I am a tease.” I said with a soft laugh and he only agreed with a soft nod.


“Why, Hello guys!” I exclaimed as I made my way onto All Time Low’s bus for the night, stuff in my hand. Everyone greeted me happily with confused glances and I only giggled. “If your wondering what’s happening, Alex is really serious when it comes to bets so we now have to sleep in the same bunk as each other. I think that’s just because it’ll stop him from doing anything. I wouldn’t do anything anyway if it was a bet.” I said with a shrug and they all made random noises showing they understood.

“Not true!” Alex shouted as he came out from the bedroom. “Okay.. Maybe it is slightly but that isn’t against the rules!” He exclaimed and I only chuckled as I ruffled up his perfectly messy hair. He pouted lightly and I couldn’t help but smile. It was such a cute face. I pecked him lightly on the cheek before making my way to the bathroom to get changed into my pajamas. I quickly but my fringe into a plat before shoving the rest into a messy bun. I slipped on shorts and tank top before making my way back out of the bathroom and over to the guys sofa where I sat down in between Jack and Alex. “So, what have I missed while I’ve been getting changed?” I asked curiously and everyone chuckled.

“We’ve been having our own little bet over this bet.” Jack said and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “We’ve heard your reputation with guys isn’t half as bad as Alex’s with girls. So I’ve bet you’ll win. So has Zack and Rian. Matt wanted to be different and go with Alex. But that’s the only reason. He wanted to be different.” He said as he pointed over to their manager that I’d never met before. I smiled softly at him before sticking out my hand in his direction.

“It’s nice to meet you Matt. I can’t believe we haven’t already.” I said and he smiled as he held my hand in his, shaking it firmly.

“It’s nice to meet you too Fran.” He said before letting go of my hand and sighing. “I change my bet. Fran’s gonna win.” He said with a shrug and Alex scowled at the manager.

“You guys have no faith in me at all!” He exclaimed and everyone around him chuckled.

“That’s because you fuck anything in a skirt. Apart from Transvestites. That’s why your getting Fran to sleep in the same bed as you to stop you from doing anything.” Jack said with a chuckle. “Unless you do each other. It’ll either be that, or rape.” He said with another chuckle and Alex lent over me to slap his friend upside the head. Jack tried to get him back but I kept them apart.

“Now now boys. Stop fighting.” I said sternly and they both huffed before crossing their arms.

“Your both so childish.” I stated with a giggle and Alex rolled his eyes softly. “Plus, we’ve already discussed this, If Alex rapes me I’m cutting his balls of with a butter knife.” I said and everyone laughed loudly.

“Yeah, Yeah. I’m gonna bed.” He said before getting up from his place on the sofa. I got up too and smiled over at the other guys.

“Me too, I’m pretty beat. Night guys.” I said and gave them all a hug before making my way into the bedroom.

“Down here Fran.” I heard Alex’s deep voice echo from the bottom bunk and I smiled as I pulled back the curtain and smiled at him softly.

“You sure there’s gonna be enough room in there for the both of us Gaskarth?” I asked with a soft giggle and he smirked before moving up and patting the now clear space beside him.

“Plenty.” He said and I climbed into the bunk. It was tight but.. Comfy. “Can I.. put my arms around you.. I like cuddling while I sleep so it might make it less awkward than me doing it in the middle of the night.” He chuckled and I only smiled as I scooted closer to his body. He wrapped his arms around me and I snuggled into what I found out was his now bare chest. He sighed happily into my hair and I giggled softly.

“What?” he asked as he too chuckled and I shrugged softly.

“You’re the first guy I’ve met that likes cuddling. Let alone in their sleep.” I said with a soft smile as I lifted my head to stare up at him.

“Well.. I have a different side to me than the man whore one.. I like cuddles and I like kisses. Big shocker there right.” He chuckled and I shrugged softly as I re-rested my head on his chest.

“Not really.. I knew you’d strangely be the loving kind. You just.. Have that aura.” I said and he sighed as he rested his head on top of mine.

“I am.. But I have sex with random girls to just.. Steady my so called addiction till I find the right girl. Sure I may seem like a sex addict but, I only want to fill that empty void that’s inside me. I could stop whenever I felt like it. Sure it would be hard, Like this is but I can do it. I’m a faithful guy. My last girlfriend cheated on me ten times. But, I was the same with her. I cheated on her cause I knew she was cheating on me.” He said and I curiously looked up into his eyes. I knew he was only saying this cause he’d had a few drinks. And he was also very tired. The truth comes out when your tipsy and tired. If it was any other time he probably wouldn't ever tell me this.

“Well, she seems like a very shitty girlfriend. I’d never be able to cheat on a boy. Ever.” I stated and Alex nodded softly.

“You’d be a good girlfriend then. Some guy could trust you. I could never trust her. She was just a fake slag.” He explained as he let out a soft yawn.

“You should go to sleep Lex.” I whispered quietly as I ran a hand through his thick head of hair. I played with a few strands softly and smiled as I saw his eyes flutter shut just from a single, simple movement. I rested my head back in his chest and his arms instantly tightened around me. I yawned lightly before closing my eyes and falling asleep.
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