My 'Cool' Grandpa

Follow Tre's youngest grandchild, Rosie Cool throughout her life.
She lives with her grandfather, Tre, after losing her parents at the age of 13. She goes on tour with him, Uncle Billie and Uncle Mike. And she harbours secret feelings for Jack Armstrong, who's involved with someone else.....
  1. Rosie Cool
    Rosie Cool is Tre's 13-year-old granddaughter and she loves him to bits. He just confuses her sometimes.
  2. Hospitalized
    Rosie wakes up in a hospital bed and is told her parents died in the car crash that landed her here. So she goes to live with her Grandpa.
  3. Recovery... kinda
    Rosie recovers but returns to hospital after an attack on her grandfather.
  4. Tre in Hospital
    Tre is attacked and hospitalized.
  5. Tre
    Tre recovers completely and is soon his old self.
  6. Shopping
    Tre and Rosie go shopping for dinner ingredients and end up being banned from Toys R Us. Mike and the Armstrongs come over for dinner.
  7. Emma
    Jakob, Ellie and Emma arrive at dinner and Jack and Rosie are left to baby-sit while the over-21s go drinking. Rosie overhears somethng she shouldn't have.....
  8. Flying
    Jack and Rosie talk and everyone sets off to England.
  9. Good Riddance to Green Day
    Green Day perform their final show in front of 100 000 people at the MK Bowl on June 18th 2045.
  10. Roxanne
    Jack meets a girl back stage and Rosie's heart is broken.
  11. Crap.
    Jack is furious and storms out of the restaurant. Rosie has to baby-sit Emma and Jack shows up.
  12. Jack and Rosie
    Together at Last! Jack and Rosie finally kiss! Then they get married, then pregnant and go into labour! Phew!
  13. Rosie in labour
    Rosie is taken to the hospital and Jack joins her there, coaching her, and irritating her.
  14. Labour
  15. Jimmy and Frankie
    Jack's broken hand is fixed and Rosie has twins, a boy and a girl, Jimmy and Frankie.
  16. Christmas with Grandpa
    Jack, Rosie, Frankie and Jimmy stay with Tre for Christmas and the twins say their first words.