Paper Cranes


I let out a sigh as I faced my new high school with a certain feeling of nervousness. No matter how many times I've done this, it simply doesn't get any easier to throw myself into a different school every year or two.

I ran a nervous hand through my dyed pink and purple hair. Of course mom and dad claimed that I was going to stay here till I graduate, which means that this impression I was about to make would have to be good. This one matters. Hmm, which person should I be? Biker chick, nerdy but lovable, class president. Or maybe just once I could be me? Maybe.

When I yanked open one of the doors it was apparent I could easily be just another face in the crowd here. Being normal, people underestimate how gratifying it can feel.

I stumbled into the office area to snag my schedule. When I walked into my first class, World History, I was glad that my teacher just waved me into a seat by the door. Meaning that after class he gave me the papers I needed.

So I was late to my next class, AP Stat. And just my luck, I have a mean teacher. For an example, here is how class started:

"Oh look, class. Our transfer student has finally decided to show up. How exciting," my apparently angry teacher spoke with sarcasm dripping from her every word. A few snickers echoed from the back of the class as I stood awkwardly in the doorway.

"Where should I sit?" I asked respectfully.

"Oh look it speaks!" She exclaimed. I felt my anger ignite in my stomach.

"Yup, and it's saying see you later." I spoke with venom, watching the teacher's face turn red at having been stood up to. I turned and walked away. Looks like this year I would be biker chick. This persona is always the most fun.


I had been wandering through the halls for a while. A couple people eyed me strangely but I gave the guys a flirty smile and the girls an analyzing glance, and they scattered faster then if I had been plain out rude. I figured that no one would question if I didn't show up for my first day that happens to be in the middle of the year, so I just headed home.

On my walk home, I decided to check our mailbox. As I pulled a rectangular box out a curiosity sparked in my mind. Millions of scenarios flashed through my mind, mostly because I saw that the box had my name on it. Who would send me anything, especially since most of my friends didn't even have my new address. As I walked in through my front door I made a beeline toward my letter opener, in my room. I tore open the box and out came paper cranes. I finally looked at the return address, and it said "Ben Evens, 1700 Kay Lane"

"Ben!" I cried out. Ben as in my boyfriend. The man who helped define me. The real me. Right up until I was forced to move, and that was when I found out Ben had cancer. I cried and I fought to stay with him as long as I could, but my parents eventually pulled me away.

Pulled out my cellphone and called his house for the first time in a while.

"Hello? Mrs. Evens! Is Ben there?" A sigh echoed through the connection.

"I'm sorry dear, I don't know where he is. He left early yesterday morning as soon as he was cleared."

"Cleared. Cleared for what? Is Ben OK?" I asked worried. It's been a while since I had moved since mom and dad had wanted to go on a mini vacation. Enough time for Ben to go through some light chemo.

"Yeah, Ben's fine. His doctor just didn't want him going through security so soon after chemo."

"What security?" I asked, feeling extremely concerned.

"Oh! At the airport. I think that's where he went." I breathed a sigh of relive at the confirmation that Ben was OK. I hung up, feeling mixed up.

On one hand, Ben was OK. But on the other I might never see him again. That final thought killed. I just couldn't think about it, so I set about unpacking the rest of my stuff. First all of stuffed animals, just because I loved all of them. Then I remembered all of those cranes on the floor and I got an idea. I ran out of my room and ducked into our arts and crafts room to get some string and I hung them up, or I started to. After I hung a few I sat down on my bed and looked upward toward them. I laughed, remembering one of my favorite times with Ben. The time we had talked about what we wanted to do before we died.

"Hey Ben, what do you want to do before you die?" I had asked. We were watching some movie and I was sitting next to him, cuddling.

"HM, I want to go to Canada. I want to get married and I want to fold a thousand paper cranes," he said playfully.

"What would you wish for when you fold all those cranes?" I asked.

"That's an easy one. I would wish for us to be together forever," and he kissed me. I grinned up at him.

"You're SO cheesy. I love it. I love you," I said, throwing my arms around each other.

I suddenly got up and I started pacing. I must have walked around my room a hundred times before I finally got the courage to actually call Ben. It rung but then it went straight ti voice mail. I hung up and called again. And again. Finally he picked up.

"Sydney? Is that you?" I smiled. His voice still made my heart melt.

"Ben! Oh my goodness! Where are you?" I asked with a desperation in my voice.

"Well, after what, two months, you finally call." I must have blushed.

"I would have called sooner, but I just, I figured that you would be stresses and I- I was scared."

"Sydney. Slow down, I'm not mad," he said laughing like he always did when I babbled.

"You're not?"

"No, I was actually just about to call you. I sort of need a favor." Panic struck me.

"Are you OK? What do you need?"

"A ride. I'm sort of at the airport. Want to pick me up?" I let out a small squeak of joy. Ben was here, for me.

"Always," I breathed. I ran outside and I burst into my car and raced off. I tried not to push the speed limit too much, I just couldn't wait.


As soon as I got into the airport I rushed in through the escalator.

"Syd!" I beamed at the approaching figure. It was him, Ben, in all his glory. His magnificent smile and his short black hair. I just wanted to melt.

"Ben! You came," I said.

"Of course I came silly," he said, closing the gap between us and sweeping me off my feet in a back breaking hug. It just felt so right. So perfect. Just...spectacular.
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