Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

__When the sun goes down,

__Satans demons come out to play.


"Murph, I think we should say one last prayer."Connor squeezed the cigarette between his fingers, feeling it singe against his collused skin.

"Why?"Murphy laughed; was he losing his mind?"We have a time of day fer that shit."

"Maybe 'cause God has just royally fucked us."Connor breathed.

Adrienne Fox; 27


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  1. Monster
    "You two lads were at the end of his dangerous road."
  2. Cases
    "Make my creations known."
  3. Romeo
    "Hey, country girl."
  4. News
    "They proved what we thought wouldn't be possible."
  5. Secret
    "If there's a problem, don't hesitate to tell us."
  6. Outbreak
    "If this should turn bad, Connor, Murphy and I will do our best to keep ya safe."
  7. Save Me
    "There is no God."
  8. Safe House
    "Half of the authorites are already flying out of the country to uninfected areas by now."
  9. Believer
    "I felt if I even grazed it, I would contract the disease on the other end."
  10. Roar Of The Crowd
    "At least they still have their sense of humor."
  11. Small Talk
    "I don't want you risking your life for me."
  12. Crash
    "Adrienne, watch out!"
  13. Jersey Survivor
    "I'm not infected!"
  14. Copper Tree
    "I can bet you my next dinner you're infected."
  15. New Plan
    "The diseased will travel north in search of more food."
  16. Horde
    "We can't take any chances."
  17. Infected
    "There's always a cure."
  18. Broken Down
    "You don't own her!"
  19. Billy Currington
    "I'm findin' us a nice place with a lake."
  20. Dying Dead
    "Want a bite, asshole?"
  21. Murphy & Ryan
    "Let's not get vicious, Irish man."
  22. Assault
    "Don't you ***in' touch me you son of a bitch."
  23. Revenge
    "What are ya waitin' fer ya ***in' wop?! An invitation?!"
  24. Set A Date
    "It's a date then."
  25. Sweet Talk
    "Do ya think any different of us?"
  26. Drink The Night Away
    "She may not show it, but she wears her emotions on her sleeve."
  27. First Prayer
    "I'm gonna kill every last mother***er."
  28. Burial
    "Romeo was a Saint among us."
  29. Comfort In Others
    "I just want to go back in time and change it all."
  30. Better Mom
    "Death is inevitable, Angel."
  31. Feelings
    "I know ya'll do good to her."
  32. True Feelings
    "What's wrong, Murph?"
  33. Mama's Comfort
    "I just want you to be happy, sweetheart."
  34. More Comfotable
    "Don't be sorry."
  35. Mama
    "I was so stupid to think we would be safe!"
  36. No Hope
    "Mama, I'm gonna find you a cure."
  37. Responsibility
    "I want to see the sunset."
  38. Death
    "Adrienne, ya don't want to see this."
  39. Shake Those Thoughts
    "That's crazy talk."
  40. Brotherly Advice
    "To be honest, I'm a lil' worried fer the lass."
  41. New Priority
    "Don't make an irrational decision over spilled milk."
  42. Abby's Words
    "If I can be happy, you can be happy too."
  43. Walky
    "Hello. Hello, is anyone there?"
  44. Last Chance
    "Promises don't mean much in an apocolyptic world, Murph."
  45. Hesitant
    "We'll be back before supper."
  46. Detective Instincts
    "He's hidin' somethin'."
  47. Over Reacting
    "What's the point then, lass?"
  48. Bad Feeling
    "Where's Sean?"
  49. Peep Show
    "Ah, Murph, I think the lad thought he'd get a free show!"
  50. Beat Down
    "Keep The Peace!"
  51. Confessions
    "I know you're lyin'."
  52. Over Heard
    "Ya think she'll be okay with it, Murph?"
  53. All The Time In The World
    "It's like tellin' the Irish to stop drinkin'."
  54. Quick Decisions
    "Ya better hope Adrienne's okay with this."
  55. Abby's Approval
    "I promise ya, Adrienne."
  56. Goodbyes
    "Just in case."
  57. Run For The Water
    "Run, boy! Run!"
  58. Noah
    "I've lived a fine life, boys."
  59. Passing
    "I'll see ya boys when ya get home."
  60. Da's Burial
    "Don't ever leave, Adrienne."
  61. Ireland
    "We're home."