Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down


The small sign on the side of the road read Welcome To New Jersey. Mama eyed it down, frowning at the sight of blood smears along the thin metal. It was a scary thought, but we had to keep our hopes high for this state. It was a foreign place to me, so I tried to pay attention to the signs along the highway. I picked up the walky and in a pronounced tone, said, "We're on Route 80. Oakland is about forty five minutes away, boys."

"Just lead the way, lass."Connor's voice boomed through the small speaker.

"Well, we're goin' to have to take an exit later on. It'll lead us to 287, where it then turns into Oakland."I gave a sigh and let the walky fall back into place.

Deep down inside, I knew for a damn fact that New Jersey was run over. If this mess along the highway and sides roads didn't subside a few miles before the small town, then I was correct all along. I wiped a tired hand down my face and reached for my fresh pack of cigarettes. I steered easily with my elbows as I lit the cigarette in my mouth. Mama followed quickly after me, feeling the same stress.

"Just hope God sent us to the right place, Adrienne."She inhaled lightly on the cigarette.

"Yeah, hope."I slowly swirved in between the cars.

This highway was much more crowded than the rest we had been on. It wasn't long before we were taking the next exit to 287. We were half way there, but the littered streets didn't calm down. Cars, trucks and people still piled the roads, making driving difficult to do. I cringed as we began to drive over bodies. Their broken and torn limbs crunched under the pressure of the car. Mama covered her mouth in disgust as we reached solid concrete once more.

"Must have been an accident."I swallowed hard, trying to push the vomit in the back of my throat down."Attacked while drivin' or somethin'."

"That was horrible."Mama groaned.

I glanced at the other side of the highway and felt my hopes fade that much more. It seemed like people were trying to leave the city, rather than stay.

"I don't think Jersey is a good idea, Mama."I said softly."The other side of the highway is packed with cars."

"You never know. It might have been before they had a safe zone."I tightened my grip on the steering wheel, knowing how naive Mama could be sometimes.

If New Jersey really was in fact taken over by the diseased, I would have not a clue as to where our next location would be. I was in high doubt that there was any real safety zones at all. We would most likely keep running until we came across something suitable. I felt myself perk up slightly when the road cleared most of the way of cars. I started to pick up speed, knowing I had the chance to. Within a few minutes, everything quickly turned into chaos.

"Adrienne, watch out!"A young man ran into the middle of the road, but instead of hitting him like he thought I would, I swerved.

A parked car on my right stopped us in our tracks as we ran straight into it. I felt the sudden pressure as my head smacked roughly against my steering wheel, knocking me for a loop. I groaned loudly as a warm liquid began to trickle down my forehead. Mama's cries were sending me into a panic. I was unable to do anything to keep her safe right now. I just prayed to God this man was not infected.
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I know, it's short, but it's a filler.
I'll have it updated again later or tomorrow.
I have up to chapter 17 written out :)
I only said Oakland, because I just moved from there.
I grew up there for eight years, as sad as it is.
I know that place like the back of my hand.
I also know when you go from Sussex County to Oakland,
you hop on Route 80 from the top
and take it to 287,
which then leads you to Oakland.
About forty five minutes.
Not a good ride, but not horrible ether.
Hope you guys liked it :)
I also have a Norman Reedus story coming soon.
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