Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Jersey Survivor

There was sudden movement throughout my small car, forcing me to close my eyes tight. I needed to concentrate for a single second before I did anything. I lifted my head from the steering wheel, feeling my muscles ache and contract with every movement. I would most likely suffer from whiplash, but that was about it. Mama began to shake me when I didn't answer, forcing a low growl to escape my lips. She stopped quickly upon my incoherent response.

My door was quickly thrown open, but I didn't look. I was in a daze at the moment. I was trying to collect my thoughts and figure out how to go about the situation. I felt hard hands grip at my upper arms, pulling me to the edge of my seat. I turned, finding Murphy's oceanic blue eyes starring frantically in my direction. Quickly, he asked, "Adrienne, ya okay? Mama?"

"I'm fine, Murphy."Mama rubbed her head softly.

She hadn't hit as hard as I, because unlike Mama, I didn't buckle my seat belt. Being a woman of the law, I should have known to do just that. Yet then again, when no cars are going through the roads, in fear of the infected, there was no need, right?

"Adrienne, answer me."Murphy gripped my chin tightly, forcing me to stare up at him.

I shook away from his grip, rubbing my head softly. Every movement I made sent a shock of pain to course through my sore nerves. I didn't want to be man handled at a time like this.

"I'm fine."I spat."Don't fuckin' touch me."

Murphy turned toward the van, where Noah, Connor and Romeo stood beside the doors. Murphy gave them a thumbs up before coming back to me. I pulled my hand from my head and groaned quietly. Blood was caked in between my fingers and palm, making it well known that I had suffered from a blow to the head. I came to realization quickly and stepped out of the car.

"Wait, Adrienne."Murphy took my arm in his hand, but I shook him away."Don't move too quick. Ya might have somethin' wrong with ya."

"Trust me, Murphy, I'm fine."I stepped to the front of my car, frowning at the damage.

It was still running, which was a good sign, but my right head light was pushed far up into my bumper. I turned toward the hill, taking hold of my glock in a matter of seconds. That young man was around here somewhere and I was intent on finding him. Only seconds later, my wishes were granted. He stepped up to the front of the van, forcing me to pull my gun on him. He rose his hands in defense, stating, "I'm not infected! I only tried to get your attention!"

I kept a steady aim on the man, knowing that trusting this individual right away would be everything but smart. He started his way down the hill slowly, keeping his hands raised.

"Are you okay?"He breathed."I didn't mean to make you crash your -"

His eyes widened, but before the boys could get to yelling, he shouted, "Behind you! Watch out!"

I turned as Murphy reached for his two silencers. Few of the diseased crawled from the woods, snarling and growling hungrily in our direction.

"Get in the cars!"Connor took the young man by the hem of his t-shirt and yanked him into the van.

I started toward my car backwards. I could't take my eyes off of these people if I wanted to get back in. Mama shouted incoherent demands from the passengers seat, but as of right now, she had to be ignored. I turned as I went to get into my driver's seat, but before I could sit all the way, a pair of strong, slimy hands took a grip on my shoulders. Mama screamed in fear, but was quick to think. I gripped the steering wheel so tight, my knuckles grew a solid white.

I came back with my elbow, hitting this person in the throat. Even by the sudden impact on their wind pipe, they refused to let go. Mama took the gun from my hands and took aim. I cringed as I pulled myself further into the car, waiting to feel a sudden singe of pain. Her aim was rather perfect, because a few seconds after she fired the gun, the grip on my shoulders was released. The dead weight of this person made a loud thud on the grass as I slammed my door shut.

Mama got on the walky quickly, stating in a panic, "Get goin' boys! We'll be right behind you!"

Bodies slammed against the hood, trunk and sides of my car as I pulled up the small dirt hill. I took my gun back from Mama and cocked it against my leg once more.

"Hold on, Mama!"I floored the gas petal, allowing the car to jump forward and onto the concrete.

Multiple bodies fell and clattered against the hot concrete, but only few stayed even with my car. As I rolled up the grass hill, I couldn't help but let a sly smile creep onto my lips. Mama had clearly told the boys to get going, but instead of doing just that, they sat behind us, aiming easily out their windows. People dropped left and right, but we couldn't afford to waste bullets on a horde we could easily out run. I stormed down the road, Noah following quickly behind us.

I watched through my rear view mirror as the horde slowly became less and less. We had gotten out of one mess, but what happens when we come face to face with another one? There would be more where these infected came from. Some would be more than what we faced nearly moments ago. The walky began to static and spit suddenly, making Mama pick it up rather quickly. Connor came in on the other end, sounding slightly upset about something.

"What is it, Connor?"She held the walky close to her ear.

"Jersey is run down. The young man -"Chattering occured for a brief moment in the background."Sean said there's a group of survivors in the Coppertree."

"What's the Coppertree?"Mama asked.

She looked in my direction, but I only shrug my shoulders. Her guess was as good as mine.

"It's like a miniature mall. There's a few stores inside. We're goin' to cut in front of ya. Follow us."He chuckled lowly before saying."If ya can keep up."

The van flew passed my car and I gave a small smirk.

"Don't kill us, Adrienne."Mama whimpered.

I pushed further down on the gas pedal, keeping up with Noah's quick speed. Mama sighed quietly in the passenger seat and I looked over.

"What's wrong, Mama?"I asked.

"I thought Jersey would be safe."She frowned.

I took a light grip on her hand and gave her a warm smile.

"Don't worry, Mama. There will be other places."I said softly.

I wasn't too sure on that myself, though.