Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down


I followed Ryan's hands as he marked a small piece of construction paper. His plan made sense, but I needed to make sure he had it fully thought out. We needed to escape through the loading dock to reach our cars, but if there happened to be more diseased than we could handle, we would need a new plan. He explained his idea through small puzzle pieces and markers, but I wasn't getting completely sold. Everyone had their two cents, but would he hear it?

"We have a SUV about five or six yards from your cars."Ryan said softly."If we can distract those bastards for even a couple of seconds, we're home free."

"What if there's a horde outside? We have a limited amount of ammo, Ryan."I stated."We need to think this through one hundred and ten percent. We can't take any chances."

"I understand that."He growled."But we can out run them."

"What if someone falls down?"Noah puffed heavily from a thick cigar.

The smoke crawled dangerously from his bearded lips as Ryan double thought his idea. Noah moved forward and eyed down the paper with careful eyes. He was the back bone of the group, if I could say. He was the eldest and the calmest out of everyone here. Noah removed the cigar from his lips for a split moment to say, "Adrienne's right, Ryan. We can't have ya runnin' 'round shootin' our ammo."

"I know, Noah."Ryan rubbed a hard hand down his face.

"Let me check up on the roof. I'll tell you if there's a lot of zombies out there."Sean rose from his seat as Matilda took hold of his hand.

"Be careful, Sean."She frowned.

"Nothing will happen to me, Matilda."He smiled warmly.

"I'll go with ya. Don't want ya on yer own."Connor followed after Sean, his silencer gripped tightly between his fingers.

I shuddered at the name Sean had given these infected people. The word zombies made it seem like these creatures had no sense of humanity left in them. I brushed my hair back with my fingers and sighed softly. Mama gently placed her hand on my thigh and I smiled warmly in her direction.

"It'll be okay, Adrienne."She whispered."I know you're worried, but we'll be fine. I'll be fine, you'll be fine. The boys will be fine."

"I know Mama."I frowned."It's just different."

The clapping of feet hit my ears in a matter of seconds. Ryan, Noah, Romeo, Murphy and I rose from our seats, weapons drawn and ready to shoot. It was only a matter of time before one of these diseased got into the Copper Tree. I made my way to the door, hiding quietly next to it. My heart rammed fiercely against my chest as the loud patters grew closer. When they were a good distance to us, I swung my pistol around, aiming it directly into Sean's face.

Sean stopped in his tracks, allowing Connor to smile at the sight. He placed a heavy hand on his shoulder, saying, "Don't worry, lad. She did the same to me as well."

I dropped my arm, giving Sean an apologetic smile.

"You can't be too sure."I looked back at the group, watching as their shoulders relaxed.

The group was tense because of the situation, but no one could blame them. We were once sitting back and enjoying a movie, but within a few days we were fighting for our lives.

"There's not too many out there."Sean breathed,"We can make it."

"That true, Connor?"Noah hid his pistol within his breast pocket.

"We're okay."Connor nodded."We don't have much time though, Da."

"Let's get ready."We began to pack up our things, shoving anything and everything that could fit into our bags.

Food and water was now scarce, so another stop would be in our future. It would be only a few hours before everything was gone. I was happy to know that the further South we went, the more gun and ammo stores would be along the road. It would be the perfect opportunity to stock up on weapons and bullets. Mama and I stepped up to the boys, who snickered quietly to themselves. Mama placed a gentle hand on Romeo's shoulder before asking, "What's so funny, boys? I could use the humor."

"This is probably the most eventful vacation I've ever been on."Romeo smirked."After this I'm goin' to Mexico to sip on some Margaritas'!"

"So long as you take me with you."Mama grinned.

I turned toward the new survivors and stated calmly, "I have a map in my car. I'll lead the way to Virginia."

"Aye."Murphy swung his bag over his shoulder and nodded in my direction."Ya got us this far."

"Is everyone ready? You have everythin' you can carry?"I recieved the few yes' I needed to continue."Ryan, Sean, you stay with your group. Keep Matilda and Abby safe. We'll be with the boys."

I pulled my bag over my shoulder, grunting lowly at the pressure. We eventually made our way to the loading dock, where we all began to double think our actions. We were safe, for now, in the Copper Tree. Was it really worth it to leave all of a sudden? I swallowed hard, reaching in between my jeans for my glock. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Abby take a tight hold on Matilda's arm. I tried to give her a reassuring smile, but it didn't work too well.

"Abby,"I came down to her height and rubbed her arm softly."it's goin' to be okay. You and your mom will be safe with us here."

Abby's eyes welled in tears, but she shook her head in agreement.

"We wont let anythin' happen to ya, lass."Noah gave Matilda and Abby a wink before placing his hand on the door handle."Everyone ready?"

Noah pushed open the door, allowing us to step out onto the steps. Abby let out a shriek as a hungry horde turned in our direction. Their decaying eyes roamed our bodies. I could almost hear their growling stomachs from where I was standing. I turned toward Sean and Connor, shouting, "You said we were safe!"

No one in the group had the bullets for this.
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