Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down


The roar of the crowd seemed to have gone on for hours. Each of the infected held their own battle wounds, but each one ended up in the same categorie. The loud shreik of Abby sent a wave of chills down my spine. We were starring death in the face and had no idea what to do about it. We could ether step back inside and face them later, but even later we would still have the same amount of ammo we did now. The quiet pops that emerged from Murphy's gun brought me back to reality.

It seemed like I had caught my breath in my throat when I realized we were moving as a group. Mama gripped me tightly by my hips, keeping me directly behind the boys. I shook my solid emotions from my head and began to take clean shots with my pistol. I had to reserve what I had, especially if we ran into this same situation later. Men, women, children hurled theirselves toward us, taking no precaution of the guns aimed at their skulls.

Bodies dropped by the second, but before we knew it, ammo was short. I unlocked my car with my full arm and stepped aside. Mama pulled open the door, but before she could turn back to me, I kicked it shut. She was now safe, so my priority was getting into my car safe and sound. As for the others, well, they were on their own. I watched, in fear, as a large, muscular man stood at the hood of my car. His lower mandible was torn from it's place, allowing it to hang freely from where it was.

His foggy eyes looked up from the ground, catching me in his sight. I swallowed hard and watched as his tongue rolled from the inside of his mouth. It slapped wildly against the wind as a low growl began to fester in the bottom of his throat. Before he let it out, however, I rose my gun to his head. I didn't think twice before pulling the trigger. His head fell back and when his legs buckled beneath him, he hit the ground in dead weight.

I raced around to my driver's door and watched as Mama pushed it open. I threw the supplies in my arm into the backseat before reaching toward my door. A loud, ear piercing scream echoed throughout the lot as I gripped the leather door. I cringed, debating on whether or not to save whoever was in trouble. I promised myself multiple times that Mama was my only baggage, but something inside told me to get out. Mama gasped when she looked out the back window.

"It's Matilda!"She reached for her door, but I stood quickly, shutting my door behind me.

I stormed my way toward their large SUV, feeling the boys eyes on me the whole time. They had made it into their van; they had no need to worry anymore. Matilda shook and rocked against this young woman, trying desperately to release her arm from the infected's death grip. I rose my gun in the young woman's direction and foolishly shouted, "Hey, motherfucker! Over here!"

The woman turned, Matilda's arm falling loose from her grip. The friction between her feet and concrete sent her barreling toward me, but before she was able to get even a nip of my skin, my bullet pierced her flesh and bone. Matter shot out from behind her, spraying Matilda in the process. She screamed in fear, but before I turned to leave, Ryan and Sean yanked her into the SUV. I now had three bullets left; they would need to last.

I was back into my car quickly as more of the infected ran toward us. I stepped on the gas, leading the way out of the parking lot rather quickly. The boys were right behind me, but what I saw next made my heart skip a beat. A small child hung heavily onto the top of the van. The little boy scratched and clawed at the roof, trying to reach the guys inside desperately. I took hold of the walky and said, "Boys, you have a straggler on the roof!"

"We got this."Romeo swirved the van radically, sending the young boy off of the roof.

He collided with the cement, but right as he started to rise, the SUV piled over him, crushing his skull and legs in the process. I held back the vomit in my throat as we continued on. Mama placed a hand over her mouth and groaned quietly. The walky began to static and we looked down at it.

"How's that for road kill, eh?"We couldn't help but let quiet chuckles pass our lips.

"I swear he keeps us sane."Mama smiled.

Within a few hours and long conversations between Mama and I, we were coming along Maryland. A gas icon was messily placed along the highway sign as we passed by. The thought of topping off on gas and gaining as much more supplies as we could seemed right in my mind.

"There's a gas station next exit. Walky the boys and tell'm we're stoppin' for gas, if there is any, and supplies."I took the rough turn, dodging and swirving through the dead traffic.

After Mama informed the boys, they followed closely behind me. The gas station was a few minutes away from the exit, but we made it safetly. As I pulled up along the pumps, I studied a grueling character slumped against the pump. Blood was splattered along his dark skin and his chest never rose for a fresh breath of air. Mama looked back at me, whispering, "Don't get out. I think he may be infected."

"I got this, Mama."I smiled assuringly."Don't worry."

I popped the magazine out of my gun and frowned at the two bullets I had left. I dropped my gun on the front seat and gave Mama a soft smile.

"Anything happens, there's two bullets left."I whispered."I'll be right back."

Mama reached forward and pressed a warm hand to my cheek. She placed a kiss on my forehead before sitting back in her seat. I shut the door behind me, making sure she locked everything before I left for the convienent store. I came around the car slowly, keeping my eye on the man against the pump. Matilda met my side and nervously pulled me into a hug.

"Thankyou,"She whispered kindly."if you hadn't helped me,"

She pulled away and wiped her tearing eyes.

"Abby could be without a mother."She breathed.

I placed a warm hand on her shoulder, trying my best to show some comfort. I wasn't necesarrily the most affectionate person, but I could manage.

"Don't worry about it, Matilda. You needed to be saved. Abby needs her mother. Nothing is going to stop that."I smiled."Are you coming with me -"

"Adrienne! Matilda!"Pounds occured on my car window, forcing me to turn quickly.

Matilda let out a cry as the man against the pump forced his over weight frame in our direction. I gripped Matilda roughly by her upper arm, pushing her out of the way. This man rammed himself into my shoulder which caused me to lose my balance. As we met the dirty concrete, I jammed my fist up and into his throat.

"Shoot him!"I screamed.

"Adrienne!"Mama emerged from our car as I tried, to the best of my ability, to keep this man from feasting on my insides.

"Mama no!"She came forward, but Matilda quickly kept her by the car.

I turned my gaze above me, watching as Noah's thick over coat brushed against the ground. My arms shook and began to give in by the time Noah was at my side. This dark man's face was growing closer every few seconds. Mama continued to shout in the background, but just as she escaped Matilda's grip, a bullet kissed this man's forehead. His large body collapsed against me, allowing the blood to pool onto my chest and arms.

"Get it off!"I tried to push him away, but he was too big.

Connor and Murphy stepped forward, taking this man by his arms. They rolled him off of my small body, allowing me to crawl away from him. I felt sick to my stomach as the smell of blood met my nose. I grabbed the hem of my shirt, lifting it well above my head. I ran my hands along my chest and stomach, smearing the light amount of blood that made it through my shirt. I felt the bile in my throat rise up into my mouth, so I turned and let it all out.

Mama met my side in a few seconds, taking me tightly by my upper arms. She pushed and tucked my hair away from my mouth and eyes. She whimpered and cried quietly into my ears. I wiped the vomit from my mouth and brushed my hand against my jeans. Mama went to help me up, but I only pushed her away. She got to her knees and pulled me into a soft hug. Quietly, she said, "Are you okay, Adrienne?"

"I'm okay. No, I did not get bit, Mama."I whispered."Can I have some water?"

"Here ya go, lass."Noah knelt by me as well, pushing a water bottle in my direction.

I popped open the cap and stole a swig, swishing the water around in my mouth. I spit out what was there before drinking heavily from it. I put the bottle on the ground and brushed my hands through my hair. I looked up at Noah and said, "Thankyou for savin' me, Noah. I could have been bitten."

"Were you?"Ryan, Sean and Abby stepped forward, apprehensive to get too close.

"No."I spat.

"Maybe we should check you over,"Sean added."just in case."

"I would know if I was bitten!"I shouted."Look at me!"

I opened up my arms, revealing my upper half. Ryan and Sean kept their eyes glued to my body, but not for infected reasons. Connor pushed Sean into Ryan, earning an angry glare.

"She's obviously fine, ya fuckin' morons."Murphy came forward, shaking his pea coat from his shoulders.

"Here ya go, Adrienne. Use this fer now."Mama took it from his light grasp and placed it lightly over my shoulders.

Murphy stuck out his hand and with a sigh, I took it. I grabbed the water bottle off of the ground and put it gently into Mama's hands. I gave her a warm smile before saying, "So, Matilda, you coming with me inside?"

She ran a hand down her face before chuckling lowly. She nodded her head, but before we made our way inside, Murphy took hold of my arm.

"I'll go with ya. Don't want another incident like this."He glared angrily in Ryan and Sean's direction.

"I'll be right back, Mama."The three of us made our way inside rather quickly.

"We'll top off on gas!"Romeo exclaimed.

Murphy walked in first, eyeing the aisles down with uneasy eyes. When he returned unharmed, we made our way throughout the store. Some food spilled out onto the floors, showing that there was a rush before people left. I managed to get a handful of drinks and food before bringing it back to the car. My eyes washed over the dead man from moments before, which sent a chill of nausea to roll around in my stomach. I put everything in the car before returning back inside.

I hopped over the counter, which brought me to cigarettes and lottery tickets. I pulled multiple scratch offs from its place and a penny from the tip jar. I smiled as I began to scratch them off, finding I had won fifty dollars. Matilda stepped over with a questioning stare as I laughed to myself. With a smile, she asked, "What's so funny?"

"I won fifty dollars."I flashed it in front of her eyes, forcing her to laugh as well.

"I don't think you're going to need money anymore."She reached for the ticket and something caught my eye.

I took a tight hold on her wrist and glared in fear at the small tooth mark on her arm. She gasped quietly before trying to pull her arm back. I looked up into her eyes, which were welling in tears.

"Please, don't tell."She whimpered.

"You were bitten."I growled.

I released her arm and hopped over the counter once more. I was catuious on how I worded this.

"When did this happen, exactly?"I asked.

Matilda cupped her arm in hand and began to cry.

"Matilda,"I warned."when did this happen?"

"The young woman,"She breathed."at the Copper Tree."

"Murph!"I shouted.

"No! Please!"She begged."Abby needs me."

"Murph!"I cried.

The loud patter of footsteps met my ears before Murphy stepped up.

"What is it?!"I stormed to his side and reached for his breast pocket."Hey -"

Murphy grabbed my arm tightly, pushing me away.

"What happened?!"He asked frantically.

"She was bitten!"I pointed in Matilda's direction, forcing his features to fall in sadness.

"Adrienne, please."She whimpered."This is for Abby's sake!"

"Give me your gun, Murph."I reached forward again, but he refused to let me have it.

"Wait,"He breathed."we have to think this over. She has a child, Adrienne."

"You want to risk Abby's life for hers?"I argued."She's infected. It's only a matter of time before she wants more than Abby's love."

Murphy ran a hand down his face, trying his best to think of what to do. It was true - Abby was going to be in danger if her mother turned over. It was her mother, yes, but in order to keep her safe, we needed to either leave her here, or kill her. My hands balled up into fists as he took his time. I could have this woman shot by now and no longer needing to suffer. It was the emotions of people that got into the way sometimes that held me back from doing what's right.

"Please,"Matilda balled."let me say goodbye to my daughter."

I looked up at Murphy, waiting for him to say something. He wasn't in charge, but his opinion went toward something.

"She should say goodbye."Murphy whispered.

"It's settled then."I crossed my arms over my chest, waiting for Matilda's response.

"We'll gather up the rest of what we can, but then,"Murphy stopped for a moment; he was very uneasy about the subject.

"I understand."Matilda wiped her eyes before reaching toward the candy."Abby loves Kit Kats. I'm going to bring them to her and say goodbye."

She eyed down the small piece of candy, letting the wrappers brush lightly against her finger tips. It was moments like these I was hoping I wouldn't have to make often. If I could change anything, besides the out break disappearing, it would be my entire group surviving. Matilda's situation pulled at my heart strings, but I didn't let it show. I didn't want to take a mother away from her child. It was so heart breaking to me. I wouldn't want Mama being taken away from myself.

We grabbed what we could before walking outside. Mama turned in our direction and gave us a happy smile. Loudly, she said, "We've got enough gas for miles, sweetheart. We can probably make it -"

She stopped upon noticing Matilda's swollen, red eyes. Abby rushed over, taking her mother tightly in a hug.

"Mom, what's wrong?"She whimpered."Are you okay?"

Matilda opened her hands, revealing the tiny candies to her daughter. Abby smiled and opened the first one she grabbed.

"Do you want the other half, like we always do, mom?"She handed half to Matilda, who slowly took it from her fingers.

Noah, Connor and Romeo stepped over to our car. They were suspicious of the situation and I wouldn't blame them.

"Everythin' okay, boy?"Noah shoved his hands into his pockets and met Murphy's eyes directly.

I don't know if it was the glint of the sun in his eyes, or my imagination. I could see Murphy's baby blue eyes tear up slightly as he watched Matilda intently.

"Matilda's infected."I whispered.

Noah looked down at me and placed a heavy hand on my shoulder.

"Is it a sure thing?"He asked.

"It's a sure thing, Da."Murphy added.

"What do we do?"Mama gasped."She has a daughter."

"I know, Mama."I looked down at my feet and tugged Murphy's coat closer to my body.

"We can't do that."Romeo shook his head."We can't seperate a family like that, man. I don't call dibs on this one. You guys can have this. I'll be in the van."

Romeo walked away from the group and climbed his way into the van. My eyes met Matilda once more, who sat and spoke with her young daughter. She brushed Abby's hair back with her fingers and smiled down at her. She was a loving, caring mother. The more I watched, the more I wanted to pretend she wasn't infected.

"No women, no children."Connor whispered.

"Aye."Noah sighed."But that ain't the case this time, boys."

"I wont do it."Murphy shook his head quickly.

"Neither will I."Connor crossed his arms over his chest, proving to Noah that they refused to do what was supposed to be right.

"Give me a gun."I stuck out my hand, trying to hide my shakes."I'll do it."

"Adrienne,"Mama whimpered."you can't."

"I can and I will. Mama, we have to make sure we're all safe. I'm not risking our lives for one woman."I argued.

Murphy and Connor looked at eachother cautiously. Connor reached into his breast pocket and pulled out his silencer. I took it from his hands and made my way toward the group. Everyone followed behind me, just in case things went wrong.

"God, forgive her of this dasterdly deed -"Noah prayed quietly to himself as we made our way to the SUV.

Matilda caught sight of us and looked down at Abby. She knelt in front of her daugher, who munched happily on a Kit Kat. Her words were silent, but her actions were not. I watched, in horror, as Abby's face fell. Abby collapsed into her mother's arms, crying and wailing loudly. Ryan and Sean looked over and grew very confused at the sight. As we grew closer, I could hear Abby crying to her mother.

"No, no, no! No, mommy!"She shouted."You can't go!"

Matilda brushed back her daughter's hair, trying her best to keep her voice steady. Ryan and Sean stepped up to us, once they realized what was going on. Sean crossed his arms over his boney chest and said, "What are you doing with that gun, Adrienne?"

"You know what has to be done, Sean."I cocked the gun back and glared angrily at the both of them."Now I need you to move."

"No!"Abby screamed."You can't do this to my mom!"

"Abby, come here sweetheart."Mama said sweetly."Let's go sit in the car."

"No!"She shouted.

She hugged onto Matilda roughly, refusing to let go. I let out a quiet sigh and tried to step passed Sean and Ryan. They both nudged me back and into Connor.

"You better let her through,"Murphy warned."or - "

"Or what you Irish fuck?"Ryan growled."She's in our group. We'll take care of her."

"Ya have to understand,"Noah's calming voice met our ears."ya can't reverse this disease."

"We can find something. Anything."Sean argued."There's always a cure."

"It'll be too late by then."Noah frowned."I'm sorry lad."

Ryan and Sean looked back, but refused to step down.

"Ryan, Sean,"Matilda stood up, Abby still clutching her waist."It's okay."

Matilda looked back down at Abby and pulled her away. She placed a gentle, long kiss on her forehead before wrapping her arms around her once more.

"I love you so much, sweetheart."Matilda frowned."I always will."

"Mommy, no."She whimpered.

Mama went to step passed the guys, but they held their ground in front of her. I took hold of Sean's shirt and pushed him back which made Ryan get riled up.

"She's the least of your worries!"I shouted."Let her through."

Mama walked passed the guys and pulled Abby into her arms. I chewed on my bottom lip as Matilda stepped forward. Mama and Abby walked away, heading straight toward our car. Mama was good on words, especially in a time of need. Once I heard both car doors shut, I looked up at Ryan and Sean.

"You're not doing this, Adrienne."Ryan rose his gun high, trying to make an intimidating pose.

"What are you gonna do, Ryan? Shoot me?"I cackled.

"If it comes down to it."He spat.

"Put the gun down, Ryan."Noah persuaded."It's time."

"It's time to shut that fucking mouth of yours, old man."Ryan stepped forward, which only angered the twins.

Murphy and Connor went chest to chest with the guys. I rose my gun to Matilda, watching as she closed her eyes.

"Anythin' you wanna say, Matilda?"I asked softly.

"Abby is my world."She whimpered."Take care of her."

Ryan and Sean came forward, but I had already pulled the trigger. Matilda went down in a second, hitting the floor with a quieter thud than normal.

"You little bitch!"I felt a hard hand grab my shoulder, but it loosened tremendously once Murphy stepped in.

I watched as Ryan stepped back, clutching his jaw tightly. Sean cowered back, watching as Ryan came forward again.

"She didn't deserve this!"Ryan reached for me once more, but Connor and Murphy brought his large body to the ground.

I kicked the gun away from him and pointed the gun directly in his face. His chest rose and fell with quick breaths as he tried to calm down.

"No one deserves this, Ryan. No one."I growled."Now you best calm down before you're next in line."

Ryan struggled against the twin's grip, but once he realized he was honestly restrained, he gave up.

"I'm calm."He whispered.

Connor and Murphy got to their feet, pulling Ryan with him. He took the few strides to retrieve his gun and turned back in my direction. In a low, irritating voice, he said, "Wait 'til your mom is infected. I'm to put so many fucking bullets between her eyes she wont be recognizable."

I don't know if it was the sentence that came out of his mouth. I don't know if I heard the whole thing. I know that he disrespected my Mama, which was all it took. I jumped toward Ryan, making sure he took a hit to the face. He stumbled back on the pressure before jumping back into the fight.

"You heartless motherfucker!"I screamed.

I took hold of the hem of his shirt, allowing one last final blow to his jaw. Murphy quickly wrapped his arms around my waist, pushing me back toward my car.

"Say it again! Say it one more time you Jersey fuck!"I tried to push away from Murphy, but he was too calm and strong to let me pass."You don't ever disrespect my Mama like that!"

My fingers intertwined with Murphy's shirt, but no matter how much I pushed or pulled, he kept me stepping back. I watched, in amusement, as Connor swung his fist around, knocking Ryan to his feet. He opened and closed his fist, trying to shake out some of the pain. As Murphy and I met the back of my car, I let out a deep, shakey breath.

"Yer okay, Adrienne."Murphy cooed."Calm down."

"Keep an eye on him, Murph."I spit on the ground, making sure Ryan watched me in the process."He's going to cause some trouble."

And trouble was only a quarter of what this man was capable of.
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Nice and long chapter for you guys.
I honestly had to stop multiple times writing Matilda's death scene.
It was really heart breaking to write.
I like how this chapter came out though.
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