Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Billy Currington

I looked into my rear view mirror again, finding that Abby was slowly waking up. I let a small smile come to my lips, hoping she felt a little better than she did a few hours ago. Mama readjusted herself on the seat, most likely from sitting in the same position for so long, and allowed Abby to sit up. It worried me to know Ryan was willing to get violent over her. He seemed very hot headed and it only made me feel sick to my stomach. Abby wasn't property.

Abby stretched and let a loud yawn escape her lips. I chuckled quietly when she said she was hungry. I looked in the mirror and said, "There's a bunch of chips and waters back there, Abby. Take your pick."

The ride became silent once again, with the exception of the crinkling of Abby's chip bag. I looked down at my cd case and let a small smile come to my lips.

"You wanna listen to some music, Abby?"I asked."I can't promise you any z100 or 92.3 though."

Mama chuckled lightly as I reached for my cd case. Maybe listening to some music will take the scenery out of my head. Every turn we went around was the same thing; abandoned cars, bodies, small fires. I handed the cd case over to Abby, who started flipping through the pages of music. Her quiet chuckles errupted in the car after a few moments.

"You have a Backstreet Boys cd?"Mama started to laugh, but so did I.

"It's an old cd. Give me a break."I smiled.

"Oh! I found one."She handed over a cd and gave me a warm smile."Can you put on Bad Day Of Fishin'?"

"Billy Currington."I smiled.

I took out my Zac Brown Band cd and asked Abby politely to put it back. I slipped the new cd in and skipped to Abby's requested song. The guitars flowed smoothly through the speakers, which put a small smile on my lips. After sighing quietly, I stated, "I'm findin' us a nice place with a lake."

"Have some fish over the fire."Mama drooled.

"You always made them just right."I chuckled."So tender and juicy."

"But they didn't taste like fish."Mama pointed out."I had all those spices that made them pop and sizzle."

"Daddy loved your cookin' Mama."I frowned slightly."Remember when we went campin' and he bet he could get more fish than us?"

"I think he lost on purpose."Mama smiled.

"I don't know,"I grinned."he was pretty pissed."

"Couldn't go campin' for a long while when daddy got sick."Mama sighed.

I kept my eyes on the road, but couldn't shake the thoughts we shared with Daddy before he passed. Abby's sweet voice sang along quietly to the song, so I turned it up, blaring the fun song. Mama started to sing along and I smiled.

"Had a big one on and man I woulda got'm, but he took my pole straight down to the bottom. Leavin' me with nothing but a big ol' story to tell. Oh well. A bad day of fishin' beats a good day of anythin' else."I looked down at my gas meter, sighing angrily when it read almost empty.

I took the next exit, watching as everyone else followed behind. I picked up the walky and told the guys we'd top off on gas. They only agreed and followed me down the exit.

"Nice country music you got goin' on there, chica."Romeo chuckles were cut off when he stopped the walky.

"And what do you got playin' over there? All I hear is mexican music."I heard a fumble over the radio before Murphy came on.

"He's killin' us, Adrienne. Make'm stop!"I giggled quietly as the radio staticed once again.

"They don't appreciate the exotic music!"Romeo argued.

"Calm down boys, the station is right here."I pulled into the gas station and prayed they had gas left over.

Not that anyone would be collecting gas at a time like this, but they could have run out when the out break started. I stepped out of the car and turned toward Abby and Mama.

"You girls want anything?"Abby shook her head sadly.

I frowned when Mama looked up at me. I knew the gas station reminded her of when her mother was killed, but I couldn't pass it up.

"How 'bout some Kit Kats, honey?"I asked softly.

Abby's eyes lit up, but it wasn't with happiness. They glazed over slightly, so Mama pulled her into a hug.

"Get what you want, Adrienne."I reached toward the cigarette pack in my cup holder and pulled them out.

I instantly lit up and threw them down on my seat. Noah stepped from the van behind me, a cigar hanging loosely between his gloved fingers. He walked in my direction as I took hold of the gas pump. I started to fill up as much as I could after playing with a few buttons. He leaned against my car, toking heavily from his cigar. He crossed his arms over his chest, watching as the twins, Romeo, Ryan and Sean left their vehicles. They started to fill up as well and Noah shook his head.

"We're not too far, are we?"He asked sweetly."Everyone needs a break."

"Yeah,"I watched as Ryan collected his shot gun, keeping it carefully by his side."I'm findin' us a place with a lake. Plenty of fish. Mama makes a good meal over the fire."

"Aye, I don't doubt she does."He chuckled.

I put the gas pump back when it clicked and stepped up to Noah. My eyes scanned over Ryan, who held an angry expression on his face.

"I have one favor to ask you, Noah."I said cooly.

"What would that be?"He put the cigar to his lips, pulling heavily from it.

"Watch Ryan closely. He's got somethin' up his sleeve and I don't like it."I said quietly.

Noah shifted against my car before looking sternly in my direction.

"Ya girls are me main priority. No one is touchin' yas', no matter what they do."He said."Trust me."

I swallowed hard, trying to keep my cool. I wanted to get in and out of the store before Ryan could pull a fast one on any of us. After this, I could only hope that either an Ammunition store and Auto Parts store was close by. My car wasn't going to survive much longer on water.
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Man In The Mirror
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