Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Dying Dead

"The map shows a nice wooded area here."Mama pushed the map in my direction and smiled."There's a lake too!"

"Sounds perfect to me, Mama."I chuckled lightly.

Stopping at this certain exit was a blessing in disguise. As we left the gas station we had come across an auto parts store, where I was able to find the radiator fluid my car needed. Romeo picked out the best he could find, which was certainly nice of him to do. My car seemed to be running fine for now, that is until the fluid leaked out of my radiator. I was following the directions along the map that was leading us to a small, isolated section of the Virginia woods.

I nearly slammed on my breaks when my eyes touched the road once again. A small Ammunition store was seated perfectly within reach. I reached down and laced my fingers tightly over the walky. If no one had seen the store yet, they would see it fairly soon. In large, blinking letters on top read Otto's Ammos', which could only mean one thing; guns. I pressed the walky to my lips as I turned into the parking lot. I smiled like a kid in a candy store when I stopped.

"If you boys can't tell by now, I found us a genuine gun store. Let's stock up boys!"I placed the walky back where it originally once before turning back to Mama and Abby."You girls stay safe. I'll be right back. I'm goin' to pack this car so full of guns you wont be able to move without shootin' one off."

"Just be careful, Adrienne."Mama frowned.

"Do they sell candy too?"Abby asked.

"No, sweetheart."Mama giggled."Just guns and more guns."

I reached toward my large bag in the back and unzipped the top. Now that we were stopped, I was able to give back Murphy's pea coat. He was generous enough to lend it to me when I was attacked at the other gas station. I pulled out a black tank top and snaked the coat from my shoulders. I pulled my shirt over my head and sighed quietly.

"Feel better?"Mama asked.

"A lot. This coat was goin' to give me a heat stroke."I chuckled."I'm lockin' the doors. My gun is right here on the glove. Anythin' happens -"

"It'll be okay, Adrienne. Go stock up and please,"Mama begged."be careful."

I closed the door behind me and double checked the locks. I made my way toward the boys' van with a large smile against my lips. This small store was going to be more than helpful to us in many ways. We were all low on ammo and guns. I knew stepping into this store would make us come out with our arms full. The twins, Romeo and Noah got out of their van and met me halfway. I pushed Murphy's coat in his direction, stating softly, "Thankyou, Murphy. It was better than no shirt at all."

"I could oblige to that."Ryan smirked as he made his way toward us.

Murphy took hold of the coat, but from Ryan's comment, I dug my fingers tightly into the thick fabric.

"Ignore him, Adrienne."Connor whispered.

I released the large coat and shoved my hands into my pockets.

"We need to be quick. Mama found a nice secluded area out in the woods. It's perfect for us. No one around for miles."I commented."You ready to get some new toys?"

"I don't think I like the smile on her face."Connor said.

"Kinda worries me."Murphy smirked.

"I think it's sexy. Now let's load up!"Romeo started the walk to the store, laughter following behind him.

Noah and Sean sat back with Mama and Abby only to make sure they stayed safe. It wasn't only the infected we were worried about, but other people scrounging for something that would be an advantage to them. Everyone had their guns loaded and held tight against their sides. Ryan walked in first, not bothering to give a second glance in either direction. I gave a soft roll of my eyes before following closing behind Murphy.

My gun, which had very few bullets inside, was left in my car with Mama. I held no weapons to protect myself as we walked through the dimly lit store. I swallowed hard when Ryan's face twisted in disgust. We circled around him, covering our mouths when we found what he saw first. I groaned inwardly as I starred down at two rotting bodies. I nearly jumped out of my skin when one reached forward. The man's boney fingers traced the tip of Ryan's shoe, trying desperately to bite down on him.

"Fucking disgusting."I knelt down next to the depleting man and shook my head.

He was infected, but held absolutely no strength. He seemed to be rotting away, only letting his moans echo out into this small store. I looked up at the guys and said, "He's dyin'. The south is runnin' outta food."

Ryan scoffed before pushing passed me. He shoved the old man with the barrell of his gun and smirked.

"Want a bite, asshole?"He brought his large foot down on the man's head, but it did no permanent damage.

"Jus' fuckin' shoot the poor mick."Connor rose his gun and traced his finger across the trigger of his gun.

The quiet shot met our ears as the dying man's head hit the floor. Blood spilled out along his limbs, forcing me to swallow back the bile in my throat. The last encounter I had with one of the diseased cost me what was left in my stomach.

"Let's stock up."Romeo stepped over the bodies and made his way throughout the store.

I stepped up to the glass counters in the front and eyed down the guns, which were like candy, inside. I scanned the top of the counter and smiled when the metal tip jar starred back at me. I gripped the edge of it tightly before placing my hand only inches from the thin glass. I rammed my fist forward, shattering the glass loudly. Movement errupted inside and the guys peeked over the isles at me.

"I want what I want."I shrugged."Hurry up."

I was sure to load every gun I managed to grab before exiting the store. With the few trips I made back and forth, I had grabbed multiple shot guns, snipers and hand guns for our safety. Noah shook his head with laughter when I came out for the last time.

"Never seen a woman so excited to see a gun store."He smiled.

"Well, Noah,"I said."now you have."

I neatly placed the weapons within my small car and readied myself to leave. When everyone was piling back into the cars, I took hold of the walky once more. I looked over the map and said, "We should be there within a half hour. A few turns here and there, but it's close enough by."

I pushed my car into drive and quickly made my escape through the parking lot. The drive was rather short; my mind was focused on multiple scenerios. As I followed the dirt path through the woods, I could feel my stomach tighten with ease. Once we were settled down, we would have to scope the area for any sign of the infected. It was going to be hard getting used to, but I knew we were capable of doing it. I let my mouth drop slowly when I pulled up to the open area in the woods.

"Mama,"I began."look outside!"

A quiet gasp came from Mama as she looked outside. Abby followed her lead and giggled softly. The thick brush and trees that surrounded us created plenty of protection, but what caught my eyes the most was the beautiful lake at the bottom of the hill. I stopped the car and pushed open my door, taking in the beautiful sight. Mama stepped from my car as well while the van and SUV parked. I looked over at Mama and gave her a heart warming smile. I hadn't been this happy in a long time.
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