Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Murphy & Ryan

Connor and Murphy snuck from the van as Romeo parked and reach into their coat pockets. They lit a cigarette and let their eyes scan their surroundings. The area was full of thick, lush trees, keeping them well hidden within the forest. They smiled slightly as Adrienne and Mama peeked down at the lake. Connor reached into his breast pocket and retrieved his silencer. He looked over at Murphy and stated, "Let's check out the area. Don't want nothin' comin' out fer dinner any time soon."

Murphy followed in Connor's lead and stuck his free hand into his coat pocket. Both of the twins kept their guns held low at their sides as they made their way toward Noah and Romeo. Noah turned toward them, finding their silencers before their eyes.

"We're goin' to scope out the area, Da."Connor said."We'll be right back."

Sean and Ryan leaned up against the van, eyeing the twins more than the scenery.

"Don't be too long boys."Noah said sternly."Ya never know what's goin' on in these woods."

"Aye."Murpy and Connor stepped away from the group and found their way into the woods.

The trees were thick with leaves and branches as they walked through the greenery. They tried to stay as silent as they could while keeping their eyes wide open for any signs of zombies. The silence was soon broken with the quiet whispers from Connor.

"What do ya think 'bout that Ryan fella?"Connor pushed past a small bush, tracking every step he took.

Murphy scoffed before saying, "I think he's trouble. Somethin' 'bout'm makes me weery."

"Aye."Connor stopped upon hearing the crackling of leaves.

Murphy perked his head up toward his right, listening carefully for any more noises. Connor began laughing quietly, forcing Murphy to turn back in his direction. Murphy watched as Connor's fingers held tightly onto a thick tree limb. He quickly released the limb, making it fly in Murphy's direction. With a loud shout, he ducked for cover, forcing Connor to burst into laughter. Murphy stood up straight and stuck his cigarette in between his lips.

He pointed an angry finger in Connor's direction while saying, "The fuck are you doin'?! Ya can't play at a time like this!"

Connor clutched his stomach as he responded, "I'm sorry, Murph, but I couldn't quite help it."

"Let's split up."Murphy took a final pull from his cigarette before tossing it out."I can't stand walkin' with ya anymore."

"Meet back at camp in five."Connor winked.

The twins seperated from eachother and went their own paths. Murphy stepped silently through the small brush, but he never found anything. After a few minutes had gone by, he turned to head back toward the cars once again. Connor was most likely making his way toward camp and he knew he should as well. It was the sound of breaking twigs that caught Murphy's attention. He turned toward his right, coming face to face with an amused Ryan.

He chuckled lowly before scoffing, "Little twig scare you, Murphy?"

Murphy glowered in his direction, biting back the nasty remark at the tip of his tongue.

"Can't be too sure anymore."He spat.

Their was an awkward silence before Ryan cleared his throat.

"You find anything?"He asked.

Murphy started his walk back to camp, trying his best to ignore Ryan. He was a man with anger issues and surely had a few loose screws in his head. Murphy didn't like this man one bit, but in order to keep peace within the two groups, he would play nice. Ryan placed his shot gun on his shoulder and followed Murphy's lead.

"Oh, I get it."Ryan chuckled."Playing angry Irish man. I'll get you to talk."

Ryan let out an obnoxious sigh before whispering, "Oh, let me think, let me think. I know! How about that Mama character. She seems to be major baggage for the group. What good is she doing here? I haven't seen her do one good thing. That chick, what's her name, Adrienne. Yeah, Adrienne. The daughter. I don't know where she got her looks from, but fuck man, I would kill to have that ass - "

Murphy spun around, taking Ryan roughly by his shoulders. Ryan let out a surprised gasp as he was slammed up against the trunk of a tree. It shook slightly due to the pressure as Murphy slowly rose his gun between his eyes.

"Ya don't shut that mouth of yer's, I'll put so many fuckin' bullets in between yer eyes you wont be recognizable."Murphy growled lowly.

"Let's not get vicious, Irish man."Ryan smirked.

Murphy shoved the barrel of the gun into his forehead, forcing Ryan's skin to grow white. Murphy traced his finger along the trigger of his gun, trying his best to hold back. He had to remember to keep the peace, but with Ryan bad mouthing both Mama and Adrienne, he could no longer help himself. Twigs and leaves crunched under the feet of another person and Murphy pulled away from Ryan. He shoved his gun back into his breast pocket as Connor came into view.

"What's goin' on over here?"Connor gave Ryan an angry glare, knowing very well he must have said something to anger Murphy.

"Nothin'."Murphy looked up at Ryan, catching his eyes in the process.

Murphy cleared up his throat and spit down at Ryan's feet. If that wasn't an insult to Ryan, then Murphy didn't know what else to do other than pull the trigger. Ryan pushed passed Murphy and Connor, stating angrily that he was heading back to camp. Connor and Murphy followed after him, staying silent the whole way. Both of the twins knew that Ryan was bad news, but Murphy had the proof to go along with it. He had to keep a close eye on both Mama and Adrienne.

He wasn't sure what Ryan was capable of, but he sure didn't want to find out. If Adrienne and Mama escaped his sight for even the slightest moment, he would find out where they had gone. Ryan was a strong, young man, but when he's confronted by the twins together, he sinks back into his tough outer shell. Murphy greedily dug his hand into his pocket in search for his cigarettes. If Ryan wasn't going to be the death of him, he didn't know what would.
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