Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down


As we stepped through the woods, I could already imagine what would be going through everyone's minds. I had lost my gun in the process, so telling them I was now unarmed would only fuel the fire. I wasn't even able to keep the event a secret if Ryan never came back with us. I leaned against Murphy's left side as we walked our way into camp. Mama's eyes were first to catch on and she instantly got to her feet. Her eyes welled in tears when she realized the state I was in.

Murphy helped me sit on the long log and I let out a quiet sigh. I had explaining to do, if Murphy didn't get to it first. Mama cupped my swelling face in her hands, forcing a low growl to pour through my lips. Even though the bruise wasn't visible didn't mean it didn't hurt. She pulled me into a tight hug as everyone began to circle around us. Sean stepped up and slowly counted heads. When he realized one was missing, he asked, "Where's Ryan?"

"That sorry fuck attacked Adrienne!"Murphy shouted.

Mama began to tear up and I instantly rose my hands to her face.

"Mama, it's okay."I gave her a warm smile."I'm okay, trust me. I'll be fine."

Connor, Murphy, Romeo and Noah were slowly growing angrier by the second. After assuring Mama multiple times I was perfectly fine, she eased up on the interrogation. Connor lit a cigarette and stole a deep drag from it.

"Where is he?"Connor growled.

"I took care of'm."Murphy glared.

I ran my fingers through my hair as Noah knelt beside me.

"Adrienne,"He stated softly."what did he do to ya?"

I tried to clear my throat before speaking. My voice was shakey and uneven. I didn't want the group to see me upset, so I took my time. I had explained what had happened from start to finish, which only angered the group more. They sat around the dying fire and kept their silence. They seemed to be thinking of what to do next, if they were to do anything at all. I looked over at Mama and gave her a reassuring smile. She took a tight hold on my hand and ran her thumb over my dirtied skin.

"I could use a cigarette."I chuckled lightly.

Breaking the tension was the hardest part to do right now. Everyone in the group seemed so hard and furriated. I swallowed hard as Sean emerged from his seat and made his way to the SUV. He mumbled a few words about getting some waters and disappeared from our sight. I jumped slightly when Mama pushed a cigarette in my direction. It seemed like the nicotine was the only thing that kept me calm. I don't know why I didn't break down and cry.

I don't know why I didn't curl into a ball and whisper how bad and dirty I felt. It could be that Ryan was stopped halfway through his actions, or that I was in disbelief. I found myself shaking my head slightly and whispering, "The fuck happened?"

Mama looked in my direction and frowned. She couldn't give me the comfort she wanted to and I knew that. She couldn't tell me she knew how I felt because she didn't. This wasn't a simple heart break or death of a pet. This was a serious situation that almost happened to me. I cleared my throat slightly before taking another pull of my cigarette.

"Are you okay?"She asked quietly.

"I just can't believe it. I'm the police officer."I breathed."I'm just in utter disbelief."

"A crazy world can make a man do crazy things."All heads turned in the direction of the voice.

Noah jumped to his feet upon the return of Ryan, but he slowly shoved his shot gun in Noah's direction. I could almost hear the growls coming from the twins lips. I shivered under Mama's hand and she looked back at me. No one knew what to do at this point.

"Sit the fuck down old man."Noah did as told, which took me by surprise.

His lips had been split open due to the throws Murphy had given him. His left eye had swelled severly within the last few minutes that he had been gone. In all, Ryan looked like he had taken a horrible beating.

"Get that fuckin' gun outta -"Ryan swung his shot gun around, forcing everyone to jump in their seats.

Murphy didn't turn away from Ryan, but let his gaze run down the barrel of his gun. Romeo went to reach for his gun as quietly as possible, but when Ryan's eyes focused on him, he cowarded back into his seat. Ryan glared back at Murphy with an enraged expression on his face.

"You,"Ryan spat."you fucking Irish son of a bitch. Look what you did to me!"

Ryan shoved the gun into Murphy's chest, forcing Mama to whimper. I gripped her hand tightly and let out a shakey breath. Ryan had gone crazy; we should have expected this. Just from the little things he had shown us should have given away the switch he was willing to flip. It was only a matter of time before he came after someone. That someone was me. Yet since he had been taken down because he was caught red handed, that someone turned onto Murphy.

Murphy's features had grown serious and rather angry. It was as if he was waiting for Ryan to pull the trigger. In fact, I didn't know what he was waiting for. Connor reached for his silencer, but Ryan's eyes fell upon him. In a cruel chuckle, he said, "Don't even try it."

"What are ya waitin' fer ya fuckin' wop?! An invitation?!"Murphy shouted.

Murphy's eyes seemed to be somewhere else. I couldn't follow his gaze; Ryan was standing in the way. Ryan cocked back his gun before letting a vile smile crawl across his thin lips.

"Fuck you."Abby's terrified screams filtered through the air as a gun shot rang through the camp.

I flinched at the gun shot, but I didn't expect what came next. Ryan fumbled to the ground in a heap of meat, giving Murphy the satisfaction of living. A smirk crawled along his lips as Ryan lie lifeless at his feet. We all turned our heads up and let out mouths drop. Sean stood behind Ryan, pure fear etched into his facial features and smoking gun in hand. As fearful as we thought he may be, he had saved us all from the crazy man lying lifeless on the dirt ground.

"I knew the son of a bitch was crazy,"He breathed."but I didn't think he was that crazy."
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